Imaginary characters

Posted: March 29, 2008 in Blogging, Marvel
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What do Marvel_BOy and the Yeti have in common? Neither of them actually exist.
Think about it, on the eve of Marvel’s biggest event of the season, Secret Invasion, the theme of which is ‘Who Do You Trust’, a supposed disgruntled Marvel intern starts posting ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff on his blog.
On top of that, he starts giving away spoilers and dishing dirt on Marvel editorial, the latest being that Joe Quesada is going to be fired. Now while I had my doubts before, that last bit just went over the line and all believability in this dillweed actually being for real went out the window.
But why pull such a stunt? I’ll explore that in my next Comic Culture Warrior column at Comics Waiting Room.Com!

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