Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Dark Horse, DC Comics, Image, Marvel

Hopefully Wolvie Dies This Time

Looks like a pretty decent Wednesday is ahead of us. Planetary and War Heroes, two verrrrrry late books, will finally see release. I am looking forward to reading (not buying) both for completely different reasons. As for what I will be buying, well, here’s my list:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #29
Criminal: Sinners #1
Deadpool #16
Doom Patrol #3
Haunt #1
REBELS Annual #1
X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas #1

Wow. That’s kind of a short list. Was expecting more. There are some books I’m on the fence about which are Sweet Tooth #2, Amazing Spidey #608, Secret Warriors: The List (mostly because every other List book has fucking sucked) and Spider-Man 1602 #1 (written by Jeff Parker.) I’ll give them the ole flip through at the shop and make my decision then.

How about all of you?


  1. saar18 says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #608
    Daredevil #501
    Dark Reign List Secret Warriors
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3

    Haunt #1
    Criminal: Sinners #1
    Deadpool #16
    Sweet Tooth #2
    Doctor Voodoo Avenger of the Supernatural #1 (Trial)
    Torch #2
    Vengeance of Moon Knight #2

    • saar18 says:

      Although i’m not planning on picking up the first issue of X-men VS Agents of Atlas I will pick up issue number 2… For the Adi Granov’s cover šŸ™‚

  2. Jedah Crow says:

    Batman and Robin #5
    Superman: World of New Krypton #8
    Greek Street #4
    Sweet Tooth #2
    North 40 #4
    Planetary #27

    Amazing Spider-Man #608
    Deadpool #16
    X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas #1

    Irredeemable #7
    Witchblade #131

    I’m only getting Planetary for completion’s sake. It’s been so long since the last issue, the first 26 issues are just one big blur to me.

  3. Canibal_Otaku says:

    X-men vs agents of atlas #1
    Sonic #206
    Latest shonen jump
    Yu-gi-oh! R Vol.1 – Embarased to admit that I am a Yugioh fan.
    Batman & Robin #1

  4. Variant Girl says:

    Okay guys and dolls here’s my list this week.

    Batman and Robin #5
    X-Men Vs. Agents Of Atlas #1
    Haunt #1
    Jonah Hex #48
    ASM #608 ( this will issue will determine if I continue on )
    Criminal: Sinners #1

    I am excited about Planetary coming out, #27 has been long awaited by fans of this comic. Just started reading the series from scratch recently, diggin it very much.

    • comicbookdude89 says:

      Yeah same here for ASM#608. Spidey having sex w/ Black Cat pushed all the wrong buttons for me last issue. Plus his love life is just plain old boring. I wanna see him kick some criminals butt!!!

    • I’m in the same boat with Amazing. Not to sure I like Peter Parker being a complete whore. I’m sure Joey Q. is loving it though. What a dick.


      • comicbookdude89 says:

        It saddens me when the writers and editors do something to a character that is completely out of character. I thought when Peter getting drunk and accidently having sex was bad enough… but Marvel just proved me wrong by Spidey willing having sex w/ Black Cat. Plus he doesn’t feel guilty about it at all. Way to go Marvel. You just killed my interest in Black Cat. And you’re also killing my loving of Spider-Man, my favorite super hero, too. Well I guess if ASM#608 sucks I won’t completely leave the book because I’m excited for The Gauntlet storyline. If Spidey has more pre-marital sex I’m done w/ ASM. I wish Marvel would just fucking put Peter and MJ back together instead of taking a shit on there flagship character. C’mon Marc Guggenheim… don’t fail me now… Joey Q. has run his course as EIC. Marvel needs another Jim Shooter…

        Wow. This was a long reply.

      • djsweet says:

        you really have a problem with Pete having pre-marital sex? yikes!

      • TheComicRant says:

        It’s not the fact that Spidey is having pre-martial sex. It’s the fact that Peter Parker isn’t a lady killer. He never has been. It’s out of character.

        I miss Mary Jane…

  5. comicbookdude89 says:

    -X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas#1
    -Ultimate Comics Spider-Man#3

    Wasn’t a New Printing of Batman: Killing Joke coming out this week??? If so I’m buying it because I havent read it yet.

    I’ll eventually get Naruto vol. 46.

    Batman and Robin#5
    Dark Reign-The List: Secret Warriors

  6. thetum says:

    Batman and Robin #5
    Batman Confidential #34
    Batman the Unseen #1 (Yay Doug Moench is back!)
    Spider-Man 1602 #1 (Jeff Parker doing Neil Gaiman stuff… why not)
    X-Men Vs Agents of Atlas #1
    Haunt #1 (I think its just me but Todd’s art has just become so stale over the years. I remember when i would buy anything with McFarlane’s art on it, but that haunt cover just looks awful)
    Kill Audio #1

    • thetum says:

      Picked up issues #1-8 of R.E.B.E.L.S, damn… My new favorite book, I will definitely be jumping on from here (#9 comes out next week right?)

      Also picked up a few back issues of Invincible Iron Man and the current one (enough to know whats going on)Im jumping on this too. Really good book but i gotta say that art is killing me, not the whole thing it self but when they use real backgrounds instead of you know… Drawing it like comic book artist are supposed to. My only gripe about the book. Big week of comics for me.

