Things I probably shouldn’t admit…

Posted: January 16, 2008 in Reviews
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OK, so I bought Heroes Season 1 at Target for 19 bucks. Ever since this show hit the airwaves folks would ask me if I’d seen the show and gasp in amazement when I pull a Vinnie Vega and say I have no interest in seeing it. So I bite on the deal, get the first season and…I just don’t get it, in fact…
God, I can’t get past the first DVD in the set. The flashes of ingenuity get bogged down by suspect character motivations, overwritten and overacted dialogue, and this sense that everyone involved with the show is thinking ‘hey, we’re making a comic book!’ Not that having that sentiment is all that bad, but it seems that whenever plot incongruities occur, it’s dismissed by the writers.
Oh yeah, and that Peter Petrelli character really gets on my nerves (whiny little self-involved girlie man.)
Now for a truly well-crafted tale about superheroes in the ‘real world’ I offer you this…
Now THAT’S the stuff!
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