Marvel Fans Under “Seige”

Posted: October 13, 2009 in Marvel, Opinion

Hey folks, Elliott here. Found this interesting post over at iFanboy about the new ‘event’ from Marvel Comics, ‘The Siege’, the follow-up to “Dark Reign.”

Seige: The Cabal - art by Jim Cheung

Seige: The Cabal - art by Jim Cheung

Josh Flanagan of iFanboy offers this: “The Siege starts in January, and it looks like it won’t be Dark Reign, but the thing that comes after it, which is basically a big story with all sorts of characters that sounds a lot like all the events that came before. Basically, this is the next epoch to follow in the footsteps of Civil War, Secret Invasion, and Dark Reign…It sounds like these line wide events are making some money for Marvel. So they’re never going to stop. Ever.”

What I found even more interesting was the debate going on in the comment section for the post.  There are more than a few dissenting voices over the whole ‘event’ mentality that Marvel currently has going.  And here I thought that only CCW*TV fans were grousing.  😉

So, the question I pose to all of you is this:  Have you reached your limit with Marvel?  Are you going to be passing on their newest event or are you compelled to keep buying their books because you have to know what’s gonna happen next?

Is the prospect of seeing the original Avengers nucleus back together enough to draw you in?

I’m gonna be honest with you…it just may do it for me.  How about you?

  1. saar18 says:

    It is not going to be an event like DR, it is going to be more like House of M, an event that his Purpose is to give the Marvel U a new Status Quoץ
    I don’t know what about you but I’m really waiting for to this event, or more precisely, what is to come after it.
    I don’t know why everyone thing it is a bad idea, peoples this it what every fan of the Marvel U (over the age of 12 that his favorite isn’t Rulk) has waited for it for the past 6-7 years! the original/real avengers are coming back! If you will read Bendis’s interview with IGN about the Siege you could understand, between the lines, that all of the shity Avengers series are going to ended and that The sentry is going to deid! (and maybe he is going to be replace by the Marvel boy /man).
    And the best part is the Oliver Copiel is going to do the art for the 4 issues mini event! But Unfortunately Bendis is going to write it.

    • Deemar says:

      Saar you drunk? and I mean both your spelling and the thought your excited about Bendis getting his grubby hands on Cap, Thor and Ironman?

      This is bad Juju buddy nothing good can come from the bald one taking on those characters. I can hear Steve Rogers exclaiming “oy vey” as we speak.

    • saar18 says:

      I like to drink but I didn’t drank when I wrote that comment 🙂

      If you had read my comment more carefully you would have noticed this line:

      “I don’t know what about you but I’m really waiting for to this event, or more precisely, what’s to come after it.”

      • saar18 says:

        I’m sure that the 4 issues mini event is going to be mediocre at best, because Bendis’s writing it, but you can’t ignore the fact that it’s going to look amazing (and me being a fan of Copiel’s art, i’m going to give that series extra “points” for it).

      • Deemar says: bad

        You still write drunk 😉

      • saar18 says:

        Can you tell me which words/ sentences I miss spelled? It is really importend to me to Improve my English. (P.S – althought when I’m speaking English my English is much better… it is somekind of mental problem I’ve)

  2. Brandonpwns1244 says:

    I’m going to do exactly what I’ve always done with Marvel events in the past. If its a good book with a story that interests me ill buy it. If its just another way for Marvel to steal my cash out of my pocket, then no way jose. (no pun intended)

  3. iqy92 says:

    all of these marvel events are just a (slightly) intresting ends to a mean. for example secret invasion and dark reighn, terrible story but intresting ending for the next event which ends up being boring and terrible which has an intresting end. things like this makes me wanna give up on comics

  4. generaldark says:

    maby i wouldnt be AS opposed to the events as i am if they got bendis from writing them! DC does the same thing but at least they give us a few months unlike MARVEL. it never ends with them. during the whole dark reign thing i have not felt that evil has been in control at all. if anything its like there not even doing anything bad. marvels events are just for i geuss “shock” values rather then just making sence and lasting.

