A blast from my past

Posted: October 13, 2009 in Comics Shipping

When I got home today I found a couple copies of this in my mailbox:


It totally got by me that the trade paperback of my first professional comics work was being released this week!  Yeah, I know that it’s a co-writers credit, but hey, it’s a first!

After the kind of week I’ve been having, it was a nice surprise to find waiting for me.


  1. Seems interesting is Elliot writing this?

  2. phil says:

    Congrats, E.


  3. Ironmuskrat says:

    Wow! Elliott, that looks like some pretty twisted stuff there, I didn’t know you had it in you!

    So does Ash get any “Suger” from Zena =)


  4. Elliott says:

    You’ll have to read it to find out! LOL.

    Actually, he gets some sugar from both Xena and Gabrielle at the end of the first mini. In this one, Ash and Xena spend a lot of time arguing with each other for comedic purposes.

  5. Smallmaniac says:

    Congratulations Elliot.

  6. TheRichestManinTown says:

    This looks awesome on various levels. I’ll have to pick it up if I see it.

  7. TheComicRant says:

    Congrats my friend!

  8. Pobra says:

    Way to go E, you are really establishing yourself in the industry. I’m sure being on word balloon has gotten you some good exposure and writing an “Obama comic” that is actually good must be helping your rep.

  9. PILKK90 says:

    the next comic you write should be a ccw adaptation, congrats by the way

  10. Elliott says:

    Thank you all for the kind words. This project will always be special to me. The cover, BTW, is from Issue #2 of the miniseries where Ash and Xena find themselves transported to the Land of Oz by the Necronomicon. It’s not even my favorite of the series (that one would be the cover from Issue #1 featuring Xena brandishing her sword as Ash approaches in his car) but I can see why they went with this one.

    Check it out and let me know what you think!

  11. kurumais says:

    wow dorothy sure is tarted up isnt she whats up with that? i think the writer should have to answer to that.
    joke btw
    gratz E

  12. Variant Girl says:

    YEAH E, that is so wicked. I’m glad you feel all happy and proud, it’s a very cool thing. I can’t wait to read this. That cover rocks,I will be looking for this in my LCS. Hugs to you E!!

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