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A Nice Surprise

Posted: December 12, 2009 in Blogging, CCW TV

Just for the hell of it I thought I would type in “Comic Culture Warrior” into Google to see what came up. One thing that I was not expecting to find was a somewhat positive review of our little show written by a fellow named Aaron Poehler. We do very much appreciate his kind words and I thought I would share with you guys what he had to say. Hit the link below to read his post.


CCW TV: The Comic Culture Warrior Channel/Aaron Poehler

-Yesterday there was quite the snow storm in this part of the country which made driving quite hellish and tomorrow it is expected that we will have a high temperature of around 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Because I don’t have to work tomorrow and don’t plan on leaving my house in that weather I will probably have time to be posting a few things over the next couple of days. Sounds like fun, huh?

-Following this post I will being putting one up pertaining to the top comic sales of November. I know it’s a little late but you know. Look for it later tonight and we can talk about the good and the bad of it then.

-I’ve had a few people ask me what my opinions are concerning DC’s announced Earth One original graphic novels which will begin being released in 2010. It really does feel like it is DC’s attempt at doing an “Ultimate” universe and I don’t think I am the target demographic for these books. I am not interested in reading yet another origin story for Batman and Superman or investing time and money into yet another iteration of those characters. I do like that DC is releasing them as OGNs though. That way there won’t be even more Bats and Supes comics clogging up the racks.

All that aside, I do like that Earth One will be easily accessible to new readers who do want to get into Batman and Superman but feel overwhelmed by the continuity of the regular monthlies. We’ll see how it goes but these books don’t really interest me as a fan. What I am actually more interested in is knowing whether the Adam Hughes’ All Star Wonder Woman story will instead be released as part of the Earth One books now that the All Star line is pretty much dead.

-Looks like (the real) Bruce Wayne will be returning to the DCU in the quite cleverly titled six issue miniseries Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne which begins shipping in April. I don’t know about you guys but I’m thinking too soon.

-And speaking of too soon, Steve Rogers popped up in the last page of the Dark Avengers Annual last week and guess what? He also pops up in the New Avengers Annual AND Invincible Iron Man this week. Unbelievable. Rogers is back in the normal Marvel U and Reborn still has 3 issues to ship. Nice cockup Marvel. Just for the hell of it I am going to go ahead and blame this on Bendis.

-You guys are aware we have a contest going on, right? You know, this one.


I forgot to mention in yesterday’s posts that new comics will be out on Thursday this week in the U.S. because of the Thanksgiving holiday. So save yourself the time and embarrassment of walking into your local comic shop tomorrow wanting to buy new comics cause it’s not going to happen. And yes, we do laugh at you once you leave if you come in on the wrong day. :)


Hey everyone, Elliott here. This morning I had to drag myself out of bed and drive all the way into the city so I could do a guest stint on ChicagoNow Radio, a show that runs every Saturday morning on WGN-AM 720. This is kind of a surreal moment for me since appearing on the same station that broadcasts the Chicago Cubs is more than I could imagine ever happening to me.

I was on the air with another blogger, Barbara Glass who writes InFashion, a blog about – uh – fashion. I was a bit concerned that the two topics (geek culture and fashion) would clash too much, but it seemed to come together pretty well.

You can listen to the podcast of the program here and here. Oh yeah, and I lead off with my Yoda impersonation!

I'd like to stuff her turkey...

Image Courtesy of Krausemouse

Hey folks, Elliott here. Sorry for the delay in getting new episodes up. I recently went through a change in operating systems for my laptop and it’s been anything but smooth.  On the bright side, Windows 7 is a really nice operating system.  In fact, I’m surprised at how much I’m getting to like it!  But that also meant that I had to give up my old video software and this new stuff takes getting used to.  Anyhoo…

I’ve already got the first part of Last Rants from last week up, am publishing part 2 as I type this, and have our Thanksgiving episode up next to edit and post.  So please bear with me and you’ll find plenty of new content to watch as you recover from your Turkey comas (or Tofurkey comas for my vegetarian friends).

So remember to give thanks for all the blessings you’ve gotten this year, both big and small.  And allow me to say thanks to YOU, our viewers, who watch this silly little program each week and give us a forum.  If it weren’t for you all, there would be no CCW*TV.  Seriously.

See you on the flip side!

Invincible Iron Man is easily one of my Top 3 favorite comic titles currently. Even though I thoroughly dislike Marvel I buy it in support of Matt Fraction’s work on this book. In fact, every Marvel book I buy is to support the creators who are working on it. Well, after reading this issue my like for Fraction’s work is now outweighed by my dislike for Marvel so I will no longer be purchasing this title. Why? I am completely done supporting Marvel titles that charge extra money in exchange for reprinted bullshit.

Months ago I remember reading a Cup O’ Joe column where Joe Quesada said that Marvel would longer charge extra money for “filler.” So, what happened to that? They still continue to employ that practice to this day and I am just not going to deal with it anymore. By the looks of last month’s sales chart it looks like I am not the only one.

The last issue of Invincible Iron Man was also $3.99 but it was because there were extra pages of interior art and therefore it was a longer than normal story which was worth the extra dollar. When I bought this issue I figured it was the same reason but when I got home and finished reading the issue I found out I was sorely mistaken. So, yes, I got taken like a chump and I really don’t like that feeling. The next time this happens within the pages of Fantastic Four, Secret Warriors, Thunderbolts or any of the other few Marvel books I still buy I will be dropping them as well until I no longer buy Marvel Comics. Luckily I have a job where I can read them for free.

I am now beginning to suspect where Geoff Johns got the inspiration for this character:

But damn, Invincible Iron Man #20 was yet another solid issue of the series.


Those of you who have been following us for a while now know that I am a fan of Rich Johnston’s Bleeding Cool blog just like I was a fan of his Lying in the Gutters columns on CBR which preceded it. When Elliott went to the San Diego convention this summer I asked him to pick me up a Bleeding Cool t-shirt if he happened to run into Mr. Johnston. Well, Elliott did one better and actually interviewed Rich for his “Geek to Me” video channel and afterword was able to snag me a shirt.

During last week’s CCW TV segments I can be seen wearing that same t-shirt and Rich Johnston was very kind in giving us a plug in his blog postings today because of that fact. If any of you have yet to check out Bleeding Cool please do so. Not only does it have great reviews and interesting articles but also is home to the best rumor’s in the industry.


Ten Plugs On A Monday – Briggs To Boulet/Bleeding Cool

Well, it’s available today for the PS3 and that’s all that really matters to me. Anywho, looks like I know what I’m doing tonight.

Side note: Since it’s Thursday I was planning on doing the “Question of the Week” post but Elliott has started doing these Daily Polls. Do you guys still want my question of the week or would it just be overkill? Let me know.