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From: IM
To: J.
Subject: Tripping Balls

I’m tripping out this week Jose!

Just kidding, sort of… I picked up several books this week and all of them seem to have something in common. They all do their best to blow my mind with some seriously twisted takes on comic book reality. Sure comics in general make you suspend your disbelief, but many of the comics I read this time around take it to another level =)

*Old News, But Good News!

Chew #1 – I am a huge fan of Chew and what John Layman and Rob Guillory have been doing on this series but I never got the chance to pick up the first issue after all of this time. Now that I think about it, if I was as big a fan of the series as I say I am, I would have made the effort to pick up the first issue or buy the trade by now. Man, I am full of shit sometimes =) Well, Image saved me from being exposed as a Chew fan poser by offering the first issue this week for a dollar!

I was surprised at how strong the first issue was, I was also surprised at how serious John Layman plays the first book, a lot of humor that shows up in later issue is absent here. That is not necessarily a bad thing, the strange thing about the way Layman writes Chew is he can play it both ways, serious or silly. Despite the rather silly premise of the book, the writing seems to work on several different levels. This allows Layman to flip the switch anytime he wants to fuck with the heads of the readers. I really like the level of controlled chaos that Chew brings to the table.

Tripping Balls Meter ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ bong hits out of five!

*The New Stuff!

Turf #1 (of Five) – A new mini series by Johnathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards. Probably the densest book I bought this week. More word balloons and information boxes than you can shake a Thai Stick at. But when you have a story that includes rival mob gangs, vampires and outlaw aliens from another solar system fighting it out in 1920’s New York City, you have a lot of explaining to do! Jonathan Ross is writing an ambitious, epic story here and he only has five issues to do it. Unfortunately this isn’t a story to read while chemically imbalanced, so while I enjoyed this story and the art by Tommy Lee Edwards I cannot recommend this story to my more “enlighten” friends out there.

Tripping Balls Meter ~ bong hits out of five!

SHIELD #1 – Hey! Did you know that Shield been around since ancient Egypt, when Imhotep was bashing in the face of a Brood queen with his super duper golden shield or when some Chinese guy builds a giant Pagoda so he can talk turkey with a Celestial. I won’t even bring up Galileo and his tricked out telescope that is used to take out Galactus(I think). Jonathan Hickman is doing what he does best, writing a shit load of techo-babble while weaving it into a compelling story. He is creating a wildly inventive story of the history of SHIELD that appears to take place outside of the 616 world. Dustin Weaver’s art is perfect for this story and he really brings to life the story Hickman is writing. About the time when Leonardo Da Vinci fly’s in from outer space hold a glowing orb of hope you will be begging for another hit or hot boxing in confusion.

Tripping Balls Meter ~ ~ ~ ~ bong hits of of five!

Spider-Man: Fever #1 (of Three) -

Marvel: So what have got for us Brendan?

Brendan McCarthy: OK, man, check this out! It a story about Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and demon spiders from another dimension that want to eat Spider-Man’s soul!

Marvel: Sounds good, can you elaborate?

Brendan: Hum, that’s it..did I mention the Vulture is in it?

Marvel: So he plays a part in the story?

Brendan: Yeah, he totally sprays Spider-Man with bug spray!

Marvel: What?

Brendan: Huh?

Marvel: So how is Dr. Strange involved in the story?

Brendan: Well, it’s sort of all his fault, he reading this book and then the book does all this crazy shit. Anyway, Spider-Man ends up in Dr. Strange’s bath tub.

Marvel: What?

Brendan: Huh?

Marvel: Never mind, so who do you have in mind to do the art?

Brendan: Dude, it’s already done.. drew it all myself, check it out!

Marvel: Is that demon spider wearing a top hat?

Brendan: Yup! ((giggle))

Marvel: Wait, is that two talking dogs eating a happy meal?

Brendan: Hell yeah!

Marvel: How long is this suppose to be?

Brendan: Three issues is what the spider in my tub told me…

Marvel: Fuck it, send us what you got!

Brendan: Groovy!

Tripping Balls Meter ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ bong hits out of five!

Electric Ant #1 (of 5) – This mini is based on a short story by Philip K. Dick… who, in case you didn’t know, is the terrific Sci-Fi author who wrote the stories that the movies Blade Runner and A Scanner Darkly are based on, so the guy know his mind bending science fiction. Mr. Garson Poole is a successful businessman who finds himself in an accident that leaves him in the hospital. There he finds that he is actually an Electricants or ‘Electric Ant’, an artificial being that looks and acts just like a normal human. Garon’s problem is he has no idea what his purpose is or who made him. Like many of Dick’s stories he is exploring the meaning and purpose of life using artificial life as a blank slate to explore his ideas. I never got the chance to read this story before hand, so I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Tripping Balls Meter ~ ~ ~ ~ bong hits out of five!

