CCW Question(s) of the Week

Posted: September 3, 2009 in DC Comics, Image, Marvel, Opinion, Question of the Week


This week’s question:

Who are your Top 5 (and only 5) favorite writers who are currently working on a comic?

Mine in no particular order:

Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four, Secret Warriors)
Jason Aaron (Scalped)
Grant Morrison (Batman and Robin)
Jeff Parker (Agents of Atlas)
Robert Kirkman (Invincible)

Bonus question:

Who are your Top 3 least favorite writers who are currently working on a comic?

Mine in order:

1. Jeph Loeb, Brian Bendis, Tony Daniel

Well look at that. A three way tie for first. Are you really surprised?

Who are yours my CCW peeps?


  1. Iqy92 says:

    Grant Morrison-batman and robin(I love morrison type of writing on this new dynamic too bad philip tan gonna mess it up for me)
    greg rucka-detective comics and his new krypton superman stuff
    robert kirkman-walking dead ( I would say invicbles as wellbut I just started picking up the trades)
    Jason arron-scalped (suprisingly amazing since I don’t know much of the american Indians history but hey, comics are about trying new things.)
    matt fraction-iron man (really got me into the iron man character for who I didn’t really care about)

    my least favourite writers are
    1. Jeoph leob(kinda a shame since I recently got into comics and the book that got me into comics was batman long Halloween which is my favourite batman book. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
    2.bendis which is also a shame since I loved his daredevil run better than frank miller’s
    3.mark miller his writing makes me cringe.

  2. If I could have named a fourth Mark Millar would have been it most defiantly.


  3. Matthew Guy says:

    1. Jeph Loeb (I liked his DC work but have no desire to read Hulk from him I like to keep my brain cells working.)

    2. Grant Morrison (excluding All Star Superman everything else of his turns to crap by the end or is off the wall NUTS!)

    3. Alan Heinberg (I say it for artists & I say for writers as well –IF YOU EXTREMELY LATE YOU ARE NOT GREAT, after I finish that WW story I put you on the shit list)* Unless you, spouse/kid immediate family are dying or seriously ill otherwise finish your work.


  4. thetum says:

    Alan Moore- League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (If this counts. its Annualy)
    Jeff Parker-Agents of Atlas
    Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning- Nova
    Greg Rucka- Detective Comics
    Fred Van Lente &Greg Pak- Incredible Hercules

    Least Favorite
    Brian Bendis
    James Robinson
    Jeoph Leob

  5. Matthew Guy says:

    My favorite are:

    1. Geoff Johns (he writes quality stuff — Green Lantern/Blackest Night, Flash Rebirth, Adv. Comics, soon Superman:Secret Origin & Smallville writer)

    2. Ed Brubaker (Captain America/C. A. Rebirth, Daredevil that just ended, Icon work–Criminal & Incognito)

    3. Greg Rucka (World of New Krypton w/James Robinson & Detective Comics)

    4. Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead I am HOOKED!!! Give me more “real”human drama & threat of dying from zombies)

    5. Jason Arron (Scalped I got into this series reading the 1st 4 tpbs back to back three words I WANT MORE!!!)


    • Chris says:

      Top 5? How about a top 10! Jason Aaron (Scalped), Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead), Brian Wood (DMZ), Greg Rucka (Detective Comics, Queen and Country is my favourite comic), Ed Brubaker (Criminal), Brian K. Vaughan (EX Machina), Jonathan Hickman (Red Mass – I think I like everything hes done!), Kieron Gillen (Phonogram), which ever Luna Brother actually writes the scripts (the Sword), Gail Simone (Wonder Woman, secret six is ok)… Sorry just couldn’t narrow it down!

      The top five (10!) was easier for me, but least favourites are harder because I don’t really read many books. I largely agree with you though J. Tony Daniel was awful on Battle for the Cowl. I only read one issue of Red Hulk but it was obviously crap. And Bendis pretty much ruined X-Men and Elektra for me.

