Paul Levitz: Publisher and President of DC Comics No More

Posted: September 9, 2009 in DC Comics, News


It’s another big news day in the comic industry. Over at DC’s The Source they have posted a letter from Paul Levitz confirming that he is stepping down as President and Publisher of DC Comics. Levitz will still be an executive at DC and will also be returning to writing comics for the company. It looks like his first gig may be writing The Legion in Adventure Comics.

As far as what Paul Levitz has meant to the comic industry, Rich Johnston has put together a great article over at Bleeding Cool about Levitz’ time in the industry so far. Here is my favorite portion of the article:

Under Paul Levitz, DC would also employ many more women across the company, opposed to Marvel which, relatively, is still a boys club. This would also lead to a greater diversity of content at the company. Levitz has seen himself as more than just a publisher, but almost a guardian of Americana, preserving Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman as icons as best as he can (his involvement with work such as The Authority and The Boys, severly criticised by me in the past, can be much more positively reinterpreted in this light), and has rescued abandoned works and characters, such as the Charlton and Fawcett characters, as well as works such as V For Vendetta and Moonshadow.

Things sure are getting interesting as of late. Here are a few more links for you guys if you want more of the story.


Bleeding Cool: Paul Levitz To Step Down From DC Comics (Updated)

DC: The Source: A Letter From Paul Levitz

CBR: Paul Levitz No Longer Publisher & President of DC Comics

CBR: Warner Bros. Restructures DC Comics

  1. Smallmaniac says:

    I hate it when Dad (Jose) ignores Mom’s (Elliot’s) blog. lol

  2. Deemar says:

    Levitz deserves a welldone, but I’m kinda interested in who will replace him and what direction DC will move in going forward

  3. Locusmortis says:

    a big hmmmmm on this one. No sooner has this Diane Nelson taken over, then Levitz is out and DC comics is now DC entertainment….hmmmmm

    • Deemar says:

      From what I understand she won’t have a hand in DC Comics proper day 2 day operations, just finding ways to “Exploit” the characters and stories in other media

      That said yeah, I can see Warners mucking up the DCU now that they have a direct coporate suit involved

  4. thecomicrant says:

    I hope we get a Wonder Woman and/or Superman flick out of this.

    My only hope (with the recent Marvel sell-out and DC re-establishment) is that the focus stays on quality comics. I know it isn’t the big seller anymore, but these companys are comic book companies first and foremost.

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