Bonus Movie Review!

Kikareta onna no mirareta yoru or Man, Woman & The Wall

A very odd movie from Japan. A young man moves into a new apartment and find that the walls are very thin, he can hear everything that is going on in the apartment next door that is occupied by a lovey young lady. He does what any horny, young man would do in his position and begins to stalk her. If that isn’t strange enough, he quickly realizes that she is being stalked by another man, so it so becomes battle of the stalkers! Who will come out on top, and will the poor woman in the middle of all this craziness care? This movie treads a fine line between dark comedy and some really disturbing shit. In the end I found it pretty entertaining and worth a look. Be warned, there is a few explicit sex scenes and more male masturbation than I think I have ever witnessed in any American movie. The final shot of the movie made me laugh, only because it shows the Japanese fascination with pubes =)

You can see this movie on Netflix instant view if you want.

Until next time,


Fan Art Friday

Posted: April 9, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW TV
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Hey folks!  Elliott here with another comic book cover by one of the CCW Nation!  Just when you thought LittleKingRyan couldn’t top himself, he does it again!:

"Aw damn, I dropped my wallet!"

I am in awe of his talent and flattered that he puts so much effort into these homages. Be sure to check out his Deviant Art page and give him some love!


Many Shades of Poop

Title: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2
Writer. Brian Bendis
Art: David Lafuente

As many of you know by now I am not a fan of Bendis‘ current crap crop of comics. Like, at all. But I was a fan of the first issue of this series because it stayed clear of what I find irritating about most Bendis comics. I thought to myself “Wow, maybe I CAN enjoy a Bendis book again.” Well, that frame of mind didn’t last very long at all. Quite disappointing.

How can there be so much dialogue in a comic while at the same time nothing happens? Well this is how: Bendis, yet again, is relying on his ”witty” dialogue to do most of the heavy lifting in this issue and it completely kills it. Whether it’s Aunt May and Peter having a Tarantino-lite conversation about Johnny Storm crashing at their place, Mysterio giving a long winded “we get the point already” monologue (to who? the internet?) or Gwen Stacey and Peter yammering on during lunch. Here’s a part of Peter’s and Gwen’s conversation:

Pete: Well, there just too many kids in the school now.

Gwen: And I don’t like people.

Pete: Aunt May said they almost doubled the amount of kids going to our school since the attack.

Gwen: And I don’t like people.

Pete: Which means the grade curve is all out of whack. My GPA is –ugh!! I can’t even think about it.

Gwen: And I don’t like people.

Bendis must get paid by the fucking word. Do you see the problem I have with this? Bendis uses this little trick quite a lot. You know, the one where one person in the conversation just repeats the same line over and over. You know, the one where one person in the conversation just repeats the same line over and over. You know, the one where one person in the conversation just repeats the same line over and over. Kind of annoying right?

What else happens in this issue? Peter has a bad dream, Kitty Pryde gets detention, Kitty gets all up in Mary Jane’s face (oh, the drama), Peter and Gwen talk some more at lunch …..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….oh, wtf? Sorry. I bored myself to sleep while writing about this boring fucking comic. But wait! Here’s some action! Cool, what villain is Spidey going to fight? Oh…it’s a…um…villainous mother and daughter team named The Bombshells…who are robbing a jewelry store…annnnnd the duo’s powers only work when they are in proximity to each other. Also, the daughter likes to fucking swear a lot. I mean, a fucking lot. Mark Millar must have gotten a boner reading this issue. Is your mind blown by all of that originality? I know mine is not.

The issue ends on a cliffhanger that needs to be seen to be believed. Let me try to explain it to you. Johnny Storm Is sleeping on a couch in Aunt May’s living room. Johnny Storm then wakes up and Aunt May asks him, “What happened to you?” And the last big panel on the page has Johnny Storm rubbing his temple (because I think he has a headache) and “To Be Continued…”

Are you fucking kidding me? What a fucking letdown this issue was. The Lafuente art didn’t seem nearly as awesome as the last issue either. I hope that this book rights itself with the next issue because if USM is to become yet another tired Bendis comic I won’t be reading it again. Ok, maybe I will just to make fun of it.

I Have Sand in My Crack

Title: Invincible Iron Man #17
Writer: Matt Fraction
Art: Salvador Larroca

Well folks it happened. I read an issue of Invincible Iron Man and upon it’s completion I did not squeal with enjoyment. It was inevitable that after 16 straight issues of awesomeness that I would feel disappointment at some point, right?