  7. TheComicRant says:

    World of New Krypton #8
    Jonah Hex #48

    Daredevil #501

  8. MatthewHex says:

    Seems to be a lot of different pick ups this week. I” be getting:

    Batman and Robin #5
    Batman Annual #27
    Cable #19
    Dark Reign List Secret Warriors
    Deadpool #16
    Ghost Riders Heavens on Fire #3
    X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas #1
    Haunt #1
    War Heroes #3

  9. Chris says:

    It’s a pretty cool week, new Criminal, a new issue of Sweet Tooth and finally Planetary! Do you like planetary Jose, I’m just wondering because of that your comment?
    Criminal Sinners #1
    Planetary #27
    Sweet Tooth #2

  10. mbell028 says:

    hey guys,
    This week I’ll be picking up:
    Batman and Robin 5
    Daredevil 501
    Dark Reign the List Secret Warriors (I know Jose, but Hickman is reading it so I have confidence it will be good) I am mad though that we have to pay an extra buck for this issue why not just keep them self contained.
    Irredeemable 7

  11. generaldark says:

    heeeeeyo, here is my list

    batman and robin #5
    batman annual
    daredevil #501
    superman WONK
    agents of atlas vs. xmen
    doom patrol
    MABY magog #2
    boys #35 (dynamite needs more exposure, they wright good stuff)
    haunt #1

    i dont think ill get the new spider man book, i really dont like the villian in it.

  12. Dan Griffin says:

    Batman and Robin #5
    Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #3
    Doom Patrol #3
    Star Wars: Invasion (4 of 5)

    Agents of Atlas vs X-Men (1 of 2)

  13. Marv-el says:

    Agents of Atlas vs x-men (1 of 2),secret warriors the list,the runaways,and batman and robin #5

  14. TheComicRant says:

    Is SWEET TOOTH any good?

  15. Pobra says:

    ASM #608
    Batman & Robin #5
    Daredevil #501
    Deadpool #16
    The Mighty #9
    Sweet Tooth #2


    DR: The List: Secret Warriors #1 (what a convoluted fucking title)
    Criminal: Sinners #1
    Haunt #1

  16. Ironmuskrat says:

    This week I will mostly be back filling some the titles I started last week.

    A week ago I started out with…

    Fantastic Four #570-571
    The Brave and the Bold #27
    Detective Comics #857
    R.E.B.E.L.S. #1-2

    So this week I will head back in time and get..

    Detective Comics #854-56 (if I can find them)
    R.E.B.E.L.S. #3-4 (going to try and get two back issues a week on this one)

    As for new stuff I want to try and give Marvel and chance this week so…

    Dark Reign List Secret Warriors (I haven’t followed Dark Reign or Secret Warriors, but it seems to make a lot of peoples list, so I will give it a shot).

    X-Men Vs Agents of Atlas #1 (I figure this will be a good intro to Agents of Atlas for me).

    and that should break my bank for the week, but I will look around of course and see if anything jumps out at me.


  17. Deemar says:

    Doctor VooDoo

  18. Antonio says:

    Batman and Robin
    Doom Patrol
    House of Mystery
    World of new Krypton
    Batman Annual( I think I’m gonna regret paying 4.99 for this)
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  19. Locusmortis says:

    A good week for DC, a quiet week (again) for marvel and 2 excellent image comics that PEOPLE SHOULD BE READING!

    Batman and Robin #5
    Doom Patrol #3
    Mighty #9
    Rebels Annual Starro the Conqueror #1
    Superman World of New Krypton #8
    Warlord #7

    Strange Tales #2

    Jersey Gods #8
    King City #2

  20. camnick says:

    sherlock holems #5
    x-men agents of atlas #1
    haunt #1

    and possibly
    black panther #9
    astonishing x-men #31
    superman WOKN #8

    although i highly doubt it cause this is actually a lot of books for me to get in one week

  21. Nomadic Cat says:

    Batman & Robin #5
    Irredeemable #7
    Doom Patrol #3
    X-men vs Agents of Atlas #1
    Starstruck #2 (Hope you guys review this, I never read the Epic series but I heard some good things about it so I picked up last issue)

    Chronicles of Wormwood #1 (curious about this series)
    JL:Cry for Justice#4 (When it comes to the Justice League, I’m a complete fanboy. If they stop yelling JUSTICE!!!, I might just pick it up)

  22. Brandonpwns1244 says:

    Batman and Robin #5
    Agents of Atlas/X-men #1
    ASM #608
    Astonishing X-Men #31
    Daredevil #501
    Superman:WoNK #8
    Planetary #27
    Secret Warriors: The List
    Ultimate Spider Man #3

    I also picked up Batman Streets of Gotham #3. I’ve been trying to catch up with this series. I loved the two Dini/Nguyen one shots when they did the whole Faces of Evil thing for the Batman books.

    Oh and did anyone else think the Batman Annual looked like a piece of shit? and for 5 bucks. yikesss

  23. therichestmanintown says:

    I was going to get Batman and Robin, World of New Krypton, Sweet Tooth, Greek Street, and Irredeemable. Sadly my favorite comic store closed now I have to go to the one with better advertising. It sucks, they have their comics all over the place so they’re hard to find and on top of that they haven’t even heard of Greek Street. Now I’m going to be missing out on all my favorite indie titles.

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