Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: September 21, 2009 in DC Comics, Image, Marvel

Parker's Descent

Wow. Quite the week for quality comics. Here’s what I’ll be spending my hard earned (but not really) money on this week:

Detective Comics #857
Fantastic Four #571
Invincible #66
Power Girl #5
Superman: Secret Origins #1
Underground #1

I’m on the fence right now about X-Men: The List even though Matt Fraction and comic artist extraordinaire Alan Davis are working on it. I’ll have to flip through it first (much like I did with Moon Knight last week before I decided not to buy it). The first two The List one-shits one shots have been quite worthless.

Gary Frank comes back to Superman with Secret Origins. Jeff Parker is writing a new indie book, Underground. Jonathan Hickman continues his Fantastic Four run. Cory Walker returns to Invincible for a two issue stint. Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner continue with what is one of the most fun comics in the industry right now, Power Girl. And last but certainly not least we have the new issue of Detective Comics. Nuff’ said.

Do not fret those of you who do not care for quality writing in your comics. New Avengers, Spider-Woman and Old Man Logan will be waiting for you at your local comic shop. They need your validation to give them some sense of self worth. Buy them and love them. But like an ugly person with a smoking body you are dating, do not tell your friends you are spending time with them because deep down inside you are quite embarrassed about the whole situation.


  1. comicbookdude89 says:

    -Detective Comics#857
    -Fantastic Four#571

    -Dark Reign: The List- X-Men
    -Uncanny X-Men#515
    -The Underground#1 (how much is it?)

  2. thetum says:

    Nova #29
    Detective Comics #857
    Hellblazer #259
    Incredible Hercules #135
    Batman and Robin #2 (3rd Print) (never got the 1st printing when it was out… or the second… to tell you the truth im really not that impressed with Morrison’s writing now a days)

    Jose did you read Beast of Burden last week? It was actually really good, its got my 2.99 a month.

  3. generaldark says:

    Blackest Night Superman #2
    Detective Comics #857
    Justice League of America #37
    Power Girl #5
    Supergirl #45
    Superman Secret Origin #1
    Vigilante #10(maby, its my guilty pleasure XD)
    Wednesday Comics #12(im happy this is ending, itll save me some money to buy other comics)

  4. thecomicrant says:

    Superman: Secret Origin #1
    Supergirl #45
    Underground #1 (maybe)

  5. guido5595 says:

    Blackest Night Superman 2(Psycho Pirate part of IGN preview looks really awesome)
    Detective Comics 857(J.H. Williams is god)
    Wednesday Comics 12(Sad that its over)
    Superman Secret Origin 1(Buying this mainly for Frank’s art)
    Amazing Spider Man 606(Hopefully Kelly’s American Son will rub off on this arc)
    Fantastic Four 571(Hickman is a bresh of fresh air after millar’s piece of crap)
    Incredible Hercules 135(Pleasure having this twice a month)
    Invincible 66(Loved the last Viltrumite interlude, plus Walker’s drawing)

    Dark Reign List X-men(Will look at it just for art, can’t stand Fraction anymore)
    Dark X men confession(stupid point for one shot, but Yost and Kyle are good enough)

    At least after this week I will never have to hear the words Old Man Logan ever again.

    • Brandonpwns1244 says:

      I heard Dark X-Men Confession blows balls. Also dont waste your money on Dark Reign X Men the list. They should call it fucking Dark Reign Namor the list instead, but you know Marvel! A Namor the list book probably wouldn’t sell as good as an X-men book. I feel sad for those who fell into that trap of buying it for 3.99. Whack attack

      • Good jumping on point for Agents of Atlas? Well, there is a trade collecting the initial 6 issue mini series. Marvel just released a hardcover collecting the first five issues of the current series. Also the current series just ended with issue #11. Next month though there will be an Agents of Atlas vs. X-Men two issue mini written by Jeff Parker. After that AoA will be a back-up feature in Incredible Herc and will run till next year.

        Elliott and I also taped an AoA #11 review that should go up in the next day or two on our you tube channel.

        Hope that helps.


  6. Antonio says:

    Blackest Night Superman #2
    Detective Comics #857
    Power Girl #5
    Superman Secret Origin #1

    3 Superman family books and 1 Bat book.

  7. saar17 says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #606
    Detective Comics #857
    Immortal Weapons #3
    Wolverine: Old Man Logan Giant-Size #1

    Avengers: The Initiative #28
    Blackest Night: Superman #2
    Dark Reign: The List- X-Men
    Dark X-Men: The Confession
    Fantastic Four #571
    HALO: Helljumper #3
    Incredible Hulk #602
    Invincible #66
    New Avengers #57
    Spider-Woman #1
    Uncanny X-Men #515

    For god sake! so many books!

  8. Matthew Guy says:

    As a Superman fan I have been waiting for this:
    SUPERMAN SECRET ORIGIN #1 (OF 6) & variant cover

    About dang time as a Wolverine fan whose patience is at an end:

    The rest this week:
    UNCANNY X-MEN #515

    Also Smallville Season 9 Premiere is on Friday Yeah!!!


  9. Jedah Crow says:

    Blackest Night: Superman #2
    Detective Comics #857
    Madame Xanadu #15
    Power Girl #5
    Supergirl #45
    Wednesday Comics #12

    Amazing Spider-Man #606
    Guardians of the Galaxy #18
    Incredible Hercules #135
    Nova #29

    Buck Rogers #4
    Conan the Cimmerian #14
    Invincible #66
    Underground #1

    Odd that the shipping lists show Hack/Slash #26 for this week, even though my LCS got that issue about a month ago. Just one week after #25 had came out which I thought was unusual at the time.

  10. Chris says:

    Detective Comics 857 and Underground 1 – I love Steve Lieber… I might get the new Invincible, I was thinking about moving to trades on Invincible. Also I’ll probably pick up ODST tomorrow!

  11. Dan Griffin says:

    Detective Comics #857
    Blackest Night: Superman (2 of 3)
    Spider-Woman #1

  12. kurumais says:

    Guardians of the galaxy
    The web
    Spider woman 1
    New avengers

  13. Pobra says:

    Amazing Spidey #606
    BN: Superman #2
    Detective Comics #857
    Old Man Logan: Giant Size #1 (I know, i know… sorry Jose)

  14. mbell028 says:

    Amazing Spider-Man 606
    Blackest Night Superman 2
    Detective Comics 857
    New Avengers 57

  15. kurumais says:

    got to say for the 2nd month in row guardians of the galaxy was my book of the week for this week i enjoying it more then detective which is quite good.

  16. Brandonpwns1244 says:

    I feel bad for those who actually bought Spider Woman for 3.99. Is marvel actually expecting people to pay 1.99 for the motion comic, and then go ahead and pay another 3.99 for a fucking printed version of the exact same thing. Whack attack

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