How About Some Mellow Music for Your Manic Monday

Posted: October 5, 2009 in Life, Mellow Monday, Music
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Savage Aimee Mann

  1. phil says:

    Much like her contemporaries…AniDiFrananco, IndiaArie and FionaApple; AimeeMann has one of those voices that can start yuo about your day in an even place
    Props Jose, for putting the moth to the light. Now I’ve got to dig out my old Wendy&Lisa CD’s


  2. generaldark says:

    thanks for the music!

  3. Locusmortis says:

    Interpol are good and of course the Cure are legends. When I want mellow lately I’d pick something like or

    • Those were great songs, Locus. I’ve never heard of those bands before. Thanks.


      • Locusmortis says:

        You’re welcome mate, the overall genre name for them would be post rock, theres loads of underground bands way under the radar playing interesting stuff, Isis would be the most famous but theres stuff like Evpatoria Report, Belegost, Shipping news, The Mercury Program, We vs Death

  4. Ironmuskrat says:

    Nice Tunes!

    I don’t know if this qualifies a mellow, but it always calms me down when I listen to it. I think it because it is in Japanese and I don’t understand the lyrics. I just sort of insert my own words to the music(usually me thinking about whatever it is pissing me off)..

    • Ironmuskrat says:

      Youch! I didn’t know I could actually insert a whole video like that into the thread.. Sorry about that, I was just trying to type the link.


      • You can put a video in your comments. People have done it before. I don’t mind.

        Plus this is The F’n Pillows!!! I love them. I have four of their older albums. I really, really like this song too. Thanks for posting this IM. 🙂

        I’m going to have to add some Pillows in the next Mellow Monday post.


    • Locusmortis says:

      Excellent, i’m guessing you probably like My Bloody Valentine as well?

  5. Pobra says:

    Mellow Monday… I like that 🙂

  6. Pobra says:

    this song always manages to mellow me out

    • This was cool Pobra. Thanks.

      I love the fact that everyone’s suggestions in the comments are much more mellow than my choices. I guess even when it comes to mellow music it seems like I need some anger, self-deprecation and spitefulness thrown in. He he. I really should see someone about that. 🙂


  7. Chris says:

    This is what I listen to if I want to mellow out…

  8. Smallmaniac says:

    I first heard Mann on Jimmy Fallon. I tried a couple more of her songs, but after this post, she’s beginning to grow on me. I want to post a video but I’m afraid it might not meet the theme. For some reason it’s hard for me to discern genre’s. Hey Jose, what genres do you like and is Mellow Music Monday going to be a new regular post?

  9. MicahSkin says:

    Thank god most of my favorite types of music are never on these. I’d suck at playing them and start hurling peripherals. Sad thing is I have a music degree…

    And you hafta post the DKM vid. I have a video of a hurt Samoyed whining (In a cast after a vet trip, no Vick-ism here) or a Samoyed getting a drink from the fridge. Guilt or AWWWWW! Yer choice.

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