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Posted: September 10, 2009 in Question of the Week, Television

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This week’s question:

What are the Top 5 television shows you are looking forward to the most this fall?

I thought I’d change things up this week and not ask a comic related question. And if you are one of the few folks who don’t actually watch tv, sorry, come back next week for another comic question. Anyway here are my Top 5 in no particular order:

1. Fringe
2. Supernatural
3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
4. 30 Rock
5. Peep Show (Series 6)

How about you lot?


  1. Deemar says:

    1. Madmen (Already in progress)
    2. Fringe
    3. Latino in America CNN
    4. Top Chef
    5. Squidbillies

  2. Deemar says:

    Damn forgot about Always Sunny in Philadelphia, scratch Top Chef

  3. camnick says:


  4. mbell028 says:

    1. How I Met Your Mother
    2. Big Bang Theory
    3. The Office
    4. Flash Forward (Hope its good looks pretty interesting)
    5. Heroes (I’m giving Heroes one more opportunity this season)

  5. kurumais says:


  6. Antonio says:

    I wish Pushing Daisies was still on 😥

    College Football(not technically a show but I will watch every weekend)
    Friday Night Lights

    That’s all I watch.

  7. thetum says:

    How you about you lot…….

    I’m sorry but i had to be that guy.

    • That’s cool. I appreciate you pointing that out. I usually find those kind of typos right away and fix them. I am still kinda sick and all of the medicine I am taking is not helping my concentration at all. I’ve been trying to put together a couple of reviews but they may need to wait till tomorrow or Saturday. That’s why the posts on the blog have been few and far between this week.


  8. thecomicrant says:

    The only shows I watch:
    Entourage (already started)

    I might check out:

  9. saar17 says:

    Big Bang Theory
    Family Guy
    The Amazing Race

    also: Heroes, Survivor: Samoa, OTH, Jay Leno and The Cleveland Show.

    P.S- if Dollhouse plot hasn’t change to this post apocalyptica base I wouldn’t have put it in my top 5.

  10. Curtis says:

    Ultimate fighter

  11. Smallmaniac says:


  12. phil says:

    Heroes: Hey, Loeb is off, how bad can it be? Besides, Sylar can do know wrong!
    Smallville: The show is beyond saving, but I want to see if it can be salvaged.
    30rock 1 word, Baldwin!
    Supernatural: 1/2 X-files mystique 1/2 night stalker corniness all good.
    DeathAngel: o.k. I know it’s not t.v. but what I’ve already checked out, kept me glued to my seat, salivating for more.


  13. phil says:

    If DA is not permissable, then Chuck


  14. mbell028 says:

    when does chuck come back

  15. Matthew Guy says:

    1. Smallville I have faith that it will get better this season (Superman fan here)

    2.The Amazing Race The best reality show out there

    3. College Football (Roll Tide!!!)

    4. Survivor I will be trying this series out since this season isnt directly opposite Smallville

    5. V


  16. Chris says:

    Its cool that you like Peep Show Jose, its probably my favourite program on TV. I believe it starts next friday on Channel 4 here in the UK. Who syndicates it in America?

    1. Peep Show
    2. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – I discovered this last year and practically watched the first three series back to back before the fourth started!
    3. Fringe – I think we get it at the same time as you guys
    4. the Life and Times of Tim – No idea when/if its going to start again but it was amazing.
    5. the Office/30 Rock – Classice double bill stuff! Though the Office took a bit of a dip in quality last season

    • Ya, on the Channel 4 website it says that Peep Show is starting next Friday. Can’t wait.

      It’s actually not shown in the U.S. currently but I do have ways to see the show though. Torrents are your friend.


      • Chris says:

        Yeah I use “similar” methods to watch things like It’s Always Funny and the Office, because I’d have to wait ~6 months for them other wise.

  17. Andrew says:

    1 The Office
    2 Big Bang Theory
    3 30 Rock
    4 Pro Football
    5 College Football

    In that order as far as what I watch every week, also am looking forward to family guy/ the cleveland show, House, ect. Really need to get the season dvd’s for sunny in Philadelphia and chuck, always have wanted to watch those

  18. kurumais says:

    smallville going into its 9th season thats just astounding a super hero show 9 seasons e and j should do a review
    overall i like the show but he needs to start flying
    i think dollhouse, unfortunatley, is doomed i was on amazon the other day and decided to check out their top 100 selling dvds/blurays dollhouse season 1 isnt even on the list it didnt come out that long ago
    dr horrible is still up there and supernatural is on there a few times
    heroes season 3 was #10 how is that #&^%ing even possible !!!???
    i think all the folks that were going to buy the dvds pretty much have already i think all the people that found the show already are the only ones that will the ratings just arent going to grow

  19. Dan Griffin says:

    1.) Fringe
    2.) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    3.) V
    4.) King of the Hill (Series Finale)
    5.) Venture Bros

  20. Antonio says:

    I wish Arrested Development was still on 😥

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