  6. generaldark says:

    grant morrison
    greg rucka
    james robinson
    geoff johns (sorry for those who dont like him)
    peter tomasi

    tony daniel
    not sure of #3

  7. comicbookdude89 says:

    Top 5:

    Matt Fraction (He’s the first writer to make me really care deepy about Pepper Potts)

    Grant Morrison
    Robert Kirkman
    Jonathan Hickman
    Judd Winick

    Least 3:
    Jeph Loeb
    Tony Daniel

    Can’t think of a third…. why wasnt Fraction on your Top 5 Jose?

  8. kurumais says:

    jeff parker agents of atlas
    peter david fallen angel
    dan abnett&andy lanning gaurdians of the galaxy and nova
    brian micheal bendis ultimate spidey, dark avengers and powers when it returns
    gail simone secret six

    least fav
    jeph loeb
    tony daniel
    brad meltzer

  9. Locusmortis says:

    Favourite writers:
    John Wagner (Judge Dredd) – The best writer that america dosen’t know about, effortlessly writing the most important Dredd epics, I can’t think of another writer who has guided a character through 32 years of publishing and letting them grow and change convincgly.

    Pat Mills (Defoe/Requiem Vampire Knight) Mad as a tree and brilliant with it. Mills throws the craziest concepts into stories with conviction and humour. Morrison “borrowed” a lot of Mills style in my opinion but Mills really feels it whereas with Morrison its all just for show.

    Greg Rucka (Detective/Action) – The most solid writer in US comics today, you know you’re going to read a good comic when Rucka’s name is on it.

    Peter Tomasi (Green Lantern Corps/The Mighty/The Outsiders) – Great plots, better characterisation. This guy can handle loads of characters and give them individual voices. I think Tomasi could be the best writer to handle the Avengers. If he stays with DC then for gods sake give him the JLA to revive.

    Robert Kirkman (Invincible/Walking Dead/Astounding Wolf Man) I first got a liking for Kirkman on Marvel Team-up even though nobody else seemed to buy that comic. Invincible is one of the most consistently good comics on the market today, ditto for walking dead and Astounding (even though no-one buys that either it seems)

    Worst writers?
    Bendis, Loeb and Millar. I don’t really need to waste any more time talking about those guys.

  10. Deemar says:

    Top 5
    1. Dan Slott – In my opinion he is the mutant love child of Stan lee and Jack Kirby, Dan embodies the best of Marvel

    2. Ed Brubaker – If any guy is the heir apparent to Frank Miller (It ain’t Bendo) it’s this cat

    3. Christopher Priest – This man deserves more credit and due respect, his run on Black Panther brought me back to comics and the only guy who ever wrote black heroes worth a damn

    4. Jonathan Hickman – He is the future, straight up from design elements to his books, innovative techniques, info dumping style. the future mark my words

    5. Geoff Johns – Single handley saved DC from complete irrelevance, he can take the weakest titles/characters etc.. and work wonders

    Holy Trinity of Suck

    1. Jeph “Michael Bay after birth” Loeb – Mindless action, paper thin plots, hacky dialogue all that’s needed is Megan Fox too make a cameo in HULK

    2. Brian “Bald clone of Brett Ratner” Michael Bendis – He started out so well, what happened? Success that’s what and it’s made him lazy, bloated and believing his own hype, he bullies other creators, mocks his fans all the while the quality of his work degenerates at a accelerated pace

    3. Orson “Mel Gibson ain’t so bad” Scott Card – The more you learn about this guy, the more you realize even Hitler aspired to be an artist. Look how well that turned out

  11. Dan Griffin says:


    1.) Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, Blackest Night) Johns has been a favorite writer of mine for quite some time now.

    2.) Greg Rucka (Detective Comics, Action Comics) Nobody writes a female Character quite as good as Rucka can.

    3.) Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man, Mighty Avengers) He the best Spider-man writer and his Avengers book has that old school feel.

    4.) Greg Pak (War Machine, Incredible Hercules.) I love the Humor in his comics.

