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Posted: August 13, 2009 in Geek Culture, Life, Question of the Week

Sticks and Stones

This week’s question:

What are your Top 5 current favorite books?

Here are mine in no particular order:

Agents of Atlas
Invincible Iron Man
Detective Comics
The Unwritten

Last Week’s Question

  1. generaldark says:

    batman and robin
    world of new krypton
    detective comics
    green lantern
    green lantern corps

  2. Dan Griffin says:

    I would have to say that, that is a very good list.

    Mine would be

    Dectective Comics
    Batman & Robin
    Green Lantern
    Guardians of the Galaxy

  3. Chris says:

    Dectective Comics – I think everyone is loving this right now
    the Sword – Sadly coming to an end.
    Chew – I finally picked up the first 3 issues and really enjoyed it. I hope it can maintain the quality
    Phonogram – its a very pretty book
    the Walking Dead – its a very ugly book (I don’t mean badly drawn)

    I would also like to add Red Mass for Mars, but as theres only one more episode I decided not to.

    • If I had made this a Top 10 list The Sword, Phonogram, Chew and Red Mass would have made the list for me.


      • Saar says:

        Jose have you read/ buy the trade of Pax Romana that came out last week? I will get it tommrow can’t wait.

        P.S- on August 26 a new 12 part mini series is coming out (with a double size issue that include issues 1& 2 in it) call Titanim Rain. You think that you could have a look in it and if you like it review it on the Video channel or in the Blog? I’ve read the previews of the first issue and it is look amazing. You can see it here:

  4. Saar says:

    My top 5 book are:
    Invincible iron man
    Green Lantern
    Secret Warriors
    Green Lantern Corps
    Invincible/ Thor

  5. Pobra says:

    wow, many like minded people here… currently my top 5 are:

    Batman and Robin
    Detective Comics
    Green Lantern Corps
    Secret Warriors
    Invincible Iron Man

  6. kurumais says:

    this list thing is always hard for me I can never narrow it down I always want to add one more. Also I think this is a big “flux “ time for comics books are being started up again( batbooks,. Ultimate books. fallen angel) lots of folks being reborn , new creative teams are coming on board so we could get 3 or 4good issues of a book then a drop in quality but here goes my list

    Agents of atlas
    ultimate spidey
    batman and robin
    secret six
    fallen angel

  7. Antonio says:

    -Fables(even though the great fables crossover wasn’t great at all)
    -Green Lantern Corps
    -The Stuff of Legend( after one issue I put it on my list)
    -Detective Comics

  8. Zcorp79 says:

    My Top 5 current books:

    Secret Six
    Agents of Atlas
    Secret Warriors
    Detective Comics
    Green Lantern

  9. TheTum says:

    in this order

    Nova (Seriously! why is nobody reading this?!?! its so damn good! especially if your a long time Nova fan.)
    Agents of Atlas
    Detective comics
    Batman Confidential

    honorable mention:
    Last days of Animal Man
    Do androids dream of electric sheep
    Buck Rogers

    • Chris says:

      Is ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ good then? Who’s writing it? I like the book, and Blade Runner.

      • thetum says:

        Its the Philip K. Dick book verbatim. Its word for word exactly like the book but with really good illustrations. If you liked the book you’ll love this because it is the book. Im so giddy just talking about it. they didn’t change a word, its awesome!

      • Chris says:

        That sounds pretty cool, I think I’ll check it out.

    • kurumais says:

      im reading nova its very good but i wish they didnt have the green lantern corp in the book with him
      gaurdians is very good as well

  10. Elliott says:

    Invincible Iron Man
    Detective Comics
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    Secret Warriors

  11. Jedah Crow says:

    At the moment it would be.

    Agents of Atlas
    Gold Digger
    The Walking Dead

    But really any of those could alternate with Fables, Guardians of the Galaxy, Secret Six, Madame Xanadu or The Sword. It fluctuates from month to month for me.

  12. comicbookdude89 says:

    In no particular order:

    Invincible Iron Man
    Agents of Atlas
    Detective Comics
    Batman and Robin
    Amazing Spider-Man

  13. X-Man75 says:

    Only 5? Mine would have to be:
    Green Lantern Corps
    Green Lantern
    Superman: New World of Krypton
    I’m sure I’ve managed to leave some deserving book out…

  14. therichestmanintown says:

    Detective Comics
    Wednesday Comics
    World of New Krypton

  15. MatthewHex says:

    Good question. I’d have to say the top 5 i’m enjoying most at the moment are:

    Batman Streets of Gotham
    Ghost Rider (im catching up on aarons run and its excellent)

  16. PILKK90 says:

    ultamate spiderman

  17. Matthew Guy says:

    World of New Krypton
    Fantastic Four (once Hickman is on it)
    Walking Dead
    Detective Comics


  18. Rob F says:

    Guardians of the Galaxy

  19. Variant Girl says:

    My top 5 in no particular order

    Secret Six
    Detective Comics
    Agents OF Atlas
    Invincible Iron Man

    I’m gonna cheat and add a bonus book Chew.

  20. Variant Girl says:

    Now that I’ve answered the restrictions question just a FYI
    I also have love for ;

    Jonah Hex
    The Sword
    Stuff of Legends ( 1st issue blew me away, l’ll be reviewing it soon)
    Iris Exeutive Assistant-just a whack of fun

    Damn you Jose, and your hard questions 😛

  21. Locusmortis says:

    Green Lantern
    Conan the Cimmerian

  22. guido5595 says:

    Blackest Night
    Detective Comics
    Secret Six
    Wednesday Comics

  23. Ziplockbloody says:

    The Darkness

  24. phil says:


  25. TheComicRant says:

    Supergirl (Sterling Gates rocks!!)
    The Unwritten
    Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead
    World of New Krypton

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