CCW’s Character(s) of the Week

Posted: July 18, 2009 in Character of the Week, Marvel

The Best Team Period

Who: Agents of Atlas

Where: Agents of Atlas #8

Why: There was no better comic book that I read this week and I read quite a few. Agents of Atlas are THE best superhero team in comics today period. For a lot more reasons why please read my AOA #8 review from earlier this week.


  1. Aaron E says:

    Hey do you know if I can do something like this for my blog? That’d be cool!

  2. Zcorp79 says:

    Could not agree more with this pick, this is one Marvel’s best team books next to Secret Warriors and Thunderbolts in my opinion. Each issue seems to get better and better each month and it is a book I always look forward too each month also.

    • Zcorp79 says:

      J how much would you like to see Jeff Parker writing the New Avengers over Bendis, especially after AOA #5 where Parker showed how the New Avengers should be written. I mean Parker seems to have a better handle on Bendis’s own team then Bendis does.

  3. Hammy McHamslice says:

    I haven’t read a single issue of New Avengers (not trying to brag), and when I read AOA #5, all I could think was: these guys ain’t The Avengers. Not because Parker didn’t write them well but because Bendis must have been stoned to put this group together. It makes no sense. Let’s have Wolverine on every team in the world! And as much as I make fun of dumb costumes, Luke Cage’s jeans and t-shirt look seems way too generic when placed in the context of all the other guys with wild costumes, like he wandered in out of a completely different universe.

    Sorry old news, I know.

  4. it’s weird, because i’m really enjoying this book, even though i’m not loving the ‘pretending to be villains’ stat quo – which parker set up in the mini-series way before dark reign.

    love the team. spies and spacemen, girls and gorilas, killer robots! what’s not to love?

  5. Deemar325 says:

    AoA is pure comic enjoyment

  6. kurumais says:

    is it me or did parker turn namora into the coolest super chyx in comics in like 3 issues?
    good pick this week

  7. TheRichestManinTown says:

    After this review I had to check out the series for myself. First issue blew me away. The team is awesome, although it took me till the reveal to figure out Marvel Boy. Through most of the book I thought Agents of Atlas had a team member who was a dude in a flying saucer (Marvel Boy), M-11 does look a lot like Gort, and I put the two together incorrectly thinking it was a team of awesome sci-fi monsters. The art was incredible, especially in moments when characters are projecting images. The role reversal of hero and villain that Dark Reign offers is done extremely well in Agents of Atlas. Jimmy Woo isn’t Norman Osborne who is predetermined towards villainy or Nick Fury who is predetermined to beat bad guys, he has to expand an evil empire while trying to defeat Osborne and America, without letting Lao get too powerful, it’s amazing!

    • It really feels good to hear that I helped introduce you to Agents of Atlas. Thanks for letting me know how much you’re enjoying the series. I believe strong, positive word of mouth is what’s going to help keep this book going.


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