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So…Stephen Colbert has this bit that he does on The Colbert Report, where for the longest time he didn’t believe in global warming until An Inconvenient Truth came out. No, he wasn’t convinced by Al Gore’s powerpoint, but by the film’s box office revenues. The movie made money, so it must be true. The Market had Spoken.

Now, by a similar rationale, the Spiderman: One More Day storyline, the arc that ‘erased’ the marriage of Peter Parker to Mary Jane Watson, was a great story!

Why? For all the bitching and moaning about ‘wiping out 20 years of continuity’ and Joe Quesada‘s disdain for Peter Parker’s status as one of the ‘ball and chained‘, the book sold like gangbusters! Sales figures so far have each of the Spidey books that were included on the OMD ‘mini-series’ ranked in Marvel’s top ten selling books, outselling even some of the X-titles.

So my question to all those fanboys (and girls) who’ve been fuming and flaming on the message boards: If you hated the story so much, why did you buy it?