    5.) Grant Morrison (Batman & Robin) Nobody does crazy quite like Morrison does.


    1.) Mark Millar: The Michael Bay of Comics.

    2.) Matt Fraction (Uncanny X-Men): He just can’t seem to get the voices of the Charcters right.

    3.) James Robinson (Cry for Justice): One of the Worst Comics i have ever read that made me cry for Justice.

    Loeb falls into both Catagories. His best is with Batman and Tim Sale. His Worst is with The Ultimate Universe and Rulk.

  12. Antonio says:

    1. Bill Willingham on Fables
    My favorite book since I started reading it and he hasn’t let me down yet.

    2. Grant Morrison on Batman & Robin
    I believe I have stated that he is insane and I’m loving every minute of it!

    3. Geoff Johns on Various
    Very few things he has written that I dislike. Teen Titans being one of them.

    4. Gail Simone on Wonder Woman/Villains United stuff
    She’s awesome and very witty

    5. Ed Brubaker on Captain America
    I can forgive the recent blunders after 45+ awesome issues


    3. Jeph Loeb. What happened? He used to be good. Spider-Man:Blue, Superman for All Seasons,The Long Halloween,etc. Great stuff.

    2. Brian Bendis. Arrogance.

    1. Judd Winick. Just because of his Batman stuff. I hate it SOOOO much.

    • Matthew Hex says:

      You make some great points. I was thinking of adding Brubaker as cap america was so good for so long, but after the death of cap arc it slowly got worse and worse imo. Cap Rebirth or Reborn has been promising though so hopefully he will get back on track soon.

      And Im with you on Johns, I liked most of his stuff except Flash (I just cant get into that character and the confusing speed force garbage and history) and his teen titans stuff. It just didnt work for me.

  13. Antonio says:

    OH WAIT!

    Take Jeph Loeb of the list. he’s not even in the same universe!

    Frank Miller has turned into ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.

    Does he count? technically he is on ASB&R?

  14. saar17 says:

    Matt Fraction
    Geoff Johns
    Ed Brubaker
    Robert Kirkman ( If the rules of this question were so strict I would have add Mark Miller, and Petter Tomesi)

    Jeph Loeb- The worset!

    Don’t have a third but I will add Tony Daniel name because I will make Jose happy 🙂

  15. phil says:

    t.daniel to be fair,l only skimmed thru B F T C and left it at my comic shop, so that may be less than a fair assessment.
    don’t read enough comics that l dont like to round out a top five.


  16. Matthew Hex says:

    Good post but this is a hard one because while I will try books written by all the writers I’m about to list, I don’t love every piece of work they have done, but at the same time they are writing some of my fav series right now. I see it as like listening to your fav rock band, who the change styles and release an acoustic album, you might like the band but not the change of style or in a writers case; the subject matter.
    Fav’s (in no order)

    G. Johns (GL & Blackest Night)
    M. Millar (controversially it seems here but I think the guys is fantastic on Kick Ass, Ultimate Avengers, Old Man Logan & War Heroes (both still unfinished))
    J. Luna (Sword)
    G. Morrison (for his work on Batman & Batman & Robin)
    J. Aaron (for Ghost Rider, though not sold on Weapon X yet)

    As for worst. I dunno, if I don’t like a writer I wont buy the comic after a couple so its hard naming 3 writers I hate. BUT I think Ive hated pretty much everything Ive read by Loeb and he’s one of the biggest names in the business.

  17. Jedah Crow says:

    Mighty Favorites
    1. Brian Wood (DMZ, Northlanders)
    2. Robert Kirkman (Invincible, The Walking Dead, Astounding Wolf-Man)
    3. Jeff Parker (Agents of Atlas, Exiles)
    4. Gail Simone (Secret Six, Wonder Woman)
    5. Mark Waid (Irredeemable, The Unknown)

    Dark Favorites
    1. Brian Michael Bendis (Dark Avengers, New Avengers)
    2. Mark Millar (Fantastic Four)
    3. Tony Daniel (Battle for the Cowl)

    Loeb isn’t on my list because I haven’t read a book written by him in years. No fresh pain.

