Marvel’s Shit List Cash Grab

Posted: October 2, 2009 in Blogging, Geek Culture, Marvel, Opinion
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Marvel just can’t enough of your money can they? The dull Dark Reign storyline has been ruining running through almost every one of their monthly books but then they had to go and create a series of mini series on top of that. Was that enough? Ummm…no. That’s why we now have a series of one-shots currently being released known as Dark Reign: The List. I guess the gist of The List is that Norman Osborn is sick of the situations some of Marvel heroes have put him in so now it’s time for a little payback, you know, kinda like a ‘Shit List’. There have been three of these one-shots released so far: New Avengers, Daredevil and X-Men. I have read all of these and they made me think of a couple of things:

1. How completely useless have these books been?

Each of these one shots have either been ridiculously awful (New Avengers) or completely unnecessary (Daredevil and X-Men). Though it was nice to see Alan Davis drawing a comic again that X-Men book was just not needed. On top of that it was a Namor story with the X-Men playing secondary and tertiary characters at best. I guess it’s not the first time Marvel has slapped the X-Men logo on something in an attempt to bait and switch you.

2.If these stories were so important to the Dark Reign Saga why not just tell them in the regular titles?

The easy answer to that question is so they can get more money out of those fans who need the “whole” story. Why waste an issue of the New Avengers monthly when you can have that monthly title AND a one-shot ship in the same month? I feel a bit different about the Daredevil one-shot though. This comic should have been Daredevil #501. There was absolutely no need to have this story not be told in the Daredevil series proper. But fanboys fall for it, don’t question it and and continue to be the nice little unthinking Marvel Zombies that the company thrives on.

Dark Reign: The List in not the only cash grab that Marvel is currently employing. The other would be the Captain America: Reborn miniseries. As most of our CCW viewers know, I believe (like the Daredevil: The List comic) that the story told within this miniseries should have just been told in the Captain America monthly. But, again, why do that when Marvel can charge you an extra dollar for every issue if they make a fancy shmancy mini out of it? But does Marvel stop there? Ummm…no. Which leads me to this from the new issue of the Previews catalog:


Written by ED BRUBAKER
Pencils & Cover by BUTCH GUICE
Steve Rogers has returned, but Bucky Barnes is the current Captain America, and has come into his own in the role. Will there be two Captain Americas? Will Bucky go back to being the Winter Soldier? What will happen? Decisions, decisions, decisions….
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Looks like a 5 issue miniseries was not enough. Seems that the regular Captain America series just can’t contain this story. The best thing of course is that it is a standard 32 page comic for $3.99.

Lap it up fanboys. Lap…it…up.


  1. Chris says:

    At least Brubaker is starting Criminal up again next week. That comes out through Marvel, sort of…

  2. phil says:

    Largely because of Morrison and Quitely…the only character that i’m less interested in seeing than SteveRogers is BruceWayne.


  3. generaldark says:

    marvel and disney just make the perfect couple dont they?

  4. kurumais says:

    talk in my LCS was that marvel is on everyone’s $h!t list everyone hates them flooding the market and doing books/stories as minis instead of the regular titles

    BTW LCS says xfactor orders are going up every month it figures i drop the book a few issues ago and it takes off it juts got too Xey for me

  5. Ironmuskrat says:

    It is funny that you would post this article tonight Jose. I just ventured into a actually comic shop(not Borders)for the first time in a few years. When it came time to pick a title from Marvel, I was more than a little confused by the whole Dark Reign thing. I flipped through a few titles to try and get a quick idea of what the overall plot was and for the life of me I couldn’t figure it out. I mean, what is the overall threat posed by Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers. Are they trying to take over the world? Kill off all regular heroes? Rob a bank? I kept thinking are the Dark Avengers really that big of a deal that it requires so many titles and crossovers?

    You and Eillott just recently talked about Agents of Atlas and how they dealt with a evil version of themselves. I mean if the Agents of Atlas can handle their business on their own, within the their own title, why can’t the Avengers.

    I am sure if I spent the money and picked up all of the Dark Reign books and the crossovers I would figure it out. No way I am spending that much money to find out =)

    I ended up getting Fantastic Four 570-571.. I found it to be a pretty cool story without a hint of Dark Reign.

    Now I am not trashing the whole Dark Reign story line, I am sure somewhere in there are several good stories being told, I just have no idea where to start looking for them.


    • You made a great choice in picking up FF. We have a review of #571 going up in the next couple of days. I absolutely am loving that book right now.


    • kurumais says:

      dark reign doesnt have a plot per sea its more like a theme norman osborn in charge
      civil war gave us hero vs hero dark reign is giving us what if the bad guys won kind of thing and a little bad vs bad guy

      hickmans FF is another book the guy in my LCS says is getting bigger every month

  6. generaldark says:

    i liked dare devil the list but i do agree it was pointless, the only thing you need to know is that bulls eye killed more then hundred people and now matt is being depressed again.

