The (Not Even Close to Being) Incredible Hulk #600 Sort of Review

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Marvel, Reviews
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The Only Good Thing About Hulk 600

Title: The Incredible Hulk #600
Writers: Jeph Loeb, Stan Lee, Fred Van Lente
Art: Ed McGuinness, Mark Farmer, Rodney Buchemi, Michael Ryan, Salva Espin
Covers: Alex Ross, Ed McGuiness
Publisher: Marvel
Price: $4.99

Man, where to even begin? In my opinion Jeph Loeb’s Hulk monthly comic is easily one of the worst things I have ever read in my life. You want to know what another title I list among the worst I have ever read? Ultimatum, also written by Jeph Loeb. How about one more? Onslaught Reborn. Need I continue?

In Amazing Spider-Man #600, which also shipped this week, we got a 62 page main story by Dan Slott and John Romita Jr. as well as all new material by other top writers and artists that took up all 104 pages of that book with no ads. This is what you get in Incredible Hulk #600: a 29 page main story by Loeb and Ed Mcguinness, a Woverine: Origins Got Milk ad, a Nissan ad, a Robot Chicken ad, a Marvel Projects ad, a 10 page story by Stan Lee which probably never should have seen print, a double page Honda ad, a War of the Kings ad, a 15 page story about The All New Savage She-Hulk (who cares?), a 23 page REPRINT of Hulk: Grey #1, 7 pages of covers to upcoming Hulk Family books, an ad for Ultimate Avengers, 7 more pages reprinting every cover to every Hulk comic ever. Holy shit…

How can one #600 issue get it so brilliantly right while another just fails on every level? I really don’t know what I was expecting of Hulk #600 but after reading ASM I was thinking it had to be at least on par, right? Wrong. So very, very wrong. After an entire year of awful Rulk stories you would think Loeb have the decency to finally reveal the true identity of one of the worst characters ever created. Wrong again. Not even the appearance of M.O.D.O.K could save this issue and I do love me some M.O.D.O.K. To even go on with this review is kind of a waste of my time. That’s really how I feel.

If you bought this issue you got completely ripped off and for that, as a retailer, I am sorry. If you were on the fence about buying the book I hope that this “review” will help you make your decision.

That’s a pretty sweet Alex Ross cover though, isn’t it?

This is how you do a 600th issue


  1. kurumais says:

    that was great review i never saw a page by page blow by blow review like that but it definitely did the job as well as any review ive read giving us what the book is like and the quality
    nicely done

  2. MatthewHex says:

    So glad I changed my mind on this and saved my money. Good review man

  3. Locusmortis says:

    Its gotta be down to the editors and the budget that they are given to put together the respective books.

    On one you have Steve Wacker, who’s the editor on Hulk

  4. Chris - CSTATB says:

    The cover is nice… Urr when is Loeb of this book?

    • Dan Griffin says:

      Well…in august Pak is writing a new Hulk Series of the Team up of Banner and Skaar in Incredible Hulk, the down side is that Loeb will get a better artist then Pak.

      Loeb + Ian Churchill = Hulk

      Pak + Ariel Olivetti = Incredible Hulk

      • Chris - CSTATB says:

        I actually like Ariel Olivetti I do hear a lot of complaints about his work though. He tends to make characters overly ‘big’ when they really shouldn’t be. I remember in a Civil War related book that he drew Spider-Man in and he looked like he had gained 40lbs of pure muscle, and most of his women are the same. Overly ‘big’ shouldn’t really be a problem in a Hulk book though!

        Greg Pak continuing on from WWH will at least be better than Loeb’s stuff, I haven’t read any of that Skaar stuff…

  5. Variant Girl says:

    I loved the Spidy #600, hated everything Loeb did with this from get go so did not waste my money. J, I enjoyed your restraint in ripping this book, I hope NOT to see that restraint when you do it on CCW. I didn’t bother with it so you will most likely NOT see a review of it on my site. Can’t afford to pay for shit, if that’s the case I should just take out my money put it on the ground and piss all over it, reading Loeb is pretty much equal to that anyway.

  6. Pobra says:

    my question is, who the hell is still reading this book??? I gave up after the first two issues and never looked back. There can’t be that many unenlightened 12 year old’s willing to waste their allowance on shitty comic books to support this title, can there?

  7. Hammy McHamslice says:

    Just Imagine: Stan Lee Craps on the Marvel Universe.

  8. you read onslaught reborn?!?!?! THAT, is why you fail…

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