Don’t Forget the Tartar Sauce

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Humor, Movies
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Many of our long time CCW viewers know how much I love Nic Cage. His “great” acting ability in craptastic films is often quite entertaining to say the least. There are three Nic Cage movies that I think are actually pretty good though. The first is Raising Arizona, the second is Adaptation and the third is The Weather Man (which the clip down below is from). This scene may be one of my favorite scenes of any movie ever. The fact that Hope Davis is in it briefly helps a lot too. Oh, there is some colorful language in the clip just so you know.

To balance the good with the bad I’ll throw in some Wicker Man for good measure.


  1. Variant Girl says:

    Jose that’s fucking wicked.LOL, Nice choice. BTW I love Tartar sauce, good with fish and chips.

  2. MicahSkin says:

    My life began again once I saw that with the Rifftrax going on my iPod

  3. Ironmuskrat says:

    Wow, still laughing at that clip from The Wicker Man. I saw the original movie back in the day and enjoyed it. The Nic Cage remake must be very different because I don’t remember the policeman character running around terrorizing children and pummeling the local women, much less giving one a flying karate kick to the chest.

    Even though Cage is making pretty unwatchable movies these days(Bangkok Dangerous, Ghost Rider) he gets a lifetime pass from me for Raising Arizona, one of my favorite Coen brothers movies.

    If your looking for a really bizarre Nic Gage movie to see, try to find a movie he did called.. Vampire’s Kiss, I am not sure if it is even out there on DVD. If you can find it you will get to see what I think is Nicolas Cage’s most over the top performance, and that is saying a lot when it comes to Nic Cage. =)

  4. Chris says:

    Did Brian Bendis write Wicker Man? All of the beating up women leads me to believe he may have done. I also agree though that Raising Arizona is an amazing film. When I was 13 I saw Face/Off which I thought was amazing, I haven’t seen it since though…

  5. Pobra says:

    The Weather Man was a pretty decent movie, that scene was great. Actually, Lord of War was a pretty good Nic Cage movie too. Apart from those and Raising Arizona, all his recent flicks have been total shit. I haven’t seen Adaptation, is it worth checking out?

  6. saar18 says:

    Jose, this is for you man!
    the best video ever

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