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Posted: October 1, 2009 in Question of the Week

Nice Nice Baby

This week’s question:

If you could have any writer and artist team up to do any book, who would that team be and what comic would you like to see them do?

List as many as you’d like. Here are some of my choices:

The Avengers
Writer: Jeff Parker, Artist: Travis Charest
Writer: Robert Kirkman, Artist: Cory Walker
The Punisher
Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Geof Darrow
Wonder Woman
Writer: Greg Rucka, Artist: Nicola Scott
Writer: John Layman, Artist: Rob Guillory
Green Lantern Corps
Writer: Jonathon Hickman, Artist: Patrick Gleason
Writer/Artist: The Luna Brothers
Writer: Mark Waid, Artist: Doug Mahnke
Writer: Gail Simone, Art: Art Adams

  1. therichestmanintown says:

    Frank Miller, Mark Waid, and Alex Ross working on a Batman book where Bruce Wayne returns from the Omega Sanction as the Bruce Wayne from The Dark Knight Returns, an old bitter man who decides to break away from the Justice League of America and start a hardcore base of operations at Wayne Manor, where he trains people without super powers to be as bad ass as he is and form a Justice League that doesn’t cause a bunch of property damage and not only handles super human threats but corruption and evil as well. Going to Mexico, Africa, and Indonesia to create an international Bat Family, that not only beats up bad guys but does charity work and runs for governments in order to pass laws that will better the world, rather than just punching dudes in the face.

    Paul Pope and Darwyn Cook in a book that pits an aging Silver Age Justice League against a very pop culture, indie, grungy, underground Titans that want to be proactive in their upholding of Human Rights and Freedom. Darwyn Cook would handle things from the Justice League side of things and Paul Pope would work on the Titans. When both teams meet up together, the art should totally clash with Cook’s drawings fighting with Pope’s drawings.

  2. saar18 says:

    Great question.

    Iron man:
    W: Matt Fraction A: Adi Granov C(covers): Adi Granov
    W: JMS A: Oliver Copiel.
    Ultimate Iron man:
    W: Warren Ellies A: Mcniven/ Kurth
    W: Ed Brubaker A: JHW III
    Spider Man:
    W: ONLY Jon Kelly A: Marco Chechetto/JRJ
    War Machine:
    W: Christos Gage A: Sean Chen

    P.S- Which book this Picture from?

  3. Pobra says:

    W: Robert Kirkman A: JRJR or Tim Sale
    W: Jonathan Hickman A: Jerome Opena
    W: Greg Rucka A: J.H. Williams III (kinda copied Saar on this one, but it was a good call)
    Captain America
    W: Geoff Johns A: Steve McNiven
    Green Lantern
    W: Matt Fraction A: Frank Quitely
    W: Ed Brubaker A: Alex Maleeve

  4. comicbookdude89 says:

    Amazing Spider-Man:
    W: Dan Slott or Robert Kirkman A:JrJr/Phil Jimenez

    W: Jeff Parker A:Mark Bagley/Ryan Ottley

    W: Andy Diggle A: J.H. Williams III (that would be cool to see)

    Uncanny X-Men:
    W: Chris Claremont A: Joe Madureira
    (that team-up is probably never going to happen but it would be incredible to see)
    Speaking of incredible…

    Incredible Hulk:
    W: Peter David A: Ed McGuinness

    W: Peter Tomasi A: Doug Mahnke/Patrick Gleason

    W: Grant Morrison/Judd Winick A: Andy Kubert/Frank Quitely

    Wonder Woman:
    W: Gail Simone/Greg Rucka A: Frank Cho/Terry Dodson

    W: Matt Fraction A: Walt Simonson

    W: Greg Rucka A: Art Adams

    I actually would like to see a one-shot by Loeb and Tony Daniel just to laugh at the sheer suckiness of it.

  5. TheComicRant says:

    Greg Rucka and Gail Simone on WONDER WOMAN with art by Jamal Igle

  6. phil says:

    BlackPanther: ChrisPriest/ChrisCross


    Elektra: BrianReed/BrianStellfreeze

    Avengers: KurtBusiek/CarlosPacheco
    the line up: Cap Ms.Marvel Vision
    Ronin the archer Balder Thundra

    Invincible: RobertKirkman/KevinNowlan

    JLA: GeoffJohns/SandyPlunkett
    the line up: WonderWoman Batman Zatanna
    JohnStewart Hardware MajorBummer Atom

    BatmanRobin: MikeBaron/SteveRude

    Superman: EricPowell

    WONDERWOMAN; GailSimone/JimLee

  7. Antonio says:

    Give Batgirl to Sean McKeever and Takeshi Miyazawa. I think it would be fun!

    Whedon and Cassaday on Birds of Prey would be cool.

  8. Zcorp79 says:

    Uncanny: Fraction/Pacheco
    Dark Avengers: Hickman/N.Scott
    Agents of Atlas: Morrison/Quitely
    Batman: Parker/Mahnke
    Spiderman: Kelly/L.Francis Yu

  9. TheComicRant says:

    Mike Carey and Peter Gross on a revamp of Captain Marvel/ SHAZAM would be fun.

