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CCW Question of the Week

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Question of the Week

Nice Nice Baby

This week’s question:

If you could have any writer and artist team up to do any book, who would that team be and what comic would you like to see them do?

List as many as you’d like. Here are some of my choices:

The Avengers
Writer: Jeff Parker, Artist: Travis Charest
Writer: Robert Kirkman, Artist: Cory Walker
The Punisher
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Geof Darrow
Wonder Woman
Writer: Greg Rucka, Artist: Nicola Scott
Writer: John Layman, Artist: Rob Guillory
Green Lantern Corps
Writer: Jonathon Hickman, Artist: Patrick Gleason
Writer/Artist: The Luna Brothers
Writer: Mark Waid, Artist: Doug Mahnke
Writer: Gail Simone, Art: Art Adams


Hey folks, Elliott here.  So many of you may be asking yourself why I haven’t posted a new video even though the previous video has passed 300 views as I had previously stipulated it should.  I’m sure this is becoming a source of frustration for some viewers who are expecting their fresh CCW*TV fix on a regular basis.  I ain’t got no excuses except to say that life keeps getting in the way.  A recent funeral, my day job, classes, the Redeye blog and a host of little things that I’ve allowed to pile up just keep eating into the time I have to work on the videos.

But rest assured, dear viewers, that more segments are on the way!  Until then, please enjoy this…the GREATEST.  SONG.  EVER!


Many of our long time CCW viewers know how much I love Nic Cage. His “great” acting ability in craptastic films is often quite entertaining to say the least. There are three Nic Cage movies that I think are actually pretty good though. The first is Raising Arizona, the second is Adaptation and the third is The Weather Man (which the clip down below is from). This scene may be one of my favorite scenes of any movie ever. The fact that Hope Davis is in it briefly helps a lot too. Oh, there is some colorful language in the clip just so you know.

To balance the good with the bad I’ll throw in some Wicker Man for good measure.