Brand New Day = One More Dollar

Posted: January 14, 2008 in Reviews
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Amazing Spiderman Brand New Day Variant Cover Art

Yeah, I’ll admit it, I was going to buy it. Just like I bought each of the Spiderman: One More Day books. And while I could justify that to myself by saying that I was doing that for the purposes of objectivity and for an eventual Comic Culture Warrior column, in the end I regretted it. Why? Not because of the story (we all knew what was coming) or the art (Joe Quesada did stretch his artistic muscles on this one) but because of the cover price: $3.99 an issue. Almost 4 bucks for 22-24 pages of original material (yeah, the last issue had over 30) with the balance comprised of reprinted stuff and pages from the OHOTMU. I paid an extra buck for all that and in the end paid more for the 4 issues than I probably would for the eventual trade paperback.

So, despite all that, here I am ready to shell out my hard-earned cash for the first chapter of the Brand New Day storyline – I really like Dan Slott’s writing and want him to succeed on this title – but (silly me) am surprised by the cover price of the book.

The $3.99 price tag hits me like a slap in the face. So I left it there. Taking pity, my buddy who runs the shop I frequent said I could read it without buying it. (He also tells me that each of the ASM books for the next few months will be carrying the same $3.99 price tag, so get used to it.) I thanked him but declined. Maybe I’ll read it later.

This smacks of the rising price of gas. Once the oil companies saw that people would pay over 3 bucks for a gallon of gas, the prices never came back down, despite the plentiful supply of oil in refineries.

Should BND serve as a portent of yet another price hike in comic books? If so, I’m not supporting it. I’ll just read it on the shelf and put that extra buck a week towards some other book that needs my support.

Or maybe I’ll just wait for the trade like I should have done the first time around.

  1. Dan Slott says:

    I am happy to tell you that your friend is wrong, sir.
    This was a SPECIAL LARGER SIZED issue of ASM– featuring an extra 3 pages of lead story, three back up tales, a special fact sheet by Romita Jr. (in the style of those old Ditko fact sheets: How Spidey’s Mask Works, Who are Spidey’s Friends?, etc.), and a return of the letters page!
    A total of 14 extra pages of art and story (plus one editorial page) for just one buck!

    And… With THIS week’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #547, the price goes back down to the AVERAGE price of $2.99! And that’s where it’s staying, sir! $2.99 an issue! Three times a month!

    So… Both THIS Weds. and NEXT Weds… EXPECT to GET 22 pages a pop of ALL-NEW STEVE McNIVEN ART!
    With covers… That’s 46 gorgeous Steve McN pages!!!

  2. Thanks for the clarification Mr. Slott! Again, I really, REALLY would like to see your career flourish with this title. I’ll be passing this info on to my buddy over at Dreamland Comics as well.

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