First off, I need to let you guys know that even though I feel this way this issue is still above and beyond anything Tweedledee and Tweedledum (aka Loeb and Bendis) are writing. My main problem comes in the form of it just being a set up issue. I mean, stuff happens but not really. We don’t get to see the promised clash between Madame Masque and Pepper Potts, though I think this may be because Fraction is setting up some sort of twist for the next issue. The fight between the two may be shown at some point as a flashback sequence. One other thing that kinda irked me about this issue was that Osborn gets his way yet again and shows up in Russia after being told off by Crimson Dynamo a few issues ago.

Tony Stark gets shot down in Afghanistan while Maria Hill and Black Widow are captured by HAMMER with Captain America watching from the shadows. The issue ends with Madame Masque explaining (not wholly) to Osborn that she killed Potts and as a result Tony Stark got away. We then see Pepper’s Rescue armor being stored in the place where Osborn keeps all of Iron Patriot suits.

This book did move the story a bit forward but just was not satisfying enough as the last 16 which preceded it. On the bright side, the next issue ships in two weeks so I won’t have long to wait to see if I am right about what’s coming next.

I am quite sure Elliott and I will go into more details on next week’s segments of CCW TV.

Tis The End

Title: Exiles #6
Writer: Jeff Parker
Art: Salva Espin

No, that isn’t the actual cover for this issue. It was the original cover that was solicited though.

The Good: A double sized issue of Jeff Parker and Salva Espin goodness without any damn filler material.

The Bad: It’s the last damn issue since this book got canceled on the account that fanboys are a bunch of dickholes who have no idea what a good thing looks like when they see it. So, ya, disappointing


1st Comic Ever

This week’s question:

What was the first comic you ever bought?

Mine was Web of Spider-Man #31 and this is my story behind it.

There was a grocery store by my house where I always went to to pick up the new issue of Mad Magazine (which I always considered to be a magazine, not a comic). This grocery store also had a spinner rack of comics that I would look at. If I saw a new issue of G.I. Joe I would normally just flip through it. On a summer day in 1987 the cover to that particular month’s (July,August?) Web of Spider-Man, which was the first part of a six part story arc that I would later find out was called Kraven’s Last Hunt, caught my eye but since I wasn’t into superhero comics I didn’t bother to peruse it.

During this time in my life I was really into collecting baseball cards. I usually bought packs from a local comic shop called Moondog’s. The day after I saw that Spidey comic I went to Moondog’s because I had gotten a flier in the mail saying that they were having a sale. Interestingly enough there was a coupon on the flier for a free 75 cent or dollar comic with any purchase. Since I was buying some packs of baseball cards I figured I would use the coupon for the free comic. As I looked through the comic racks I saw a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #293 which was the second part to Kraven’s Last Hunt. I asked the store clerk if they had the first part but he told me they were sold out. Well, I figured I would just pick out Amazing Spidey #293 as my free comic and when I got home I would just run to the grocery store and BUY the first part which I had seen there the day before. And that’s exactly what I did.

So even though Amazing Spider-Man #293 was the first comic I ever got, Web Of Spider-Man #31 was the first comic I ever PAID for out of my own pocket.

Needless to say a few months later I stopped collecting baseball cards and began putting that money toward buying more Spider-Man comics. That’s how it all started for me.



Run Away

Title: Invincible Iron Man #16
Writer: Matt Fraction
Art: Salvador Larroca

Since issue #1 this book has just not disappointed me and #16 is no exception. A huge part of this books success is due to Matt Fraction giving each and every character believable personalities, personal faults and motivations. We see Madame Masque’s fractured psyche make her lose control at the exact point she seems to have Tony and Pepper beaten, Tony‘s unfortunate inability to lie to anyone anymore even when he most needs to, Black Widow being a somewhat unwilling caretaker to someone she feels may pose a threat to Captain America, Maria Hill trying her damnedest to recover from her mind being assaulted be the Contoller, and Pepper Potts’ full willingness to take on the mantle of being a hero.

For a book which had 4 of it’s main characters being female and only 1 being male it was refreshing to see that (in a Marvel comic) the weakest of the bunch was in fact Tony Stark. There is no doubt in my mind that the true hero of this “World’s Most Wanted” story arc will end up being Pepper Potts. What Fraction has done with this character is unbelievable.

This will probably be a book where I’ll go into much more detail about it on the CCW Video Channel next week with Elliott.

EDIT: I just noticed that on the cover it has Tony saving the “damsel in distress” Pepper where as in the book Pepper is that one that ultimately ends up saving Tony’s ass in a big way. What kind of fucking bullshit is that Marvel Editorial?! You can have strong females on the INSIDE of your books but can’t portray that on the cover? Can’t be that upfront with it, huh? Fanboys would never buy a comic where the female was saving the male? I guess you do have a sexist image to uphold after all. Assholes. And speaking of covers, check out the one on Amazing Spidey #601. Guess that’s what Quesada means by a “loud” cover. Completely unnecessary. Does not do the classy interior art by Alberti any justice.

