Blackest Night: Wonder Woman

Posted: September 21, 2009 in Blogging, DC Comics, Horror, Opinion, Wonder Woman
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Able to Leap a Cab in a Single Bound

Here is the recently released solicitation for BN: Wonder Woman #1:

Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Nicola Scott
Cover by Greg Horn
Variant cover by Ryan Sook
Fan-favorite writer Greg Rucka returns to chronicle the adventures of the Amazing Amazon in the DC Universe s darkest hour! Black Lantern Maxwell Lord has risen and he seeks revenge and retribution for his murder at the hands of Diana. Look for unexpected changes to await Wonder Woman in the course of this series as she plays a major role in the War of Light against the Blackest Night.
On sale December 2, 1 of 3, 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

I am really excited about Greg Rucka returning to Wonder Woman. His run defined what that character has come to mean to me. After seeing Nicola Scott draw the Amazon in the recent Secret Six story arc it seems that DC made a very wise decision in choosing her to pencil this mini. But there is one decision that DC editorial made with regards to this mini that ruffles my feathers. Why in the fuck are they getting Greg Horn to do the covers? No really, why? I do not want to see his art work on ANY DC comic let alone a Wonder Woman comic. His bargain basement style fits so well over at Marvel that it really should just stay there. Nicola Scott is already one hundred times the artist that Horn will ever be so why was she not given the cover chores? Hell, why is the Ryan Sook cover not the regular cover if DC doesn’t want Scott’s art to adorn the cover? I guess it could have been worse. It could have been Greg Land.

There was a jpeg available for Horn’s cover that I could have used as the pic in this post but his terrbile “art” will never be seen on this blog as long as I am writing the majority of the posts.


  1. phil says:

    The writer from Detective and the artist from S6, what a great combination. Mr. Rucka’s writng on DET. and Ms.Scott’s art on S6 is something that bodes very well for PrincessDiana. I had no intention on buying anything BlackesrNight related, outside of the main title and G.L., but the Deadman twist in Batman caught my eye, and now…Nicola? I 1st had the pleasure of seeing her WW in the pages of Wizard and I’m glad to see her on the character that I know she’s been wanting to draw for the longest. Thanks for the heads up, Jose…..even tho I’m gonna have to drop BN?Batman now. |:-)


  2. Chris says:

    Rucka + Wonder Woman = Sale. Also Nicola Scott is pretty ace too.

  3. comicbookdude89 says:

    I just read about this on CBR! I’m am totally excited that Rucka will be writing this. Then when I saw that Greg Horn “drew” the cover I thought, “Aw shit!” But the awful cover won’t stop me from buying this!

  4. generaldark says:

    this is my second most looked forward to BN mini series, i know it will do great!!

  5. Matthew Guy says:

    His “art” is eye candy art. Rucka & Scott are the key ingredients of this mini but it doesn’t hurt to have one part that catches attention on Wednesday among the other comics competing for your dollar & Horn’s art does that like it or not.


    • You’re right. Horn’s shitty covers do catch my attention on Wednesdays and it makes my not want to buy the comic automatically so it does hurt the series. I have NEVER bought a comic with a Greg Horn cover. EVER. And I won’t be starting any time soon. I will be paying extra for the variant covers for this mini.

      As far as his “art” being “eye candy” I am going to have to strongly disagree. His “art” is the equivalent of somebody taking a shit right into my eye. That’s how fucking terrible I think his “art” is. His “art” is a fucking joke and it cheapens the entire medium of comics. The fact the someone with absolutely no artistic talent at all calls themselves a comic artist sickens me to no end. And the fact that fanboys can’t tell the difference between great sequential art and complete shit is one of the things that is slowly killing this industry.


      • Matthew Guy says:


        Everyone has their favorite eye candy artist (or most do). It was Horn’s covers that captured my attention to She-Hulk & the greater material inside from Dan Slott & the interior artist that wasnt Horn. But to my knowledge that is the only time Horn’s work did that for me. I liked some of the late Michael Turner DC covers (T & A Yumm Yum covers & his S & B Supergirl arc). Along with a few others, but the point is cover artists job is to allow the reader to peak interest (hopefully positive) to see what is inside this comic & what it is about. As a comics fan of 26 years, in a perfect world the cover artist would also be the interior artist of a title but these days are getting fewer & fewer. I hope you enjoy the variant cover of Blackest Night Wonder Woman comic & I honestly appreciate you sharing your point of view Jose.


      • Pobra says:

        “Greg Horn’s “art” is the equivalent of someone taking a shit right into my eye”. Wow, you never cease to amaze me Jose… that’s fucking great.

  6. Locusmortis says:

    Adam Hughes on Wonder Woman covers should have been an absolute no brainer.

  7. Dan Griffin says:

    The Cover for BN: Flash is fucking awesome. I wish they would make it into a poster, that or the DC Holiday Special by Dustin Nguyen. Man was that a pretty cover.

  8. Variant Girl says:

    I think Rucka and Scott is an awesome duo for this title, and it’s nice to finally see a female artist on a big name event. I agree with Jose, the cover really does sux and I think DC should have reconsidered who they chose to do this work. I am looking forward to this installment of Blackest Night, and I will be picking it up for sure.

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