A Farewell of Sorts to Captain Britain

Posted: July 24, 2009 in Blogging, Marvel

The End Yet Again

I’m sure by now you have all heard the news of Exiles being canceled. The fact that for whatever reason the industry can’t sustain a comic as good as that is a fucking joke. Month after month when looking at the list of best selling books it mostly just makes me ill. Shit like New Avengers, Dark Avengers, Ultimatum, Battle for the Cowl, Hulk (Rulk) and the like are always up in the top ten. The only reason I can think of as to why those books are among the best selling is because fanboys just can’t get enough mediocrity in their lives. They can’t be bothered by stories that challenge them as a reader. No, they want their need for mediocrity satiated week in and week out by such bland hacks as Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb and Tony Daniel.

I’m sure when most fanboys flip through comics if they don’t see one of the following things they will put it back on the rack: Wolverine, blood, death, misogyny, terrible over rendered art, boring dialogue masquerading as being “witty”, costumes giving female characters wedgies and a very color by numbers story.

A book like Exiles never stood a chance in this industry. You know what other book didn’t? That would be Captain Britain and MI 13. It was the only, I repeat ONLY, good thing to come of that pathetic excuse for an “event” Secret Invasion. It had interesting secondary and tertiary Marvel characters cast in the main roles. It was a team with morals, values, the need to do what was right and always refusing to use violence as an end to justify the means. It was a book that writer Paul Cornell and artist Leonard Kirk gave their all and that was more than enough for me. But it wasn’t enough for those fanboys that crave mediocrity. They didn’t recognize any of the characters in the book so it must have been completely worthless. Captain Britain and the MI 13 were stationed in the UK. Unless the team was stationed out of New York or California whose gives a shit. Plus, Britain is like a whole other country. What’s up with that?

The last issue of Captain Britain shipped this week and that is a sad state of affairs. Fanboys would rather have new books that somehow feel familiar to them instead of taking the time and effort to get to know something new. They would rather have yet another Avengers, Wolverine, Deadpool or Hulk book shoved down their throats and that’s just fucking tragic.


  1. Zcorp79 says:

    I dropped Merc with a Mouth(didn’t realize it was on going) and New Avengers for better titles that I found though you show like Agents of Atlas and Secret Six just to name a few. I wish I had known about Captain Britain earlier, by the way is that Blade that is a part of the team?

  2. Locusmortis says:

    And the fact that Captain Britain sold a lot in Britain didn’t matter a bit, due to the stupid way marvel is structured foreign sales and foreign licences don’t seem to matter when it comes to making these decisions.

  3. Variant Girl says:

    Fanboys have yet proven themselves as the sterotype that they are often portrayed to be. And that would be predictible, simple, and slaves to the big two, just buy whatever they are pushing, God forbid you should have standards. I urge all you fanboys out there to step outside the box and bring new and interesting titles to your pull lists. No one is saying not to enjoy the books that you have all along, but maybe just add one different title to the list, or stop buying a particular book if it is not of high caliber. You don’t need to own every Wolverine book that’s out there, and there’s a fucking lot!Don’t be afraid to put it back on the shelf if it isn’t up to snuff. For example Hulk #600, pile of shit. I wish Marvel would learn that there is room and readership for books like Capt. Britain, and Agents Of Atlas, Secrect Six, Exiles etc.

  4. Zcorp79 says:

    The reason I got into comics was that you had a lot of interesting and strong characters with a great story behind them. But most of the comic readers now a days are showing that they would rather have stories that have no strong story, but have plenty of mindless voilence, women being belittled, and a story that is lackluster at best. I am sorry but that is not the kind of book I am looking for and it is sad that I had to find out about Capt. Britain now that it is being axed. My hope is that Agents of Atlas does not meet this same fate in the near future, because that is one book that reminds me why I love reading comics in the first place.

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