  18. DK says:

    The Favorite Favorites (with current books)

    #1 Peter David (X-Factor)
    I’ve only been reading for about 4 years now, but PAD’s X-Factor was the first book i ever picked up, loved it. Always have and always will.

    #2 Kirkman (Walking Dead)
    Hands down the funnest writer around, he’s in a world of his own little contraptions and he loves it.

    #3Grant Morrison (Batman & Robin)
    He is the mother F*&king king of all writing.

    #4 Brubaker (Daredevil)
    Because no man has ever had the entire world shit on Matt Murdock more.

    #5 Mike Carey (The Unwritten)
    He’s like the ultimate underdog writer, always getting just pushed out of those TOP groups. Carey is one of the strongest, most consistent writers.

    Worst Three A.K.A. Why the hell did you waste your money on that!?

    #1 Bendis
    Look at me do absolutely nothing of value with all the “important” characters of the marvel universe. No really this issue is a cant miss.

    #2 Lobe
    Now don’t get me wrong I love his early Batman stuff, but what he did to Wolverine in the EVOLUTION story just was plain fucked. Really!?? what park bench where you snorting coke off when you came up with that idea?

    #3 Joe Quesada
    Now I know he isn’t currently writing any books, but he should be hung for trying to make me buy the 20+ Dark Reign books that come out each week.

  19. phil says:

    just noticed that it was a bottom three…..dohhh!!

  20. therichestmanintown says:

    1. Grant Morrison: After Seaguy and the Slaves of Mickey Eye he’s easily my favorite writer.
    2. James Robinson: I started reading Superman continuity at the start of his run and I’ve loved it all.
    3. Gail Simone: Secret Six is so awesome, I’m convinced she wrote Bane and Scandal Savage as characters readers were supposed to love to hate, their interactions and relationship is just so retarded and out of place amongst characters like Jeanette, Deadshot, Catman, and Ragdoll. She also seems to be making fun of Wonder Woman and the rest of the Amazons, which is hilarious.
    4. Frank Miller: I really hope he’s working on Holy Terror, Batman it sounds like the most fun anyone could have in a comic.
    5. Ed Brubaker: I’ve only read his series Incognito, but I loved it, brilliant from start to finish.

    1. Neil Gaiman: Never liked his work, part two of Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader brought tears to my eyes but other than that it’s all just a bunch of boring shit that he seems to phone in. The first issue of Metamorpho was stellar so I thought I’d give him another shot, but no, Gaiman managed to fucking make Metamorpho repetitive as shit with only a few goofy lines thrown in. Fuck Neil Gaiman.
    2. Eddie Berganza: I’ll admit that I’ve never read Blue Beetle or Teen Titans but I’m pretty sure the Blue Beetle isn’t supposed to be a racist characiture and the Titans aren’t supposed to be useless, who’s even on the team, I don’t know, Berganza’s strip is too terrible to translate from words and pictures to information.
    3. Adam Kubert: Seriously what the fuck is up with Sgt. Rock and Easy Company? Is it always about absolutely nothing?

  21. MicahSkin says:

    1. Peter David. Loves me some X-Factor and seeing him on forums telling Liefeld off is worth it.
    2. Grant Morrisson
    3. Gail Simone. Savaant and Creote are brilliant.
    4. Mark Waid. His Algebra monster from FF are some fo my favorite comics and his run on the title rocked.
    5. Geoff Johns. Little too nostalgic for the Silver/Golden ages but still can write a yarn.

    1. Loeb. He’s one for me cause he went from pretty decent to… THAT.
    2. Whoever is doing X-Force right now. If I want violence porn I can get it w/o wasting good characters like Rahne.
    3. Fraction. Ok, we get it, you think Cyclops is bad ass (he’s not) and don’t give a crap about the other 74 mutants on the team. Let’s move on.

    Was gonna put DeFalco on there for killing off Reed but that’s a personal thing with me.