I Like Gwen Better

Title: Amazing Spider-Man #601
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Mario Alberti

As much as I enjoyed issue #600 I did not plan on starting to pick up Amazing on a regular basis. I didn’t even have this book on my “Who’s Getting What This Week” list. Well, that all changed when I decided to flip through it. I had completely forgot that Alberti was drawing this issue, His work on the Christos Gage penned X-Men/Spider-Man mini series (which you can/should buy in a hardcover collection) was absolutely incredible so there was no was I wasn’t picking this up.

The story deals with Peter Parker going throughout the day trying to remember where he is supposed to meet May Jane for a presumed date. The reason he can’t remember is because he got completely hammered while at Aunt May’s wedding trying to build up the courage to talk to MJ. The rest is classic “poor Peter Parker/Spider-Man can’t catch a break.” Well, that is until he actually does by remembering where and when he is to meet MJ and for once he makes it to the rendezvous point with time to spare. In an unexpected twist it turns out that Mary Jane is the one who ends up missing their meeting instead of it being the other way around. It is also revealed to the reader that MJ is fully aware that Peter is Spider-Man. I don’t know how I feel about that.

I would like to thank Mark Waid for having plenty of word balloons in this story. I miss them so in Marvel books. Actually I miss them being written by good writers. Those horse shit word balloons that Bendis used in his Avenger’s books were a fucking joke.

Ah yes, I should probably mention that there is a bonus back up story done by Bendis and Quesada. Marvel kept the price for this issue at $2.99 despite the few extra pages which is probably a first for Marvel. I am quite glad they left the price unchanged as the back-up story was completely worthless. Maybe they knew that going in.


That Tickles

Title: The Amazing Spider-Man #600
Writers: Dan Slott ,Stan Lee, Mark Waid, Bob Gale, Marc Guggenheim, Zeb Wells, Joe Kelly
Art: John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson, Marcos Martin, Colleen Doran, Mario Alberti, Mitch Brietweiser, Derec Donovan
Covers: Alex Ross, John Romita Jr., John Romita Sr.
Publisher: Marvel
Price: $4.99

I am going to start off this little review buy saying that all #600 issues are NOT created equal. This week we saw two Marvel titles reach that milestone: The Amazing Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk. The only thing these two books have in common are their price, page count, and stunning covers by Alex Ross. One of these comics was a tribute to history, a respectful handling of cherished characters and a love letter to fandom. The other was an outright joke, a swift kick to the pants and a regretful purchase to say the least.

The main story in Amazing Spider-Man by Dan Slott and John Romita Jr. clocks in at an astonishing 62 pages. That is not a typo. 62 PAGES! Hats off to both of these guys for their work here. Slott’s writing, Romita Jr.’s art and both of their professionalism help this book read like the milestone that it is. It feels that absolutely no corners were cut putting this together. You have everything from a team-up with Daredevil, the wedding of Aunt May, cameos of The Fantastic Four & New Avengers, the return of Doctor Octopus and the reintroduction of a certain redhead into the post One More Day storyline. Arghhh…One More Day. Yes, there are some small elements of this issue that deal with repercussions of that storyline but not enough to take away any enjoyment I felt reading this.

Bringing back Otto Octavious has been long overdue and I like the way that Slott handles it. Doc Ock been on the receiving end of one too many beat downs and his body is beginning to give out on him. Before that happens though he wants to make one last impact on New York but one for the better. With all of his good intentions though it seems he can not catch a break thanks to that meddlesome Spider-Man. And so the rest of the story plays out in classic comic book fashion and while the story doesn’t break any new ground it is a reminder to how much fun Spider-Man comics can and should be. I did enjoy the Spidey/Johnny Storm team-up toward the end quite a bit. It does a good job of showing what good friends these two are and the witty banter between them never gets old (in the hands of a good writer I should say).

This issue ran about 104 pages in length. Not one of those pages was an ad or some useless reprint filler. It was ALL original material which has to be a first for Marvel. If am going to pay $4.99 for a comic this is exactly what I want for my money. Though the back-up stories can’t quite compare to the main one they were each enjoyable in their own right with me favorite being the one about Uncle Ben written by Mark Waid.

I remember not too long ago that Joe Quesada felt the need to retcon Peter Parker’s marriage because “there were no good stories to tell about a married character” or something similar. How long is it going to be before he decides to retcon the marriage of Aunt May? Obviously now there will be no more awesome stories to be told with her. I can see Joey Q. killing her off in about a year because of this.

It should also be noted that Spider-Man is the character that got me interested in reading comics so I do have a fondness for him. With all the crap that the character has endured in the last few years thanks to Marvel editorial, it’s nice to see good, enjoyable stories can still being told with him.