This time it’s JOSE’S FAULT!

Posted: September 8, 2009 in Blogging, Life, Misc.

I don't feel so good....

While I have yet to post Last Rants from our last session, we have yet to record any new videos this week due to one Mr. Melendez feeling a bit under the weather on Sunday.  And when I say ‘under the weather’ I mean he sounded like death warmed over, then allowed to cool, then put in the microwave again.  I can only imagine what the experience was like to walk into Dreamland this past weekend with a zombie-fied Jose behind the counter.

Courtesy jawboneradio

Courtesy jawboneradio

We’re gonna try to make some time this week to get a couple segments done, so keep your fingers crossed and try and send Jose your happy thoughts and good karma!


  1. PILKK90 says:

    just more proof that jose is indeed a black lantern

  2. Smallaniac says:

    Hope Jose gets better. I really wanted to hear him rip into the Marvel/Disney deal but i’d rather he do it at full strength.

    • Chris says:

      “I really wanted to hear him rip into the Marvel/Disney deal but i’d rather he do it at full strength.”

      LOL… Tell him to get his act together Elliott! Only messing.

      Also we haven’t had a Who’s Getting What This Week? topic this week, though I am only buying DMZ 45…

  3. dukealoops1993 says:

    i have two thing to say get well soon & elliot is happy that he didn’t ruin it

  4. comicbookdude89 says:

    AGAIN?!?!?!? It seems like Jose is getting sick every other week. Anyway… get well soon Jose!

    • Pobra says:

      perhaps a conspiracy by the big two… death to all who oppose!!! They have been sending tainted cases of redbull to every store within a ten mile radius of Dreamland comics.

  5. MicahSkin says:

    If my Experience playing WoD is any indication, a Zombie would NOT be holding the Necronomicon. hedge Mage or Mummy, MAYBE but no Zombies.


  6. thetum says:

    It’s the swine flu

  7. that second photo of jose is really flattering, it’s a good job you didn’t post one where he was sick

  8. JohnnyHorror92182 says:

    Well, Jose, hope you get better soon. Maybe Bendis or Loeb hexed him.

  9. phil says:

    in a perfect(ish)world

    in a world where dark reign is not seen
    where the hulk’s not crap red, but str8 up gamma green
    barry allen was never rebirthed
    bendis, once was good,and loeb?…no matter, he’d still be of no worth
    no more wars that are secret or crisis’ that are final
    d.c. should give marvel its oars so they can row out of denial
    and who knows disney may do well with the plans that they’ll unfurl
    well…. one could only hope, in a perfect(ish) world

    get well soon, warrior


  10. generaldark says:

    i had a dream last night tht i was more like jose and only got good comics…..what does that say about me? lol

  11. mbell028 says:

    Yeah def get better Jose. Not worth getting an episode if Jose’s not at full strength.
    I agree with Chris we are missing the who’s getting what this week I’m getting:
    Blackest Night Batman 2
    Dark Reign: The List-Avengers (One Shot)
    Green Lantern Corps 40
    Secret Six 13
    Thunderbolts 135

  12. Variant Girl says:

    Nice picture E 🙂

    Jose hope you get better soon, we miss you guys.

  13. apoehler says:

    At this rate you guys are gonna need five segements just to cover Marvel/Disney and the DC reorg.

  14. Locusmortis says:


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