  22. Pobra says:

    great question… Fav’s
    1) Grant Morrison- not everyone’s cup of tea, but i loved his drug fueled, manic genius.
    2) Ed Brubaker- Instantly made me a cap fan (hated the character before) and his run on Daredevil (who is one of my fav characters) was the best since Frank Miller.
    3) Pete Tomasi- Everything the guy has been doing lately has been gold.
    4) Warren Ellis- For every book he writes that is a let-down, he writes something else that blows my mind. What can I say, I have a soft spot for the surly old bastard.
    5) is a tie between Jason Aaron and John Hickman- I honestly can’t decide between these two. They are probably my favorite new up and comers. Consistently solid stuff from these modern masters.

    As for the worst… I have to concur with Jose, the choices are pretty obvious;
    1) Jeph Loeb
    2) Tony Daniel
    3) Mr. Bendis

  23. Zipblockbloody says:

    Robert Kirkman ( Invincible)
    Jason Aaron (Ghost Rider)
    Todd McFarlane ( He’s not the best but is work on Spawn endgame has been great)
    Gail Simon ( Secret Six)
    Greg Ruka

    Least favorite

    Grant Morrison ( his batman books are not my cup of tea)
    Bendis ( Please marvel get someone good on spiderman I miss read good spidy stories)
    Loeb ( Nothing and I mean nothing is worse than ultimatum) Know Fact.

  24. Variant Girl says:

    Gail Simone- Secret Six/Wonder Woman
    Robert Kirkman- Invincible
    Greg Rukka-Detective Comics Batwoman
    Jeff Parker- Agents Of Atlas
    Matt Fraction- Invincible Iron Man



    I have to agree J, these losers really stand out.

  25. dukealoops1993 says:

    Geoff Johns
    Matt Fraction
    Grant Morrison
    Ed Brubaker
    Greg Rucka

    Brian Bendis
    Tony Daniel
    Jeph Loeb

  26. thecomicrant says:

    Gail Simone – Wonder Woman
    Sterling Gates – Supergirl
    JMS – Thor
    Mike Carey – the Unwritten
    Brett Mathews – The Lone Ranger

    Jeph Loeb
    James Robinson (sad to say)
    Tony Daniel

  27. fav:
    matt fraction (invincible iron man)
    brian clevinger (atomic robo)
    the writers of (amazing spider-man – is that cheating?)
    ed brubaker (incognito)
    grant morrison (robin and batman. heh.)

    least fav:
    jeph loeb (ultimatum)
    jeph loeb (ultimatum)
    grant morrison (yes, he’s on both lists. you know why.)

  28. mbell028 says:

    Favorites include (in no particular order):
    Geoff Johns (Love green Lantern and Loving Blackest Night)
    Brian Meltzer (Identity Crisis is my favorite comic of all time even though I’ve only been reading them for a year and a half).
    Ed Brubaker (His Runs on Daredevil and Captain America were fantastic).

    The only writer I have a problem with is Bendis. I don’t hate him, but I started reading comics when Secret Invasion started last April and I got sucked into buying almost all of the tie ins for fear of missing some part of the overall story I was conned lol.

  29. mbell028 says:

    Yeah I’ve never read JLA guess Im glad I havent lol

  30. Benicio127 says:

    Top three with honourable mention …

    1. Paul Dini. Even his bad stuff is good.
    2. Greg Rucka. No Man’s Land. Batwoman. Amazing.
    3. Gail Simone. Secret Six. BoP. Deadpool. It’s like everything she touches turns to gold.

    4. I’d say Judd Winick for honourable mention because I loved Under the Hood (his initial Batman run), his most recent Batman run for its great character moments, really liked his Green Arrow stuff and am really enjoying the Justice League International: Generation Lost stuff.

    Top three worst…

    3. Bruce Jones. Just no. Read Nightwing Brothers in Blood and just try and tell me it’s good.
    2. A.J. Lieberman. Hush Returns. ‘Nuff said.
    1. Tony Daniel. I still don’t understand why he’s being allowed to write.

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