No Bayonetta for You Till 2010

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Blogging, Video Games
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Tina Fey with Guns is Kinda Hot

I have been waiting very patiently for Bayonetta’s release ever since news broke of it at TGS (Tokyo Game Show) last year. Watching the trailer for the first time was like seeing my dreams for the ultimate video game come true. Here are a list of it’s main ingredients: quirky humor, balls to the wall action, imaginative design work, Tina Feyesque main character, Emma Peel-like outfit, over the top monster summons, guns, bazookas, whips, katanas and bullet ballet.

Besides all of that, this is the second game to be developed my the new Platinum Games (the first being Madworld for the Wii). Why is that of interest? Well, Platinum Games is made up individuals from what was formally known as Clover Studio who developed some of my favorite games of the last gen. Titles such as Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2, Okami and Godhand are all games that rank very high on my list of favorites.

Bayonetta, which is directed by Okami and Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya, was to be released on October 29th of this year. That no longer seems the case. Japan will get the game on that date but the rest of us will now have to wait till January 2010 before we can get our hands on it. Sigh…

At least I’ll have Beatles: Rock Band and Uncharted 2 to keep me occupied till the end of the year…unless their release dates get pushed back too.

Bayonetta will be released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


  1. Hammy McHamslice says:

    I noticed in the second video that all three of the main female characters wear glasses. I wonder if this is the new Japanese fetish, or if it’s just to give cosplayers another accessory to play with?

    Also, that fight scene with the two gals having a conversation while they shoot at each other at extremely close range while using melee attacks to attempt to gain a good shot definitely reminded me of this — !!!

  2. Hammy McHamslice says:

    Their eyes went bad from reading too many spellbooks in dimly-lit chambers… I know that’s how I ended up with my glasses.

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