Don’t read this if you are easily offended

Posted: August 3, 2009 in Blogging, Geek Culture, Opinion, San Diego Comic-Con
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Here’s a link to a very courageous column by Comics Waiting Room writer Vince Moore. It deals with an event at San Diego Comic-Con called The Black Panel. It is a very frank discussion/dissection about the panel and how it represents a certain aspect within the black creative community.

DO NOT read it if you are narrow-minded.

DO NOT read it if you are immature.

DO NOT read it if you aren’t willing to read the ENTIRE COLUMN and take EVERY STATEMENT WITHIN CONTEXT.

And if you are easily offended by a certain derogatory word that refers to people of African descent, so much so that you will automatically pass judgment on Vince after reading his column’s title, then don’t bother reading it.

For everyone else: CLICK HERE.

And let the debate begin.


  1. generaldark says:

    alright elliot now you see? controversy will get you comments 😀

  2. generaldark says:

    sorry elliot i’ll read it all later. i read some but dang thats alot lol.

  3. Elliott says:

    LOL. True, Vince’s columns are verbose, but the dude’s got a lot to say!

    I’ll hold on to see what you think once you’ve read it.


  4. generaldark says:

    ok, from what i read. this “black panel” sounds like one of the most stupidist things ever! it is also totally unecessry!. to me its a failed attempt to seperated blacks and whites. so what? all the other panels are for whites? forgive me if im wrong but do no white people go to the “black panel” this is rediculous. and the sund system sucked? sounds like they dont even care much about this panel to give it a good budget or something.

  5. Variant Girl says:

    Hey Elliott,

    That was quite the article, all I can say after reading it is there are lot of things I’m sure I missed by not attending this year’s CCI, but I am happy to say obviously the “Black Panel” was one of them. I really liked the article, it was alot but worth the read for sure.

  6. PILKK90 says:

    damn that was a big read, that guy really dosent like the black panel does he? im suprised that tyrise gibson(is that right?) never appeared to promote his comic with IMAGE, called Mayhem, maybe he was smart enough to avoid this panel.

  7. Rob F says:

    I guess what interested me is that the author didn’t really seem to consider the point that panel is about promoting and entertainment. Most would agree that the panel is outdated and stereotypical in presentation and packaging but it obviously entertains because it has continued thus far. Perhaps he sees a panel like this as doing more harm than good but at the same time a Comic Con is about making money and entertaining. In that regard it seems to have achieved both functions.

    Very well written article and thanks for linking it Elliot!

  8. Mitiators says:

    Thanks for the heads up about this article Elliot. The Black Panel sounds like a well intentioned event, but comes of somewhat insulting and mean spirited. I find the obvious negative racial connotations a little offensive, but I am mostly offended as a comic book fan. We so desperately need voices of color in this industry and the best you can offer us is Sistaah Friend (Let us not forget the equally compelling Tyreese comic)? Who is your audience? Guess what, there is none. There are good books being canceled all the time, having super talented creative teams behind them and you think Sistaah Friend will become a voice for today’s African American youth? Why not ‘Supper Rapping Black Man’ or ‘Basketball Boy vs. the Menthol Menace’? Were these offensive titles taken? To survive in a steadily declining industry you can’t insult your core audience before you get the chance to take on a new one.

  9. ‘new age minstrel show’

    strong words. i roll my eyes at the idea of a black panel, and at segregation in all its forms, but hey – black history month exists, and i haven’t read any women complain about the ‘women of marvel’ panel…

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