  10. Matthew Guy says:

    Avengers: Kurt Busiek/Carlos Pacheco

    Ultimate Spider Man Bendis & Immonen

    Superman & Action, Power Girl & WoNK I like the teams as is.

    Supergirl Gates/Freddie Williams II

    Batman / DetectiveI like the teams as is. (no to Tony Daniel)

    Spider Man (Joe Q. “ya fired” & marriage back in place) still rotate teams as before challenge their brains w/ a marriage.

    Walking Dead Kirkman & Tony Moore (at least for 6 to 12 issues)

    Hellboy Mike Mignola w/a

    Wonder Woman miniseries (not B. B. related) Rucka/Dodsons


  11. Brandonpwns1244 says:

    Captain America: Geoff Johns and John Cassaday

    Streets of Gotham: Ed Brubaker and Lee Bermejo <— The guy who did the art on The Joker book

    Avengers: Johnathan Hickman and Jim Cheung ( that one new avengers book Cheung did was fucking beautiful)

    Legion of Superheroes: Geoff Johns and Gary Frank

  12. Locusmortis says:

    Hmmm are we limited to the living?

    as Grant Morrison/Jack Kirby co-writing the New Gods with Jack and Joe Sinnott on art duties would be awesome.

    Kurt Busiek/John Buscema on Conan


    Solely to the living then (and this was much easier and way more fun than I thought it would be)

    Alan Moore/Phillipe Druillet on Mister Miracle

    GAil Simone/David Aja on Batman

    Mark Waid/Daniel Acuna on Superman

    Geoff Johns/John Romita Junior on The Avengers

    Kirkman/Ryan Ottley on Green Lantern

    Matt Fraction/Darwyn Cooke on Adam Strange

    Hickman/Henry Flint on Guardians of the Galaxy

    John Wagner/Brian Bolland on Judge Dredd

    Greg Rucka/Bill Sienkiewicz/Klaus Janson on Daredevil

    Joe Casey/Tom Scioli on Teen Titans

    Pete Tomasi/Neal Adams on JLA

    Abnett/Lanning/Walt Simonson on Jersey Gods

    JMS/Marcos Martin on JSA

    jason aaron/J.H. Williams III on Immortal Iron Fist

    Camille Paglia/Adam Hughes on Wonder Woman

  13. TheComicRant says:

    Oh for Superman, Mark Waid could fix things. Art would be Pete Woods.

  14. Rob F says:

    Uncanny X-men: Gerard Way/Frank Quitely

    Doctor Strange: Mignola writer and artist

    Avengers: Kyle&Yost/Choi

  15. Dan Griffin says:

    Suicide Squad: John Ostrander/ Art by Jerome Opena

    Teen Titans: Written and Art by Tim Seeley

    Aquawoman: Geoff Johns/ Art by Ivan Reis

    JLA: Grant Morrison/ Art by Paul Pope

    Deadman: Neil Gaiman/ Art by Dustin Nguyen

    Larfleeze The Orange People Eater: Tomasi/ Art by Sean Phillips

    Avengers: Dan Slott with Christos Gage/ Art Rotating with Khoi Pham, Frank Cho, and Amanda Conner.

    Fantastic Four: Jonathan Hickman/ Art by R. Kikuo Johnson

    Ultimate Comics Great Lakes Avengers: Peter David/ Art by Mike Allred.

  16. saar18 says:

    The obvious choose is
    W: Geoff Johns A: Ivan Reis to do Nova.

  17. djsweet says:

    Daredevil : Ann Nocenti JH Williams III but ill settle for De La Torre. or Aja.

  18. kurumais says:

    captain america by matt fraction and joe bennett
    actually matt is the only dream team thing i got after reading his run on iron man id love to take over the book after brubacker

  19. alatriste says:

    Superman: Mark Waid on writing and Ryan Ottley on pencils and inks.
    New Gods by Erik Larsen, writing and art.
    Wonder Woman: Walter Simonson writing, Franc Cho drawing.
    Masters of the Universe: Robert Kirkman writing, Ed mcGuinness on pencils.
    Dr. Strange: Grant Morrison writing, Frank Quitely on art.

  20. Deemar says:

    Black Panther: Christopher Priest/Trevor Hairsine

    Spider-man: Dan Slott/Damion Scott

    Avengers: Anyone but Bendis

  21. ed brubaker/leinl yu, batman
    mark millar/steve mcniven, superman
    paul pope, wonder woman

    morrison/quitely, fantastic four
    alan moore/olivier coipel, x-men
    joss whedon/skottie young, spider-man
    warren ellis/john cassaday, the avengers

    darwyn cooke, powerman

  22. Mitiators says:

    Ed Brubaker and John Romita Jr

    Green Lantern Corps
    Warren Ellis and Leinl Yu

    Matt Fraction and Todd McFarlane

    Plastic Man
    Jeff Smith

    J. M. Straczynski and Frank Quitetley

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