Archive for January 11, 2008

So it appears that I have been accepted into the Red Eye Chicago’s 5 on 5 forum. For those who don’t know, the ‘5 on 5’ consists of 5 folks giving quips and opinions on 5 different topics. Most of the time it’s sports related, but due to my background as a ‘comic-book culture columnist’ (say that ten times fast) they threw in a ‘superhero’ question. Check it out and see the shout out I gave to the One More Day storyline. (The print edition includes the homage I made to Stan Lee.)

For those who are visiting this blog for the first time because of the great plug Phil gave it, please check out where you can read the Comic Culture Warrior column written by yours truly, along with some other great (I’d say even better) columns that deal with the world of comics and pop culture.

The site will be coming off its winter hiatus this coming Tuesday, but you can read the archive and see what crazy notions we obsessive fanboy/girl types can come up with.