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Coolest. Desk. EVER!

And you better put a goddamn coaster down for your drinks!

This has to be the most awesome-est piece of furniture EVER. Who do I need to kill to get one of these?

Check out the article via Sci-Fi Channel’s DVICE feature.

Because I know today’s ‘Marvelite’ can be completely oblivious to the heritage they’ve bought into…

Man, this stuff is cheesy but GREAT! I was totally born in the wrong decade…

(Kudos to the chap who put this sucker together.)

I’m totally making me some MMMS letterhead and membership cards!

With it being Wonder Con Weekend and all, I thought I’d create an ‘homage’ to the classic ‘convention sketch covers’ that have gotten so popular these days. Alas, I was unable to make it to Wonder Con. I hear that the stunning Jann Jones was in attendance. Sigh. Will our paths ever cross again?

Be sure to check out the interview I did with Steve Rude and his wife Jaynelle. Not only did they take time out of their busy schedules with Rude Dude Productions to talk to me, they were also generous enough to give us a few copies of the Nexus: The Animated Series Promo DVD to give to some lucky folks who join the CWR Google group!

Join up and you never know…

This coming Tuesday, my interview with Steve Rude (of Nexus fame) and his wife Jaynelle will be one of the many wonderful features you’ll be able to read over at the CWR site.

Courtesy of Dial B for Blog and You Tube

The above video is taken from the Nexus: The Animated Series promo DVD that Steve & Jaynelle put together to promote an animated feature to network execs. The DVD contains 2 minutes of fully rendered animated footage as well as a 5-minute feature on creating the Nexus comic book, starring The Dude himself.
If you’re looking to get a copy of the DVD, you can try to win a FREE COPY of it by signing up for the CWR Google Group, or head on over to SteveRude.Com to purchase one.
Hope to see you Tuesday!

So it appears that ol’ Harvey doesn’t think the fan film FANBOYS is good enough for his company to release without making some drastic edits that appear to change the tone of the film. As someone who has yet to see the film (Maybe this post should be part of my Things I Probably Shouldn’t admit series) I’m going to side with the geeks until Mr. Weinstein makes his own case.

So descend upon the Weinstein Company like a swarm of angry wasps! SWARM! SWARM!

Coming Soon…

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In case you’re wondering what’s been keeping me off the blogosphere lately…

May not look like much…but it’s just the beginning.

No…I have not read Blankets. There…I said it.

But I will read it…soon…I swear. But first I need to finish…

Real interesting concept, simple effective packaging, and I like the compact digest size. I will admit that I’m having a bit of an issue with some of the dialogue, as the writer seems to enjoy letting his characters gab a bit without any real point to it, but I’m confident I won’t regret my purchase.

Any other indy books someone would like to recommend?

At least that was comic related. Nice to see Chuck come out on top for once!
So, ya think Tom Brady’s all that? Well guess what, I found something wrong with him. So what if he dates super models (one at a time I might add) and is dashingly handsome? I found a flaw in his flawless facade.
But you’ll have to read my comments in this weekend’s Super Bowl Edition of the Red Eye 5 on 5 to find out what! (Scroll down to find my comments.)
The CCW invades the sports page once again!