The (Hot Damn This Took a While to Type) Green Lantern Review

Posted: August 26, 2009 in CCW Review, DC Comics
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GL 45

Title: Green Lantern #45
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy w/Tom Nguyen
Publisher: DC
Price: $2.99

Ok, I need to get this out if the way first: If you have not been reading the Green Lantern books for the better part of this year you are absolutely screwed if you are trying to figure out what is going on in this issue. Hell, if you just started reading the GL books at the beginning of Blackest Night you are even more fucked. I feel sorry for you guys if that’s the case. That’s just what the retailer side of me thinks.

As for the rest of us: Holy shit was this issue crazy. Where as, in my opinion, the Blackest Night mini has felt a little decompressed this issue of Green Lantern is the exact opposite. From the first page this book does not give you a minute to catch your breath. Let’s walk through this issue together, shall we?

We open up exactly where we left off in GL #44 with John Stewart being surprised by a swarm of Black Lantern rings who are there not to raise a person but a planet. The planet Xanshi to be exact. The same Xanshi in which John Stewart was partially to blame for it’s destruction way back in the 1988 mini-series Cosmic Odyssey. Here’s some questions that I have about this:

1. Is it just the planet and not it’s former inhabitants?
2. Is this the Black Lantern equivalent to Mogo? (Probably)
3. What’s to stop the Black Lanterns from reviving other planets like say, oh I don’t know, Krypton?

Moving on. Next we find ourselves on the Star Sapphire homeworld of Zamaron where the Sinestro Corps are trying to free captured comrades and their one time leader, Sinestro himself, who are in the process of being “converted” into Star Sapphires. Well, guess what? The Sinestro Corps succeeds in doing just that, natch.

Now to Ysmault, the home planet of the Red Lanterns. The “Lost Lanterns”, with the aid of Alpha Lantern Boodikka, are trying to retrieve the body of their fellow fallen Lantern, Laira. During the battle Black Lantern rings start falling from the sky reviving every dead Lantern including Laira. Now this is just me but I find the fact that Laira, who was a Green Lantern and then a Red Lantern, now becoming a Black Lantern just completely ridiculous. Make up your mind Johns. Do you want her dead, not want her dead, or undead? There better be a payoff with this particular character arc because this is treading very close to Bendis A.D.D. territory.

Right. Now back to Zamaron (see how confusing this would bee if you were a GL noob?).

Here we have Sinestro and Carol Ferris, two characters who have known Hal Jordan since he became a Green Lantern, fighting one another. I just thought this was a great moment. The history that they share with Jordan, knowing of each other only through their relationship with Jordan added a extra layer to this battle. Sinestro tries to hurt Ferris emotionally by hurling insults at her about how Hal will never truly love her and she fights back by saying that she already knows this and has come to terms with it and that leads to this exchange between the two:

Carol: “I’m not here for me. Or for us. I’m here for him. I’m here to do what I can to help him.”

Sinestro: “Carol, I almost feel sorry for you. You should know by now, love is nothing more than a chemical reaction in the brain. A temporary state of mind. Love is a lie.”

Carol: “Why don’t I believe you?”

Carol then encases Sinestro with her ring and makes him see that love does indeed lie in his heart. I bring this exchange between the characters up for two reasons:

1. I have had this exact same conversation with someone who I once knew, with me in the role of Sinestro (shocking I’m sure), which tells me that Geoff Johns “gets” real life relationships (to a certain degree) and is able to use them successfully in his writings. It actually made me sympathize with Sinestro just a bit.

2. I am wondering if Johns is setting up a possible story of redemption for Sinestro. Mongul has all but replaced him as the leader of the Sinestro Corps, right? It will be interesting to see if this happens or not.

Alright, let’s go through the rest of this issue quickly. At the end of the Sinestro/Ferris fight a group of Black Lanterns show up. Black Lanterns who are deceased members of the Sinestro Corps who are lead by Amon Sur. Larfleeze’s Orange Lantern constructs have successfully uprooted the Blue Lantern Power Battery on Odym but as this is happening Black Lantern rings start filing into Agent Orange’s lair raising all of the dead people whose corpses who have been littering the place. This leads to a funny “uh-oh” moment.