  7. Zcorp79 says:

    Thanks J. you just saved me four dollars. I was actually considering picking up the X-men the List but if it has nothing to do with the story Fraction is writing in Uncanny then i will not bother with it.

  8. saar18 says:

    Marvel finally decided that in DEC there are going to stick with the 3.99 price… The results:
    58 books are going to cost 3.99
    and just 34 books are going to cost 2.99!
    This is fucking crazy! America wake the F* up! change it. Stop buying Bendis and Loeb’s 3.99 books and all of the Dark Reign’s useless miniseries!

  9. saar18 says:

    About CA: Who will wield the shield, by doing a One-Shot Marvel knows it will sell much better then it being a one issue arc on the decision on who will be CA.

    All the DR:the list’s issues so far are useless. Avengers, stupid and expected. DD, use much better both could be 8-10 story in DD #501, plus the art wasn’t good. and the X-men one-shot was the worst. The art was really bad and the story was stupid! For god sake if you want to kill Nimur (or in a matter of fact, any Character) just send the F* Sentry and not a F*fish monster.

    • kurumais says:

      im a cap guy anyone that been around the CCWs knows ive said this quite a few times and i think its freakin ridiculous. its like cap’s title does matter anymore

      i saw sal buscema at a con one time and he said some comic book legend big wig that i cant remember right now told him “this is a simple business you put out a book if it doesnt sell, you cancel it and put out another one.” im not sure its that simple
      a colulmist on CBR wrote and article about spinoffs a few months and he recounted a story about comic company in the golden age that specialized in crime comics and had 4 great selling books so the publisher told his guys make it 8 books a month, fans started buying the new ones but the quality suffered and sales on the good selling books dropped. so the writer asked “is better to have 4 books with 15% of the market share or 8 books with 15% of the market share?”
      marvel should be looking to strengthen its titles especially now the are charging 4 bucks a piece not water them down.
      like i said i’m a guy and i really really wanted to like the NOMAD book that just came out. i was excited they were bringing rikki barnes back sine i was a fan of hers thanks to fabian nicieza, they promoted her along with cap 600. i was looking forward to seeing how brubacker fit her into his book and how buckycap would react to her. no chance i felt like marvel did one f those bait and switch sales deals. instead of adding a new and unexpected wrinkle to cap’s monthly book we got this spinoff mini. now the book was horrible neither the art nor the writing was bad in anyway its just felt unnecessary i just couldn’t enjoy it i am just not excited about her as nomad as i would have been as bucky in the monthly cap book.

      my long winded 2 cents

  10. Locusmortis says:

    The ratio of marvel/dc/other purchasing that I did about a year ago would have been about 2/1/1 , now that ratio would be something like 1/3/2. Marvel is driving me away from their books by this 3.99 thing and by this boring incessant fundamentally stupid Dark Reign storyline.

    At least with the few 3.99 books I get from DC I get a good backup story (the question, metal men” and Blackest Night is a far more compelling story. Get with it Marvel/DC, even from the top 20 lists of comics the last 3 months its apparent to see that DC is catching marvel.

  11. Pobra says:

    I haven’t picked up any of “the list” one shots so far, but i was considering picking up the Secret Warriors and Punisher issues, strictly based on the creative teams. But, I’m realizing that these one-shots that marvel is pimping so shamelessly, are a total waste of time and money, so i’m really starting to re-think it. If Cap: Reborn hadn’t taken over for the main title I wouldn’t be buying it either (i need my monthly cap fix) but i have a hard time justifying to myself, the 3.99 price point. Marvel can kiss my ass if they think i’m going to buy that ridiculous one-shot. And now that more than half of marvel’s books are going to cost this much, it looks like i’m going to have to trim some MORE marvel title’s off my pull list. My shop owner will not be pleased, but i just can’t do it anymore. Thank god DC is still a respectable company.

  12. mbell028 says:

    I have read all three of them also and I do agree they should of been self contained. The X-Men book was terrible absolutely nothing happened. I actually enjoyed the Daredevil issue because it help assure me that the book was in the right hands with Andy Diggle. He’s continuing where Brubaker left off and I love his work on the Thunderbolts.

  13. MicahSkin says:

    OPk, somewhere along the lines, my fanboy friend J told me I was missing a lot of story if I wasn’t collecting all of Dark Reign. The agreed upon point round here seems to be that I’m not. Good to know.

    I’m starting to think the Golden/Silver age worship thing going on over in DC is better than this crap.

  14. Aelle3 says:

    oh god, why are these minis not part of the main series, it makes me want to give up on comics.

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