Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: August 31, 2009 in Dark Horse, DC Comics, Image, Marvel

Jade vs. Atlas

I spent way too much money last week on comics so thankfully I’m not getting too many books this Wednesday. Here’s what I”ll be buying this week:

Agents of Atlas #10
Batman #690
Buffy #28
Chew #4
Deadpool #15
Invincible Iron Man #17

And that’s it. Need to save some money for Beatles: Rock Band next week and this will help. What’re y’all gittin’ this week?


  1. phil says:

    once again….my $ is funny.
    l’m gonna have my shop guy hold for me:
    AoA…wanna give it another shot
    lrredeemable (trade(s) only
    JLcry for justice
    batman (maybe)
    thank G that it’s slim pickens.


  2. generaldark says:

    gonna check out magog

  3. Chris says:

    Pretty nice week. Incognito coming to an end is cool! Its been a fun series but there meant to be working on Criminal again when it ends!
    Chew #4
    Incognito #6
    Resurrection 2 #3

  4. thetum says:

    Batman Confidential #33
    Magog #1(meh)
    Sweet Tooth #1
    Agents of Atlas #10
    Red Tornado #1
    Starr the Slayer #1
    Strange Tales #1
    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #3
    Invincible Iron Man #17

    Its gonna be a good week. I made sure i got lots a Disney comics too.

  5. thecomicrant says:

    Supergirl Annual #1
    Agents of Atlas #10
    Sweet Tooth #1 (Only $1.00!)

  6. BishopRX says:

    Batman #690

    That’s it this week. =(

  7. kurumais says:

    Ultimate spidey 2
    Agents of atlas (seems like forever since last issue doesnt it?)
    Black panther
    Iron man
    The torch 1( the only reason im getting this is check out GA vision he seems like he might be a cool character lots of potential)
    Mystic comics 1
    Red tornado
    Sweet tooth
    Strange tales
    Starr the slayer
    Buffy like you guys said its not so hot anymore

  8. djsweet says:

    Agents of Atlas #10
    Strange Tales #1
    Mystic Comics #1
    Incognito #6
    Young Liars #18
    Wednesday Comics #9
    Proof #23

    Thaats a pretty nice mix! And TWO Dave Lapham comics, story AND pencils.

  9. TheNomadicCat says:

    JL Cry for Justice#3
    Agents of Atlas#10
    Irredeemable #6
    Fallout Toyworks#1

    I’ve been wanting to try Chew since your reviews but I think I’ll just wait for the trade in November.

  10. Dan Griffin says:

    Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #2
    Deadpool #15
    Detective Comics #857
    Cable #18

  11. Jedah Crow says:

    Batman #690
    Greek Street #3
    North 40 #3
    Northlanders #20
    Supergirl Annual #1
    Sweet Tooth #1
    Wednesday Comics #9

    Agents of Atlas #10
    Deadpool #15
    Exiles #6
    Invincible Iron Man #17

    Chew #4
    Irredeemable #6
    The Last Resort #2

    Kurohime Vol. 13

  12. Variant Girl says:

    This is what is on my pull list this week.

    Agents of Atlas #10
    Invincible Iron Man #17
    Chew #4
    Ireedeemable #6
    Jonah Hex #47
    Luke Cage Noir #2

    And I think that’s it for me.

  13. Chris says:

    DC’s website lists the new Detective Comics as coming out this week? It’s a mistake right? I wouldn’t really mind though!

  14. saar17 says:

    Chew #4
    Deadpool #15
    Incognito #6
    The Torch #1

    Detective Comics #857
    Immortal Weapons #2
    Invincible Iron Man #17
    Marvel Illustrated: Wonderful Wizard Oz HC!
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2

  15. saar17 says:

    Wonderful Wizard Oz HC Is going to be gorgeous! Everybody (with 30$ to spare XD) should buy it.

  16. Pobra says:

    Batman #690
    Chew #4
    Deadpool #15
    Invincible Iron Man #17
    The Mighty #8
    Ultimate Spidey #2

    No one else reads The Mighty???

  17. thetum says:

    Sorta unrelated comment, I noticed this the other day and had to share it. Went back and reread Greg Ruckas run of Wolverine (Brotherhood story arc) and i noticed that the plot in the Question second feature is turning out almost exactly the same. Women get obtected and enslaved into body trafficking. It starts off as the hero just looking for one girl and ends up in black market body trafficking rings. I don’t know just a thought. If so then its kinda lame on his part but i understand it is just a second feature.

  18. comicbookdude89 says:

    I’m gonna buy:

    Invincible Iron Man#17
    Agents of Atlas#10
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man#2

    Batman#690 is coming out this week??? I probably will buy that…I’m trying to lay low on buying comic books…

  19. mbell028 says:

    Batman 690
    Invincible Iron Man 17
    Irredeemable 6

    Will read Deadpool, but won’t be picking it up.

  20. Dan Griffin says:

    Good news everybody, Agents of Atlas is Getting a Relaunch after the backup gig at Incredible Herc.

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