  5. mbell028 says:

    There’s actually an interview also on IGN that talks about Seige as well. It’s going to be a four issue mini series and apparently the only tie in’s will be the Avengers Books and Dark Wolverine. The writer said he chose to do this because of fans and retailers complaining about the endless number of tie in’s with Civil War Secret Invasion and Dark Reign. I think it’s good Marvel’s finally listening to the fan’s but I’m definately holding my breathe before believing that there will only be a handful of tie-in’s.

  6. MicahSkin says:

    What is the point tho? Just to get Cap Iron Man and Thor (And it’s not the original Avengers, it’s AVengers circa issue 4) back together? Where’s Wasp?? Oh yeah, Bendisized…

    Given that every single storyline is now 2 months from comic to TPB, they’re banking on that market and thus writing for it. Every issue is “THE ISSUE THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!” and I’m sick and tired of it. I’ll stick with my X-Factor and Wuvable Oaf (Awesome comic with kitties in it) thank ya kindly Joey Q.

    So they want the original Avengers? They need the Rip Offs Avengers. US Agent or Bucky, Thunderstrike, The Ani-Men wasp chick, Scott Lang (Zombified perhaps), War Machine and RULK! Imagine the monosyllabic catch phrases coming form that comic! (And someone BMB got a raging Semi…)

  7. Pobra says:

    I’m going to continue reading the marvel titles that i enjoy, that are well written and have good characterization, while completely ignoring any “event” that might be going on around them, the way I have been doing with Dark Reign. If that event should cross over in to one of these books that I’m enjoying, then so be it. I think after Blackest Night I’m done with event comics for good (even though BN has been really good).

  8. phil says:

    After several decades of Marvel being my number one comics company… as of roughly 2 weeks ago, DC has taken that spot Marvel has been resting on its laurels for so long, they think that because of their name, its all golden. DC, Image, D-Horse and Avatar are hungrier and if they keep pushing, Marvel may find themselves saying: “remember when we were number 3

  9. Smallmaniac says:

    I think there’s a reason why the characters on this cover are shadowed. I bet they’re statues. Or not the originals.

    After buying Secret Invasion I’ll never buy another Marvel event unless it was so good that I would be remiss not to buy just the trade.

  10. alfred monty says:

    The Marvel “events” starting at the end of this year: Fall of the Hulks; Necrosha; Realm of Kings; and Under Seige. I believe DoomWar begins at the start of 2010.

    I’m not very interested in Rulk, etc. So if Fall of the Hulks is good then I’ll read the trade.

    Necrosha will be boring because I know little about the X-people after 1992. And they’ll have little time to develop the backstory for new readers. I did like New Mutants #5. The art in the issue is original. I hope he/she gets a regular slot on a good book.

    Realm of Kings might be good. I’ve been reading Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova, which I’m liking.

    Under Seige… Might be good too. Avengers: The Initiative #31 looks fun. But how long is the story going to be? If it is an “event” and it is unbounded… I’ll wait for the trades. I’ll probably still buy Iron Man and I may start buying Thor. But I refuse to buy Captain America because I have a feeling that even if Steve Rogers returns as Captain America, he’ll be even more out of character than Peter Parker has been recently. (A few comments said that is bounded at four issues with limited tie-ins in ongoing books. Now I’m interested.)

    Dark Horse’s one-shots wonders which is starting soon and DC’s one shots in January are more my style.

  11. Deemar says:

    Ok so the Big Three at Marvel together again, great and yet not so great. Freakin Bendis is writing it so all the ethusiasm I had for the prospect of Thor, Tony & Cap back in one book is deflated.

    Reading on News-Suck-Rama Bendis’ interview on Seige and he still sounds smug and bigheaded, like he’s doing it for the fans. He knows the fandom’s patience is waining with his crap Avengers so Marvel is bringing back the ‘band’ I for one ain’t reading any Avengers book with his name on it big three or not.