Overall this was a good read. Well, if you actually knew what was going on that is. It is filled with little things that I think only long time Lantern readers would get and that in itself is kinda rewarding. And just like that the longest review I’ve written yet comes to an end. So, what did you guys think of this issue?

Oh, and artist Doug Mahnke absolutely killed it again on this issue. Awesome stuff. Could have done without the thee different inkers but oh well.


  1. comicbookdude89 says:

    This issue was awesome. You know what was more awesome? FF#570!!! I wasn’t planning on buying the next but then when I saw Next: Sinestro vs. Mongul I thought, “Dang I’m totally buying the next issue!!!!”

  2. Antonio says:

    Larfleeze is sooooooo screwed.

    I thought the book was great. Not perfect but the art is amazing.

    I just hope Geoff Johns and TPTB will be able to to pull this stuff off. Right now it just seems like they are pulling every idea they have had from the past 3 years and thrown it against the wall to see if it sticks.

    It’s interesting and entertaining but I hope they can make it payoff since this stuff is getting incredibly complicated.

    • You are right. It is kinda getting complicated. DC should really start putting recap pages in all of the Blackest Night books to catch up, or remind, everybody of what has been going on in case we missed something. This issue was almost out of control with all the must know continuity.


      • comicbookdude89 says:

        Yeah I was having that problem with this issue. I forgot what has happened in the last issue of GL, so I was lost sometimes. I’m going to prevent that by reading the previous issue the day before the new issue comes out.

  3. Antonio says:

    It is most definitely not n00b friendly. I wouldn’t mind a recap page on these books. Either that or just print out some newcomer information on the website like they did for (I can’t remember the event exactly). I think they updated 52 weekly for those who couldn’t buy it.

    Did you read B &R #3 yet J. ?

    Pyg is a sick fuck lol

    • Ya, I did. I really liked it. I am doing to try and do a review of it tomorrow along with FF #570. Did you read Batman #666? It was a story that took place in the future where Damion was Batman and he fought Pyg in that issue. It was cool to see how they met in B & R #3.

      Plus, there was some trippy Morrison writing which is always fun.


      • Pobra says:

        B & R is quickly becoming my new favorite monthly book, though I’m a little upset that Quitely isn’t going to be on the next few issues. I fucking forgot that FF #570 was the beginning of Hickman’s run, now I’ve got to go out on the weekend and try to get a copy. Not a big fan of FF, but i’m excited to see what Hickman does with them. And DC definitely needs to get on board with the recap pages, seriously.

  4. MicahSkin says:

    Keep in mind, that blue chick chained to the Sinestro Corps book said Sinestro was the greatest green lantern of all time “And he will be again, even if he doesn’t know it yet.” in Sinestro Corps War:Tales of the Sinestro Corps. So not totally out of the blue…

    • Wow. I can’t believe you remembered that. Quite impressive. So I guess this being a story of redemption could actually be true, huh?

      I also wasn’t saying that it was out of the blue. I was just saying that I hoped that that was the direction Johns was going with it.


  5. Antonio says:

    yep, but I haven’t read it since it came out. Gotta go hunting for it tomorrow. It’s somewhere in one of my boxes.

    Morrison is insane and that is why I enjoy his stuff.

    He is the Stanley Kubrick/David Lynch of comics

  6. Saar17 says:

    An amazing issue, a lot of OMG and “No Fucking way” moments in it.
    The art was fucking gorgeous, and the designs of the costumes and of the Black Lanterns was great.
    9/10 for me.

  7. phil says:

    Manoman! I gotta get this comic. I really hate it when name characters that I can’t stand/don’t like have series’ that I love. 1st Wolverine, now GL Now all someone has to do is put Lobo (ugh) in a great series… and I think it will be time for me to start running with the bulls.

  8. Rob F says:

    Yeah, as a noob to GL through Blackest Night I have to admit that the issue seemed like it was all over the place. How long has Mongul been running the show for the Yellow Lanterns?

  9. 3Reviews says:

    So, I stopped reading after the first sentence, since I haven’t been keeping up with Green Lantern, but would you say that if I were to get GL 36-44 and Blackest Night #1+2, that this would make sense?

  10. Curtis says:

    You gave my chill bumps when you mention bringing back Krypton.
    By the time all is said and done, I see Sinestro and Hal standing back to back fighting off an army of black lanterns. Then maybe Sinestro can become the White Lantern of redemption

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