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the beatles rb

At this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) came the announcement of the video game that could very well be the end all be all of the rhythm game genre. No, I am not talking about DJ Hero (though the more I see of that game the more I kinda want to play it). I, of course, am talking about The Beatles: Rock Band.

I must have watched both trailers for The Beatles: RB at least 10 times the day Harmonix, the creator of the game, had released them. The game just looks absolutely incredible. In preparation for it’s release I have been going through the entire Beatles library to reacquaint myself with their music. Their albums are impressive as ever and I cannot believe that most of music is well over forty years old. My current favorite, Revolver, has been playing in my car nonstop for the last week.

This seems like the perfect time to finally upgrade Rock Band to my PS3. 09-09-09 can’t get here soon enough.

Hit this link to find out more about The Beatles: Rock Band



wonder woman

“Wonder Woman remains a really bizarre, untouchable character. She should represent women in the same way Superman represents men.”- Grant Morrison

With all the recent Wonder Woman talk we’ve been having on the CCW Youtube Channel this bit of news is very interesting indeed. For those who have been criticizing that the character has not had an “iconic story” this should hopefully fit the bill nicely and silence the haters once and for all. Only time will tell.

Thanks to CCW viewer ‘CSTATB’ for sending this our way:

Morrison writes WW?