And Here We Go

Posted: July 8, 2009 in Blogging, DC Comics, Geek Culture, Movies

Here we go

So begins a new chapter at the CCW Blog. This is my first post on this blog and so I shall try my hardest to bring some much needed class and dignity to it.

Many of you who are reading this right now have probably found your way here through our youtube channel. I do have to say that if it weren’t for our numerous viewers and commenters on youtube this blog wouldn’t exist right now in it‘s current form. So I do need to thank all of those who have made this possible.

While we do talk mostly about comics and the comic industry in our vids I hope to expand our discussions here to other genres of pop culture. Genres that include film, music, television, video games, pro wrestling, anime, action figures and anything else that Elliott and I may be interested in.

I, myself, will be posting reviews that would normally not make it to our video conversations. Unlike Elliot, I am not a professional writer so you may need to bear with me until I can find my “voice” on this here blog. As always, we hope that our readers will be an important part of the discussion so feel free to comment often.

This is something that is completely new to me but I hope that it will be a good experience. And here we go…


  1. Cami says:

    Congrads on the new blog, Jose I know this is a lot of work, but it’s is nice to see you taking the Comic Culture Warrior to another level. We, your fans are looking forward to reading your thoughts on various subjects. I support what you are doing and I know you will have a blast writing the blog. I wish this new chapter/ evoloution of CCW all the success in the world and I will be reading boys 🙂

    ALWAYS A FRIEND & FANGIRL OF CCW… you guys are my boys!

  2. Cindy Puckett says:

    Congradulations on the blog. Although I am new to this scene I have totally enjoyed watching you on youtube. You have been very informative and honest to yourself and your viewers in your reviews. As I continue learning about Manga I know I will have more questions. I wish you and Elliott much success as you continue to inform the masses.

    Your number #1 fan!

  3. Saar says:

    Great blog, man.
    Yours channel is the best of his kind on youtube and it is very refreshing to hear/ something like it.
    So thank you for giving from yours time for us.


  4. Hammy McHamslice says:

    reading is harder than watch video

  5. phil says:

    Hey Jose,

    phil…a.k.a. PMKnight here, u and E look like u’re getting off 2 an
    excellent start with this blog! As far as finding your “voice” goes, I can
    relate. I’ve just started posting my own videos and while I knew that it
    was not going 2 be a cake-walk, man…let me tell u, I have a new level
    of appreciation 4 what u, E and others do 2 get yourselves grounded
    enough 2 do what u guys do and make it seem effort-less. Anyway, as
    y’all have been successful with CCW, I’m sure u’ll do a slam-bang job
    here as well!

    knight out

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