Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: July 28, 2009 in DC Comics, Marvel

Gettin Wet and Wild

Jeez, you guys couldn’t wait till I got this up to tell us what you were buying? I’ll have to be quicker in the future getting this post up after the list of new books shipping.

If you love shitty comics (Dark Reign minis, Ultimatum) then chances are good you’ll probably piss yourself when you get to your local comic shop. For the rest of us the pickings are slim but to make up for that DC is releasing Detective Comics #855 which should be on your must-buy list as it is on mine.

Here’s what I’m purchasing this week:

Detective Comics #855
Secret Warriors #6
Superman #690
Thunderbolts #134
Wonder Woman #34

I may have to review Ultimatum #5 for the hell of it this week because I had quite a bit of fun reviewing Loeb’s other piece of shit book, Hulk, last week.

So, what are you ladies and germs buying?


  1. Chris - CSTATB says:

    Detective Comics #855 and Secret Warriors #6 for sure.

  2. pilkk90 says:

    spawn, ultimatum and ukty spidey (im an ultimate zombie) hulk/spidey 600, invincible 64(late buying) blackest night 1, an some witchblade trades

  3. therichestmanintown says:

    Wednesday and Detective Comics are the only books this week that are sure things.

  4. kurumais says:

    t bolts
    billy batson and the magic of shazam for my nephew
    new avengers
    ultimate spidey

  5. Saar says:

    Air Gear Vol 13 waited a long time for it!
    Blackest Night Tales of the Corps #3
    Detective Comics #854 (2nd Printing) not a DC fan but after reading the first issue online I’ve decided to buy it and the rest of this team run.
    Detective Comics #855
    Secret Warriors #6 what an Awesome issue it’s going to be!

    Dark Reign Goblin Legacy
    Dark Reign Hawkeye #4
    Dark Reign Sinister Spider-Man #2
    New Avengers #55
    Thunderbolts #134
    Ultimatum #5 – finally this piece of shit won’t be on the stand anymore!
    Ultimatum Spider-Man Requiem #2

  6. Saar says:

    Jose, you don’t read Blackest Night Tales of the Corps?

  7. Aaron E says:

    What I will buy this week is:
    -Detective Comics#855
    -Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem#2

    What I will be reading is Ultimatum#5. I can’t to see you tear it to shreads in your review Jose!

  8. Pobra says:

    this weeks picks include…

    Secret Warriors #6
    Detective Comics #855
    Tales of the Corps #3
    Wolverine Noir #4 (i know it’s wolverine, but this is actually a really good book imo)
    New Avengers #55

    psyched for Detective and Secret Warriors.

  9. Zcorp79 says:

    Secret Warriors #6, Thunderbolts #134, and Detective Comics #855 are all must buys for me this week. I have enjoyed Tales of the Corps and that is crappy that issue 3 is half reprint. Also Secret Warriors is one of the best things next to Agents of Atlas to come out of the Dark Reign saga.

  10. MatthewHex says:

    Everyone’s loving Detective Comics and secret warriors which is great. Thanks for the comments on my site J, much appreciated. I’ll def do a review od the Old Boy series once I’ve finished.

    My list looks something like this:

    Dark X-Men Beginning #2
    New Avengers #55
    Secret Warriors #6
    X-Men Forever #4
    Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #3
    Detective Comics #855
    Justice Society #29
    Superman #690
    Wednesday Comics #4

    • Any time, mate. I think you do a really great job.


    • kurumais says:

      hey matt which hawks are they using in wednesday comics?
      silver age katar or mordern day cater?

      • MatthewHex says:

        Thats a good question kurumais and to be honest with you I’m not sure, it hasn’t been made clear. He has knowledge of the outer space stuff though. He is batteling an alien in the stroy he recognised so I’d go with Katar Hol from Thanagar. The Hawkman story is one of the strongest each week imo.

  11. Chris - CSTATB says:

    Is the new issue of the Sword out today? Number 20? I’m not going to my LCS til tomorrow so I was just wonder, it wasn’t on your list but the Luna Brothers website says its out today!

    • Chris - CSTATB says:

      Actually I’m confused, I don’t even have #19? I’ve lost track which one are they on? Is the Luna’s site messed up?

      • The new issue of the Sword does NOT come out today. Also the last issue to come out was #18. So if you have #18 you’re all caught up.


      • Pobra says:

        i just started reading this book around issue 15 thanks to Jose’s recommendation and managed to find most of the earlier issues in the dollar bin last weekend, how sweet is that.

  12. Chris says:

    Thanks! yeah I’m up to 18. I was sad to hear that its ending soon. It pretty stupid that the Luna Brothers have their schedule wrong.

  13. Locusmortis says:

    Nothing in the post so far this week so I’ll be catching up on various blackest night stuff and wednesday comics from dcp.

    The only physical comics I’ll be purchasing this week will be Commando #4214 – 4218

  14. Locusmortis says:

    Of course the day after I post that a package arrives with

    Legion of 3 worlds #5
    Tales of Blackest night #1 and #2
    Tales of Asgard #3
    Halo: Helljumper #1
    Warlord #4
    Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #3
    Franklin Richards: Schools Out
    Dethklok vs the Goon
    Creepy #1

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