Thursday Night Overkill

Posted: September 17, 2009 in Blogging, Television

Baby Charlie

Ya, my Thursday night television viewing habits are beginning to conflict with one another. Not good. Here’s a list of shows I’ll be wanting to watch Thursdays:

Parks and Recreation
The Office
30 Rock
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

That’s almost every damn show I watch. All on the same night. Thank you television network programmers.

  1. Chris says:

    I’ll be watching; Parks and Recreation, The Office, 30 Rock, Fringe and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Do they all start tonight?

  2. Matthew Guy says:

    On Thursdays I will be watching Survivor. However if that sucks, I will watch Flash Forward.


  3. MicahSkin says:

    Well, watch puppies to be happier.

  4. Smallmaniac says:

    Bones, Fringe, and Supernatural are my Thursday night fixes.

  5. kurumais says:

    did anyone see archer the animated show on FX thursday? its basically an ADULT SWIM comedy transplanted to fx. the writers and many of the voices are from adult swim plus is got the great jessica walters from arrested development who should have won the emmy walking away every year that show was on. it reminded me quite a bit of frisky dingo

    • Ya, I saw it last night. It reminded me a lot of Frisky Dingo too. Having Jessica Walters was cool but you forgot to mention the other Arrested Development alum who was in the show, the geek goddess herself, Judy Greer. I will watch absolutely ANYTHING with her in it. I was pretty depressed when her ABC show ‘Miss Guided’ didn’t get picked up for a second season. It was actually really good. So, ya, I heart Judy Greer. Le sigh…


    • Miss Guided was on ABC in the Spring of 2008 on ABC. It only lasted like 7 or 8 episodes. I believe most of the episodes are on you tube now. It’s a shame it didn’t get picked up for another season. I found it quite funny.


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