Agents of Atlas “Smash The Hulk” Review

Posted: July 16, 2009 in Marvel, Reviews
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Hulk is No Match for Venus

Title: Agents of Atlas #8
Writer: Jeff Parker
Art: Carlo Pagulayan and Jason Paz w/Noah Salonga
Cover: Leinel Yu
Publisher: Marvel
Price: $2.99

If you haven’t been reading Agents of Atlas chances are good that you are missing out on what is easily one of the best superhero books in the industry today. Ya, I know that’s quite a bold statement but it happens to be true. Jeff Parker has brought together a group of forgotten heroes and made them completely relevant in today‘s Marvel Universe. More relevant than the so called “New Avengers” team with Brian Bendis at the helm. In fact, the best New Avengers comic this year was when the team crossed paths with the Agents of Atlas in AOA #5 which was written by Parker.

This title strikes a perfect balance between story, action, humor, espionage, romance, dragons, Martians, robots, Atlantean Queens, kung fu and gorilla-men. More so than any other comic book in history. It also has the best recap page going. Issue #8’s recap page is meant to be read/sung to the theme of The Brady Bunch. I will repeat that: Issue #8’s recap page is meant to be sung along to the theme of The Brady Bunch. How the hell does Parker come up with this stuff? It’s quite brilliant.

So let’s get to the review of the issue shall we? As we all know The Atlas Foundation have many business fronts all over the world in order to fund themselves. One of their more shady outfits, a biological study base posing as a museum located in Nevada, is kidnapping drifters and hitchhikers to use them for their own diabolical experiments. Well, that is until they kidnap a drifter by the name of Bruce Banner. Oops. I think you can guess what happens next. The AOA get a distress communication from their “museum” and the team is sent out to investigate.

What follows next is all out action as the Agents of Atlas come face to face with the Hulk and the biological study base’s escaped experiments (try saying that five times fast). The only way they will be able to calm and subdue the Green Goliath is by using teamwork. And that right there is one of the greatest strengths of this book. The AOA are a fully functioning TEAM. Every character on it has their role to play and they all mesh together perfectly unlike, say , the New Avengers. Sorry, had to get that last dig in there.

If you are interested in seeing what this series is about you may want to ponder picking up the Agents of Atlas TP that collects Jeff Parker’s initial mini-series before getting into the monthly. Though not essential, it will help you enjoy the monthly a lot more.

In summation, Agents of Atlas is what every comic should strive to be: smart, imaginative and full of wonderment. It comes with my highest recommendation.


  1. Zcorp79 says:

    J. your review is spot on, I loved the recap and thought same thing about it. I also agree that if you are not reading this series then you are missing a really good series, it is easily one of my favorite Marvel titles.

  2. Jedah Crow says:

    I had only just recently started reading Marvel Comics again after dropping the entire company completely during Civil War. Among the various books I tried out, Agents of Atlas quickly rose to the top of my reading list and has become one of the titles that I look forward to the most every month.

    It has just about everything I look for in a superhero comic. Great characters, beautiful artwork, fantastic adventures, genuinely funny humor, compelling drama, exciting action, amazing settings, etc. I don’t care what anyone says, there’s nothing cooler than flying saucers, 1950’s killer robots and talking gorillas with machine guns. It’s escapism at it’s finest.

    Also, you hit the nail right on the head about team being one of this book’s greatest strengths. It’s just so refreshing to have a team of intelligent and competant heroes that work well together because they actually like and respect each other.

  3. dailypop says:

    The miniseries collection remains one of my all time favorites. The inclusion of the reprints classic comics makes it feel like a Criterion edition DVD for comics.

  4. Variant Girl says:

    I agreee, AOA is one of the best superhero books going. This issue was just as amazing as every other issue I have had the pleasure of reading. Thank you Jose for opening my eyes to this wonderful book, and your blog rocks kid:P

    I will be posting later today, check it out if you can.

  5. Aaron E says:

    I agree w/ VariantGirl, thanks for recommending this book to me. It’s in my must get list now! I know Marvel made an Agents of Atlas miniseries also written by Jeff Parker. Was that any good?(I feel that that was a stupid question…)

  6. kurumais says:

    AoA is my favorite book right now bar none. parker takes a tired old premise super team fighting the Hulk ( at least to me it is) and makes a fun, wild, and scary issue out of it. i bought myself a present this week and picked up the trade for the mini series, J is right this exactly what comics should be
    i still cant believe how much i love a comic with a gorilla man in it

  7. StevieEvs says:

    I feel cheated, why didn’t you recomend this book sooner?
    It’s brilliant. I’ve enjoyed quite a few comics lately but I didn’t think much could top World of New Krypton or Wonder Woman but how wrong I was.
    This is just brilliant.
    Curse you CCW, I have to spend more money at Comix Shoppe now.

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