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Fright Night Friday

Posted: October 30, 2009 in Fright Night Friday, Horror, Movies
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Pumpkin Stab

CCW Question of the Week

Posted: October 29, 2009 in Question of the Week

Suck It

This week’s question:

Do writers and artists having exclusive contracts with one comic company hurt or help the industry?

Just by looking at the pic above I am going to have to go ahead and say that it hurts the industry. On the other hand it does keep Millar, Bendis and Loeb away from my DC comics so that certainly does help it. I guess just like Natalie Imbruglia I am quite torn on the subject. That song was about comic artist exclusivity, wasn’t it?


Riddle Me This

This is not the “Question of the Week” post just yet. That will be coming later today. This is more of a rhetorical question: Can the CCW reader’s handle having their own blog post every week?

I was reading some comments from CCW reader’s Kurumais and Pobra where they brought up the suggestion of having this kinda of “readers” post. You guys and gals tell us every week what you are buying in our “Who’s Getting What” post on Tuesday but don’t really have a chance to tell us why you like the books that you buy. Well, let’s try to change that.

So here’s your shot. Tell us in the comments below what your favorite comic (only one please) of the week was and why. Sorta like a mini review if you will. If it goes well enough I will start making this a weekly post.


Shit Sandwich

So, I read this “thing” earlier today. I really, really, really don’t want to review it. Hell, I don’t even want to write about it. You guys know I am all about punishing myself for the greater good by reading, then reviewing, utter shit so you don’t have to…but not this time. I have instead found a video that sums up what I thought about this comic. After you watch it you will all know exactly how I felt after I finished reading Batman #692.


Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: October 27, 2009 in DC Comics, Marvel


Too…many…comics…this…week. Here’s what I am selling one of my kidney’s in order to buy this Wednesday:

Blackest Night #4
Detective Comics #858
Fantastic Four #572
Green Lantern #47
Punisher #10
Secret Warriors #9
Superman: Secret Origin #2
X-Factor #50
Wonder Woman #37

Gadzooks. Sure hope you guys and gals have money this week. So, what’s everyone gettin’?

Oh, ya, just remembered. The Punisher : The List one-shot that comes out tomorrow has one of the worst endings to a comic I have read in a long time. Nothing good will come of this. In fact, I think it’s going to be pretty fucking stupid.

The Sword Vol 3 TP ships this week, too. Just letting you know.


A Good Fisting

Ambush Bug: Year None #7
Arkham Reborn #1
Batman #692
Batman the Killing Joke (New Printing)
Blackest Night #4
Blackest Night Titans #3
Detective Comics #858
Final Crisis Aftermath Ink #6
Gotham City Sirens #5
Green Lantern #47
Justice Society of America #32
Last Days of Animal Man #6
Superman #693
Superman Secret Origin #2
Teen Titans #76
The Web #2
Wildcats Worlds End #16
Wonder Woman #37
Worlds Finest #1

Jack of Fables #39
Madame Xanadu #16
Northlanders #21
Unknown Soldier #13

Astro City Astra Special #2
Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash The Nightmare Warriors #5
Gen 13 #32 (Corrected Printing)
Killapalooza #6
Starcraft #5

Amazing Spider-Man Presents Anti Venom #2
Anita Blake Laughing Corpse Executioner #1
Avengers The Initiative #29
Dark Avengers Ares #1
Dark Reign List Daredevil One Shot (2nd Printing)
Dark Reign List Punisher One Shot
Dark Reign List Wolverine
Dark Reign Young Avengers #5
Enders Shadow Command School #2
Fantastic Four #572
Guardians of the Galaxy #19
Halo Helljumper #4
Hulk #16
Incredible Hercules #137
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #56
Marvel Divas #4
Models Inc #3
Ms. Marvel #46
New Avengers #58
New Mutants #6
Nova #30
Punisher #10
Riftwar #5
Secret Warriors #9
Skaar Son of Hulk #16
Spider-Man Clone Saga #2
Spin Angels #3
Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #2
Ultimate Comics Avengers #3
Vengeance of Moon Knight #1 (2nd Printing)
War Machine #10
Wolverine Art Appreciation #1
Wolverine First Class #20
Wolverine Weapon X #6
X-Factor #50
X-Force #20
X-Men Forever #10
X-Necrosha #1

Abe Sapien One Shot
Aspen Showcase Kiani
Boys #1 Dynamite Edition ($1.00)
Buck Rogers #5
Cowboy Ninja Viking #1
Die Hard Year One #2
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #5
Dynamo 5 #25
First Family Obamas
GFT Halloween Special 2009
Groo Hogs of Horder #1
Hack Slash The Series #27
Hunters Fortune #1
Ignition City #5
Invincible Presents Atom Eve and Rex Splode #1
Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Music Box #1
Legend of Isis #5
Pilot Season Declassified ($1.00)
Predator #3
Queen Sonja #1
Simpsons Classics #22
Spartacus Blood And Sand #1
Star Wars Legacy #41
Tales from Wonderland Mad Hatter #2
Tribute Michael Jackson King of Pop
Vincent Price Presents Special Tingler #1

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Laughing Corpse Book 1 Animator
Barack Obama Comic Book Biography HC
Batman Monsters
BPRD Vol 11 Black Goddess
Fat Freddys Cat Omnibus
FF Visionaires Vol 1 John Byrne (New Printing)
Freakangels Vol 3
Gen 13 Worlds End
GI Joe Cobra
Girasol Pulp Doubles The Spider Vol 13
Hack Slash Vol 6 In Revenge & In Love
Hulk Vol 3 Hulk No More HC
Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 Worlds Most Wanted
Kabuki Alchemy
Lenore Noogies Previews Exclusive Color Edition HC
Legion of Super Heroes Enemy Rising
Mercy Sparx Vol 1
MMW Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 SC
MMW Atlas Era Menace HC
New Avengers Vol 10 Power
Pinocchio Vampire Slayer
Sandman the Dream Hunters HC
Spider-Man American Son HC
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Vol 7
Superman in World’s Finest Archives Vol 2 HC
Sword Vol 3 Earth
Transformers All Hail Megatron Volume 3
Wolverine Old Man Logan HC

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