Jason Aaron to Write New Punisher MAX

Posted: July 16, 2009 in Marvel, News
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I Will Break You

Today on the Fresh Ink segment of G4’s Attack of the Show fellow comic geek Blair Butler announced that Marvel will be relaunching the Punisher Max comic in November. Jason Aaron will write while long time Punisher Max artist Steve Dillon returns to the series as regular artist.


Hit the link to watch Blair Butler’s announcement

  1. Aaron E says:

    Cool. Jason Aaron is good at writing dark and violent stories and his last name is Aaron, so how bad can it be???? lol! I hate Steve Dillon’s art though…

  2. dailypop says:

    I’m right with you on that Aaron. I really like Jason Aaron but Dillon…? Not so much. I dug his work on Hellblazer, but it has not aged well, and he should just not draw superhero books.

    However, the Rick Remender written mainstream Punisher series (please help us distinguish between these, Marvel!!) is well worth a look.

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