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Posted: October 2, 2009 in Marvel
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Courtesy of Matt Fraction’s website, the NEW trade dress for Invincible Iron Man. In other words, this is what the book is gonna look like once World’s Most Wanted is finished:

Invincible Iron Man #20 Cover

Invincible Iron Man #20 Cover

Kind of an interesting look if you ask me, but…

Invincible Iron Man #21

Invincible Iron Man #21

While I liked the Fantastic Four redesign, I’m not that crazy about this one.  Perhaps it will grow on me.

What do YOU guys think?  And how about you, Saar?


  1. generaldark says:

    i think the title will still be good, fraction is writing it after all. i just hope they dont “kill” tony stark. we really dont need more deaths and more crappy reborn minis

  2. I wonder if Hickman has a hand in this redesign. Either way I kinda like it.


  3. Elliott says:

    The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of the covers of old sci-fi paperbacks from the 60’s and 70’s. Maybe that’s the look they’re going for? Kind of how the Fantastic Four is going for that retro look from the 70’s, IM is going pulp-science fiction.

    I will say this, the designs are growing on me.


  4. Reminds me of Iron Giant cover art.

  5. Zcorp79 says:

    I really am digging the new look it does give the covers the retro sci-fi look as Elliot says. Hopefully this story arc does not end with the death of Tony Stark, and if anything maybe this new arc will draw in new readers.

  6. MANACONDA! says:

    i think the design is quite beautiful, reminds me of something but i cant remember what and its driing me nuts.

    point is i love it.

  7. saar18 says:

    the Words “Iron Man” in the white box look like Shit! why not doing a more stylelist design with those word?!

    The cover look wierd, I hope it is just for the “stark: disassembeld” Arc.

    • alfred monty says:

      When I first read this I thought you were joking.

      But something in your last sentence made it apparent that you’re genuine.

      • saar18 says:

        I’m serious. Why noy stylist the Words Iron Man a little and not let it look like a Word font.

      • alfred monty says:

        This is a reply to saar18’s Oct 4th message. WordPress prevents me from replying to it.

        Most technology is considered beautiful or well designed when it is uncluttered. Iron Man is the most well known computer guy in comics. I think it is a good idea to reflect (or to be influenced by) the past 30+ years of technology fashion to such a comic. Even if it is limited to the trade dress.

        The font is a good choice. It is clear. Imagine that at the end of long week someone walks into a comic store. This font and its environment (the white background, etc.) aids the reader to quickly read the title with little eye strain. This is a major concern if you’re ever had to regularly read a terribly ugly and muddled piece of information (see Edward Tufte’s books or google “best programming fonts”).

        Now let’s reverse the question. What does one get with a regular old comic font? Nostalgia. Excitement if it looks dynamic. Does the excitement last? It’s just the trade dress.

  8. Locusmortis says:

    They’re really playing the 60’s sci-fi “Flowers for Algernon” look. I think its interesting, certainly more so than the usual iron man shooting repulsor beams pose.

  9. phil says:

    phil noto + pax romana covers = this look for ironman.


  10. thetum says:

    cool beans. i like the simplistic loot to comics. Very Hickmanesque

  11. Pobra says:

    I love the new trade dress, it’s really going to make the book stand out on the racks.

  12. MANACONDA! says:

    “Fraction: I’ve been resisting writing #19 for a while. [laughs] It’s a big ending and a big payoff, and it’s got to be done right. And then starting with “Disassembled” and #20, we’ve got a new trade dress put together by Ryan Hughes that is absolutely amazing. Iron Man is finally going to look like a book about a futurist instead of a book about a guy who thinks in science fiction all the time. Be ready for that. I couldn’t be more excited for how the book physically is going to look. It’s going to jump off the page”


  13. alfred monty says:

    The cover is distinctive. The font is a single color without any shadow effect or bubbleness. The font gives a serious appearance (for instance it isn’t Comic Sans). The creators’ full names are on the cover before the main title. The story’s name is given below the title. The title for the average person is Iron Man, not the Invincible Iron Man so the important phrase is highlighted in a clean manner with a white background. (Marvel should do something like this for Amazing Spider-Man, etc.) All of the text is left justified (aka easy for the eye to scan) beginning just left of center of the page.

    I like the Secret Warriors covers, but this is a cleaner and clearer design. Let’s hope the the next big crossover won’t ruin the effect with an inappropriately large title like the Dark Reign mess at the top of many of Marvel’s current comics, occasional spiky/exploding captions telling us that someone may die or may be resurrected, or a special tie-in promotional message in the upper right in a triangle caption.

  14. Deemar says:

    I am worried what this means for Tony Stark though, It’s been what almost 10yrs since we had the Big 3 together. Cap is back, Thor is back only for fucking Marvel to possibly take Tony away?

    Patience is running thin for myself and hopefully others, bring back the classic Avengers and I’ll buy the title again.

  15. i am disappoint

    guy who designed his did the forbidden planet logo, but there’s no logo…not even a distinctive font. the way fraction hyped it i expected it to look like a great book cover.

  16. Mitiators says:

    The covers look great! They are actually bringing some design elements into play here. The siplified fonts and color palette bring a sense of professionalism to the covers. Its almost like they want to present this series as a big boy’s game. It has a great retro yet classy look. Its like a old Pillip K. Dick cover or something. I think someone who isn’t a regular buyer would be more inclined to pick these issues up. Its alot nicer than showing an action scene that doen’t take place in the issue.
    With your background in design Elliot I figured you’d be going ga-ga over the new look. Gettin’ all gestalt and what have you.

  17. Anthony says:

    I think it looks awesome. Kudos for them for going as minimal as possible. I bet this trade dress doesn’t last that long… its THAT good.


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