Another Silent Hill Movie? Yes, Please.

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Geek Culture, Horror, Movies, News, Video Games

James and Maria


Writer Roger Avary and producer Samuel Hadida are returning to Silent Hill for Silent Hill 2. The two worked together on the 2006 prequel, which grossed nearly $100 million worldwide.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that filming will begin next year after Hadida and his studio Davis Films finishes Resident Evil: Afterlife with Milla Jovovich.

Earlier this Spring, actor Radha Mitchell — who starred in the first film — stated that the first film’s director Christophe Gans most likely wasn’t attached to the sequel. “A shame because he’s a nutter but he’s so passionate about the game,” says Mitchell. “I think he should do it if they do it again.”

I admit it. I really, really liked the Silent Hill movie. Was it perfect? Not at all but it was a very good first attempt at bringing the game’s world to the big screen. The problems that I had with it were that it was kinda long, Pyramid Head didn’t belong there and I didn’t care for the “slaughterfest” climax of the film. It did manage to get a lot of things right though. The “feel” of the town was perfect as were the transformation sequences between the light and dark sides. I thought replacing the main character of the first game, Harry Mason, with a female lead, Rose Da Silva (played by Radha Mitchell), worked well and that Laurie Holden played a kick ass Cybil Bennett. Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf) had much respect for the source material and it showed in his direction. What made the movie come together more than anything else though was the use of Akira Yamaoka’s musical score.

The big question I have now is will the second Silent Hill film be a direct sequel to the first or will it be an adaptation of the second Silent Hill game? The answer I would like to hear is that it will be the latter. Silent Hill 2 is one of my all time favorite video games, second only to Metal Gear Solid 2. It is almost pure perfection. What makes it so incredible first and foremost is the story. It is so emotional, haunting, horrific and psychologically engaging that it has no peer. The story of James Sunderland, the games protagonist, is that of personal tragedy and the Hell he puts himself through because of it.

Handled in the right manner (and using the story of the Silent Hill 2 video game) this film could be phenomenal. I am not one to get my hopes up so I guess we will just have to wait and see how how things shape up.


Note: The second link I am adding at the bottom leads to an article/essay written by video game journalist Leigh Alexander which is a must read for any Silent Hill 2 fan.

Silent Hill 2 Movie Official/Kotaku

Column: The Aberrant Gamer – ‘Sundering the Mind’/Leigh Alexander

  1. Iqy92 says:

    I didn’t think the first one was terrible but it wasn’t good so I’ll still sceptical about films on games but, I’m looking forward to the bioshock movie (if it comes out)

  2. Pobra says:

    dude, you are not alone. I really dug the Silent Hill movie too. The original silent hill game is one of the only games that held my interest long enough for me to play it straight through to the end. I thought the movie was a pretty faithful adaptation. Actually that, Resident Evil 2 and Halo, I think are the only games that I’ve played straight through (ya, I’m not much of a gamer).

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