Capsule Reviews: The Spider, The Iron Man and Some Sexism

Posted: August 5, 2009 in Capsule Reviews
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Run Away

Title: Invincible Iron Man #16
Writer: Matt Fraction
Art: Salvador Larroca

Since issue #1 this book has just not disappointed me and #16 is no exception. A huge part of this books success is due to Matt Fraction giving each and every character believable personalities, personal faults and motivations. We see Madame Masque’s fractured psyche make her lose control at the exact point she seems to have Tony and Pepper beaten, Tony‘s unfortunate inability to lie to anyone anymore even when he most needs to, Black Widow being a somewhat unwilling caretaker to someone she feels may pose a threat to Captain America, Maria Hill trying her damnedest to recover from her mind being assaulted be the Contoller, and Pepper Potts’ full willingness to take on the mantle of being a hero.

For a book which had 4 of it’s main characters being female and only 1 being male it was refreshing to see that (in a Marvel comic) the weakest of the bunch was in fact Tony Stark. There is no doubt in my mind that the true hero of this “World’s Most Wanted” story arc will end up being Pepper Potts. What Fraction has done with this character is unbelievable.

This will probably be a book where I’ll go into much more detail about it on the CCW Video Channel next week with Elliott.

EDIT: I just noticed that on the cover it has Tony saving the “damsel in distress” Pepper where as in the book Pepper is that one that ultimately ends up saving Tony’s ass in a big way. What kind of fucking bullshit is that Marvel Editorial?! You can have strong females on the INSIDE of your books but can’t portray that on the cover? Can’t be that upfront with it, huh? Fanboys would never buy a comic where the female was saving the male? I guess you do have a sexist image to uphold after all. Assholes. And speaking of covers, check out the one on Amazing Spidey #601. Guess that’s what Quesada means by a “loud” cover. Completely unnecessary. Does not do the classy interior art by Alberti any justice.

I Like Gwen Better

Title: Amazing Spider-Man #601
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Mario Alberti

As much as I enjoyed issue #600 I did not plan on starting to pick up Amazing on a regular basis. I didn’t even have this book on my “Who’s Getting What This Week” list. Well, that all changed when I decided to flip through it. I had completely forgot that Alberti was drawing this issue, His work on the Christos Gage penned X-Men/Spider-Man mini series (which you can/should buy in a hardcover collection) was absolutely incredible so there was no was I wasn’t picking this up.

The story deals with Peter Parker going throughout the day trying to remember where he is supposed to meet May Jane for a presumed date. The reason he can’t remember is because he got completely hammered while at Aunt May’s wedding trying to build up the courage to talk to MJ. The rest is classic “poor Peter Parker/Spider-Man can’t catch a break.” Well, that is until he actually does by remembering where and when he is to meet MJ and for once he makes it to the rendezvous point with time to spare. In an unexpected twist it turns out that Mary Jane is the one who ends up missing their meeting instead of it being the other way around. It is also revealed to the reader that MJ is fully aware that Peter is Spider-Man. I don’t know how I feel about that.

I would like to thank Mark Waid for having plenty of word balloons in this story. I miss them so in Marvel books. Actually I miss them being written by good writers. Those horse shit word balloons that Bendis used in his Avenger’s books were a fucking joke.

Ah yes, I should probably mention that there is a bonus back up story done by Bendis and Quesada. Marvel kept the price for this issue at $2.99 despite the few extra pages which is probably a first for Marvel. I am quite glad they left the price unchanged as the back-up story was completely worthless. Maybe they knew that going in.


  1. comicbookdude89 says:

    Yeah both of these issues were pretty good. I got both covers of ASM for a total of $7!!! I wanted at least one of those frame variants…and I got one! I didn’t like how Peter got hammered and then slept(I think…) with that one chick. Wouldn’t he be smarter than that?

  2. generaldark says:

    yea peter getting drunk seems waaaay out of charecter for him.

  3. X-Man75 says:

    Wait did I read that correctly, MJ now knows that Peter is Spidey??? Ah Marvel… It seems with each passing issue of Amazing things are slowly reverting back to the pre-“One More Day” era, not that that’s a bad thing. So how long before Peter and MJ are married again?

    • Saar says:

      She knew from the very beginning! Her memories of Peter didn’t got erased by Mepisto, it was hinted on an episode of Brand new day in which peter save her and her new boyfrined, at that time, from a woman that can become paper like. At the end of this issue Peter ask MJ “Do I know you” and MJ say to him “We knew each other in a different Life”. Remmber that Before Mepisto started the all BND MJ whisper something to him? She told him “i WANT TO REMMBER ANYTHING”.

      • X-Man75 says:

        That’s strange… I wonder why the Powers That Be in Marvel decided to leave MJ with her memories. What if a telepath took the memories out of MJ’s head and placed them in Peter’s, wouldn’t that undo Mephisto’s plans to erase Peter and MJ’s marriage?

  4. Dan Griffin says:

    I’m not a fan of MJ, i say peter should be with Black Cat.

  5. The Bendis/Quesada story was supposed to be one of the back-up features in Amazing Spider-Man #600, but they didn’t get it finished in time, lol. I’m not surpised that it was totally pointless. That’s just what the masterminds at Marvel do nowadays.


  6. Chris says:

    I thought it was crazy that Peter of drunk! Amazing Spider-Man has been good recently, which I’m really happy about.

  7. Mitiators says:

    I thought that Peter getting hammered and waking up next to his roommate was the best part of the book! Is it a bit out of character? Oh yeah, but I think we threw that song and dance out the window the second he sold his soul to the devil. Pulling a slumpbuster at a wedding totally makes sense for him. He was nervous as hell and he did what so many of us have done in the past. He made a pretty piss poor booze fueled mistake. Kudos to Waid for breathing a little fun into Parker’s life.
    What was the point of the fire?

  8. Mitiators says:

    Good call on the Iron Man cover. Marvel is the king of pulling that shit. The only female covers Marvel puts out is that pose where the woman is turned with her back facing the viewer showing off her ass with her head turned sightly giving us that coy slutty look. DC is pretty guilty too with the boob window on Power Girl’s outfit.
    Beyond the sexist stuff, that scene isn’t in the goddamn book!

  9. Variant Girl says:

    Good job on calling Marvel out. Why can’t more “fanboys” be like you. You actually treat women as equals, what a novelty in the comic book culture. Only Marvel would have the nerve to put out such a contradictory cover to what’s actually going on inside the book.

    I suppose they feel that because Pepper saves Tony’s ass in the book, they need to stroke their own male ego and show him “saving Pepper” on the cover, cause that’s what the Fanboys see, especially the ones who don’t read this particular comic.

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