I Don’t Know How to Feel About This

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Blogging, Geek Culture, Life, Music, Opinion, Video Games
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Awhile ago on the comment boards of an old CCW video I started a side thread with CCW viewer Pobra (I believe) about the rumor of Daft Punk being in the upcoming Activision video game DJ Hero. Not only were their music to be in the game but the duo of Daft Punk themselves were rumored to be playable characters. Looks like it’s not a rumor anymore.

I am kinda torn on how I feel about this. Activision is obviously a company out to make as much may as they can and if that means to exploit dead musicians so be it. Their Guitar Hero games have featured Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash and Kurt Cobain as “characters.” So when I see that one of my personal favorite bands will be heavily featured in a game of theirs I am of two minds.

One: It is admittedly kinda cool to see Daft Punk in a game doing their thing. I believe that the game has the potential to expose a great deal of people to Daft Punk‘s music and I see that as being very good.

Two: I had always thought of Daft Punk as being a band who would never commercially sell out. They made an animated movie called Interstella 5555 which was all about the greed and corruption of the music industry and here they are now getting into bed with one of the biggest (and some would argue most evil) publishers in the video game industry today.

Am I being a bit hypocritical by shitting on Activision while at the same time I am loving the hell out of Harmonix’ Beatles: Rock Band? Maybe a little but they are two very different things in my mind which I have already posted about in the past.


  1. Pobra says:

    ya that was me who you started that side thread with. I also have mixed feelings about this news because Daft Punk is awesome, but being in video games and doing songs with gay fish… it’s getting to be a bit much.

  2. thetum says:

    Shit like this is why i don’t play video games anymore. same with tv and most movies. Its all bullshit, and its all about the money. and you know what i think im better off for it. I will say one thing though, not watching tv and not playing video games has really sparked a lot of creativity i didn’t have before. Probably because my brian is no longer rotting at the pace it once was.

  3. MicahSkin says:

    I still want my Dropkick Murphys! A Bagpipe shaped controller would be awesome beyond belief and a digital Scruffy Wallace…. Well, I’d play it for the music too I guess..

  4. Dan Griffin says:

    Well, the soundtrack is going to kick ass.

  5. Locusmortis says:

    any band who starts off saying that they are against trends and commercialism are almost certainly going to become the biggest corporate whores possible. I call it “The Metallica Effect”

    • Pobra says:

      lol, true enough. Even Rage Against The Machine was beginning to become a part of the very machine they were raging against! Which is apparently why Zach left the band.

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