One More Day…Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Posted: December 31, 2007 in Reviews
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So…the controversial One More Day storyline has come to its conclusion and has left its mark on the Spiderman mythos. Some like it, most hate it, if only for the ham-fisted manner in which the ‘problem’ of Peter Parkers marriage was ‘solved.’ I have thoughts of my own about the whole thing, but so as not to parrot what’s being said on the message boards across geek-dom, I’ll just summarize a point or two:

A) The story was what an old art teacher of mine called a ‘well-rendered mistake.’ The art was decent and some of the dramatic moments well-scripted, but overall it was just plain…bad. And while the story was poorly-written, I can’t blame JMS too much for it as the whole thing reeks of the ‘too many cooks’ syndrome. Mr. Staczynski even wanted his name taken off the final 2 issues from what I understand. Not surprising as the end result of OMD pretty much erases much of his ‘historic’ run on ASM.

B) This ad below was a promo for the whole OMD ‘event’ which teased that one of the characters contained would have a pivotal role in the storyline. Considering that NONE of the characters made much of an impact, let alone appeared (save for Iron Man who shows up to get webbed up by Peter and that’s pretty much it), methinks that some real re-writing and re-jiggering of the storyline had taken place. In the end, it reeks of poor planning and storytelling.

I’m left scratching my head over this one. The larger issue of the world knowing Peter Parker’s true identity is ‘resolved’ in a line of throw-away dialogue. So much for Civil War‘s ‘long-term effects.’ And the Parker/MJ marriage goes where Joey Q. wanted it to go for so long…away.
More thoughts to come.

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