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Posted: August 27, 2009 in Question of the Week

Need Coffee to Function

This week’s question:

What are your some of your favorite “canceled” titles that you wish were still going?

You can name as many series as you like. Just let us know some of the creators that worked on them. Here is a list of books I wish were still around:

Catwoman (Will Pfiefer and David Lopez)
The Order (Matt Fraction and Barry Kitson)
Checkmate (Greg Rucka)
Ghost Rider (Jason Aaron)
Birds of Prey (Gail Simone and Nicola Scott)
Captain Britain and MI13 (Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk)

And, no, I do not consider that Ghost Rider mini currently going on as the Ghost Rider monthly that was canceled. I am sure there are plenty more that should be on that list but I can’t think straight right now. I am in need of some coffee badly.


  1. therichestmanintown says:

    I guess I haven’t been reading comics long enough to have any of my favorite series be cancelled. Although I do miss Warren Ellis on Thunderbolts, I didn’t like the team that fought Deadpool, and the new Songbird team seems like it’s shunning everything I liked about Warren Ellis’ team. Seaguy ended perfectly and I’m sure I’ll feel the same way about Incognito, so no there really isn’t a series that has been cancelled that I liked. (Suddenly Secret Six is cancelled as I submit this comment.)

  2. phil says:

    o.k i really don’t know if some of these titles were canceled or just finite series’ . but some of the titles that I wish were still continuing are:

    Miracle/Marvel Man… In my opinion, GarryLeachs’ art was the best. If Marvel does not bastardize MM, maybe Pak and Pagulayan could be the right team for this comic.

    CommonGrounds…Great hero anthology. Rotating teams.

    MajorBummer…Brilliantly offbeat Arcudi ( i think ) and Mahnke

    Acsess… well, I know..he’s a character not a comic, but DC and Marvel came up with a premise, where they jointly created a character. That character once fulfilling his purposee in the AmalgamComics run, would at different times would pop up in random Marvel and DC titles. Sadly I can vaguely recall him showing up once in a DC comic. What a waste.

    My apologies, J. Sometimes when thoughts get into my head… I go on autopilot.


  3. kurumais says:

    Captain America and the falcon Christopher priest and joe bennet this is the firefly of comics for me
    The crew by Christopher priest and joe bennet
    Black panther by Christopher priest (does this count? Because there is a BP monthly now and it really isn’t that bad just vastly inferior to priest’s series)
    Birds of prey
    Young justice by peter david
    Captain marvel by peter david
    Aquaman by peter david
    Keith giffen’s adult legion
    The new invaders by allen jacabson I really like the blazing skull
    Slingers by joseph harris
    Son of Vulcan by scott beatty
    Nomad/hawkeye by Fabian Nicieza basically they are the same series by fabian with 2 different main characters but I liked they both
    Hawkman by palmiotti and gray with amazing art by joe bennet

  4. comicbookdude89 says:

    I haven’t been buying new comics for a while but I got quite a few:

    Captain Britain and MI13
    Ultimate X-Men
    Ultimate Fantastic Four
    The Batman Strikes
    Teen Titans Go

    There might be some others. I’ll leave another comment if I can think of more. The reason I put The Batman Strikes and Teen Titans Go is because my childhood of reading comic books consists of these books… a lot of good memories…

  5. Chris says:

    I wish the Catwoman series was still going too! I think I have every issue of that (the one that started with Brubaker writing it and then went to Pfeifer). Gotham City Sirens in no way makes up for it either IMO. I think thats probably the only series I’ve been into which was cancelled.

    I really liked the Damned from Oni Press which was meant get more issues but hasn’t for about 2 years!

  6. Antonio says:

    Hawkman with Pamiotti and Gray. If they didn’t kill Hawkman off and made it Hawkgirl the book would have lasted longer.

    I yearn for a new Hawk book.

    Birds of Prey definitely. great stuff.

    A GOOD ongoing Silver Surfer book. The last one I think lasted around 13 issues since it sucked so much(around 4 years ago). The minis have been pretty good.

  7. Saar17 says:

    Captain Britain and MI13
    Immortal Iron Man
    War Machine is going to end in issue 12 but I want it to least longer.

  8. Dan Griffin says:

    War Machine (Greg Pak)

    I Heard somewhere that Mighty Avengers might be ending after issue 31.

  9. comicbookdude89 says:

    WTF Marvel!!! Why are they cancelling some of their greatest books?!?!?!?1?! I haven’t read War Machine but I’ve heard it’s really good. If they cancel Mighty Avengers and/or Agents of Atlas I will be pissed off like no other. Immortal Iron Fist is another title I wish was still going.

  10. Matthew Guy says:

    Superman Confidential I really liked the book at least the first arc 1-5 & 11. With no All Star Superman I feel that it should make a come back.

  11. MicahSkin says:

    My favorite title that was canceled of all time is “The Brotherhood”. Remember that title with the mutant terrorist ring? The one that started 3 months before 9/11? Such good writing and the art was great. However after the events of that month, they re-tooled it and it went nowhere and all the characters died. I can understand why they did that but the potential for good storytelling woulda been great.

  12. MicahSkin says:

    Yeah, that was it. My first taste of a comic wholey from the bad guys point of view where they were corrupting a young mutant. Lord knows it was a WHOLE lot better than Dark Reign.

  13. Deemar says:

    The Crew (Marvel) by Christopher Priest

    Miss that book great potential, a black, muslim, super soldier who’s the son of Isiah Bradley and no one at Marvel has exploited the story potential of Josiah X? He’s ripe for commentary in todays world

    Immortal Ironfist

    What does the future hold for this awesome book

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