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What do Marvel_BOy and the Yeti have in common? Neither of them actually exist.
Think about it, on the eve of Marvel’s biggest event of the season, Secret Invasion, the theme of which is ‘Who Do You Trust’, a supposed disgruntled Marvel intern starts posting ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff on his blog.
On top of that, he starts giving away spoilers and dishing dirt on Marvel editorial, the latest being that Joe Quesada is going to be fired. Now while I had my doubts before, that last bit just went over the line and all believability in this dillweed actually being for real went out the window.
But why pull such a stunt? I’ll explore that in my next Comic Culture Warrior column at Comics Waiting Room.Com!

I’m alive…I think

Posted: March 26, 2008 in Blogging


This mutant cold bug has kept me incapacitated for the last couple weeks. I barely managed to write my last column and a review. But now I’m coming around and ready to resume recording more video editions for the Comic Culture Warrior You Tube Channel, as well as hit the column a little harder.

Plus, there may be some interesting developments in where you’ll see the CCW next.

Details to come…

The flu has had me out of commission the last few days, so here’s one of my fave segments from issue #1 of the Comic Culture Warrior You Tube Series.  (SPOILER ALERT!: If you haven’t read Buffy #12 yet, a MAJOR SPOILER is revealed in this segment.)

Issue #1, Part One from the NEW Comic Culture Warrior You Tube Series

The ‘final’ poster for Indiana Jones 4 Courtesy of Drew Struzan, Lucasfilm & USA Today
Hmmm…not so sure about this one. As much as I LOVES ME SOME DREW STRUZAN INDY, this poster looks too much like a fan-made photoshop dealio. Not that fan-art is all that bad. I’d advise you to check out The Raider.Net, an Indy fan site, and find some pretty impressive Indy 4 fan-art.
The teaser poster for Last Crusade ranks as all-time best for me, with the teaser for Temple of Doom right behind.
But that’s just me.
The Comedian, courtesy of Zack Snyder and the Watchmen Movie web site.
Or in this case, in the University of Minnesota’s library.

Comic Collector John Borger left the U of M his collection of 40,000 comics, including entire runs of Sandman and Watchmen. It gets a nice, touching write-up in the MinnPost where Mr. Borger’s wife reminisces about how she met her husband and how his obsession with comics practically took over their living spaces.

There’s something about a major university accepting such a bequest that really gives the perception of what’s ‘valuable’ a real paradigm shift.

I mean…we’re talking about comic books, right?

Those things our moms threw out or gave away when we went off to college? That she’d wonder aloud why we spent our entire allowances on and pile up in our closets?


(Ok…I think I’ve got some issues I need to work out here…)