Indie Flick Friday

Posted: September 25, 2009 in Indie Flick Friday, Movies
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Seek You

Its a Trap

  1. thecomicrant says:

    I love Ellen Page.

    • Chris says:

      Angela Lindvall (in CQ) is a far more impressive specimen IMO…

      I remember seeing Hard Candy at the cinema, it was a pretty crazy film. I didn’t realise it was Nite Owl though!

  2. kurumais says:

    hey j did you see iwatchstuff today? metro golden mayer mgm is going broke. how do you go broke after a decade of lord of the rings and 2 huge james bond movies?
    hardcandy was a rough movie

  3. generaldark says:

    wow i think im going to go check out hard candy

  4. Ironmuskrat says:

    Hard Candy is a good flick, but wow! it gets intense, especially in one scene I won’t spoil for people who haven’t checked it out yet.

    My only complaint about the movie is at times Ellen Page’s character acts more like an adult, then the young kid she is suppose to be portraying. I understand she is suppose to be the foil of the creepy guy in the movie, but the level of maturity she displays in the movie was distracting at times.

    but still a movie worth checking out for sure…


    • We never really find out how old Ellen Page’s character is though. I think she was pretending to be an eighth grader in older to entice Wilson’s character. I do believe that her character was older than she claimed to be.


  5. Elliott says:

    Hey! That’s Faraday from LOST!

  6. MicahSkin says:

    C’Mon, where’s “This is England”?

  7. generaldark says:

    i just got done watching hard candy and the ending pissed me off so much!!!! that is BULL how it ended. it was still interesting of a movie.

  8. Variant Girl says:

    Hard Candy was great, thx J for turning me on to it. Big fan of the indie flicks. So I look forward to future posts.

  9. generaldark says:


    It would have helped if they showed more evidence that he did commit a crime instead of just his confession.

    • Ironmuskrat says:

      The ending wasn’t a typically Hollywood deal. It made you wonder a little if either character was right in what they did. Was the guy guilty? or was he just telling the girl what she wanted to hear in order to get himself out of his fix. Was the girl right for what she did with no real evidence of the guy’s crimes( other then being a creepy dude).

      In a more mainstream movie a character would have showed up at the end to clear everything up, but here we are left wondering.

      Which in way is why Indy movies are so cool =)

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