Saturday Anime

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Saturday Anime
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  1. Saar says:

    I love this Bleach op.
    The band that sing the song has one problem… the lyrics of their songs doesn’t make sence.

  2. Aaron E says:

    Jose you read/watch Bleach!!! Awesome! How do you like it? It’s one of my favorites. Have you tried reading One Piece? You should if you haven’t.

  3. Saar says:

    Yey, try start reading One Piece?! good luck… It will only take you about 1-2 years and 400+ issues to read!

    Jose can you please review some of the mangas comics I’ve ask for? Like Air Gear and The Nightly News?

  4. Zcorp79 says:

    Bleach is easily one of my top five anime’s. Are you planning on doing any bleach reviews on the manga or anime by any chance?

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