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Posted: September 26, 2009 in Character of the Week, DC Comics
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Double Boot to the Face

Who: Kate Kane a.k.a Batwoman

Where: Detective Comics #857

Why: In the first three parts of this storyline we have seen Kate Kane rely on her father for intel and support while battling Alice but when the time comes for her to step up, take charge and be the hero on her own Kate proves that she is more than fully capable of doing so. After saving all of Gotham and her father, Kate Kane has earned the title of Batwoman and a place along side the rest of the Bat family.

Add to that the surprise twist ending and Alice is now cemented as the perfect arch nemesis of the Batwoman character. Need more reasons? Be sure to check out my post from earlier this week where I discuss Batwoman a bit more.


CCW Question of the Week

  1. JohnnyHorror92182 says:

    I’m really liking the character of Batwoman more and more. I want to learn more about her past however. There are some unanwered questions about her left over from “52”.

  2. therichestmanintown says:

    She’s a perfect replacement for Bruce Wayne.

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