  12. kurumais says:

    i dont think dark reign is so much an event as a theme there is no mini series or story to follow just what does the marvel u look like when norman osborne is in charge
    im not sure what under seige is yet i know from the whole jms leaving thor asgard will be under siege
    im defintely done with events civil war and secret invasion both came in like lions and went out like lambs

  13. Locusmortis says:

    I’m definitely fatigued by Marvels incessant event-mania. With its legions of $3.99 mini-series Dark Reign was a calculated cash-grab by Marvel which soured me towards that company. The complete and obvious cynicism which it views comic book fans and their tolerance towards having their wallets be continually raided by sub-soapopera style plots just became far too much. I think that many fans became disillusioned towards the “house of ideas” because of how things transpired since the end of the last disappointing alleged event Secret Invasion.

    I’m going to read Siege via torrents and if (by some fluke) its actually any good I will buy it in trade. The only marvel “event” I’ll be definitely getting is the cosmic stuff which I always buy in hardcover, i don’t expect DNA to let me down in the same way that Bendis does.

    On a slight tangent, having looked through Diamond Previews solicitiations for November and December I think that DC is going to wipe Marvel off the racks. There are a lot of Blackest Night tie-ins and unlike Civil WAr/Secret Invasion/Dark Reign the Blackest Night main series is actually good and even more remarkable the tie-ins so far are all good (yes even the Titans one!). I think DC editorial and writing staff finally got their game together and have planned this event really well, starting off with just a couple tie-ins, then building and building towards Christmas and the new year.

  14. comicbookdude89 says:

    Hmmm… I’ll give The Seige a try. I would like to see the original Avengers back again though… If it gets annoying and money consuming, like Dark Reign, I’ll drop it. Marvel is slowly losing me. I never thought that would happen.

  15. Ironmuskrat says:

    Well, as someone who is getting started again with the whole collecting thing, I am looking forward to my first taste of bitter disappointment with a Marvel special event. I just can’t decide which Marvel event it will be, it looks like there will be so many to choose from next year.

    Right now I am leaning towards Fall of the Hulks..I am hoping to see Rulk shoot someone in the face with a gold plated gun again, bonus points if he is wearing a pimp hat while doing it.

    Seriously though, I will get The Seige, if for no other reason to see the original Avengers back in some way, shape or form.


    • Deemar says:

      I feel ya, about getting the real Avengers back, but it’s still gonna be under the same guy. That’s the problem if it’s still written by Bendis whats the point.

  16. TheComicRant says:

    I’m done with events in general. I’m sick of them. I just want good stories and characters.

    I will continue to read Daredevil and maybe Thor (if it doesn’t get too engrossed in continuity). But other than that, fuck Marvel and their $3.99 price tags.

    I’m down to only two books from the big two comic companies. Wonder Woman and WoNK at DC. Thor and Daredevil at Marvel.

  17. TheComicRant says:

    My pitch for the ending of the “Dark Regin” crapfesh is simple and only takes about a page. Think about the trees we would save!

    Daredevil and the Hand bust into Dark Avengers HQ and shove a billy club through Stormin’ Norman. Pure and simple, now lets get back to some good comics.

  18. thetum says:

    I’ve completely dropped out of reading Marvel books all together except for the handful of good ones like Nova, Iron Man, and Incredible Hercules. other than that i’ve been reading a lot of indie and DC stuff. Right now ive really been getting into R.E.B.L.E.S

  19. alatriste says:

    At first I thought those three were the Iron Patriot, Bucky and Beta Ray Bill but then I realized you can actually see some detail and they seem to be the real deal. No Wasp, though…damn mysoginists…

  20. kurumais says:

    btw what do spidey fans think of having to buy another monthly book to follow their favorite wallcrawler? how many books a month does that make for spidey ? no matter how great spidey is as a character, no matter how good the creative teams are on each of the books, its just not fair to fans of spider man to force them to buy that many books to follow the adventures of their hero.

    • Locusmortis says:

      in the UK comics business they used to call this the “hatch, match, dispatch” tactic. Take a popular comic, make a copy, then keep making more similar titles till they start failing then combine the titles again, then start the sequence again.

      • Pobra says:

        Hm, that is interesting because you can actually follow the sequence if you pay attention. Especially with Spidey and the Avengers, maybe even Batman.

  21. Venom829 says:

    I like, how its only a 4 moth crossover, instead of a robbery of your wallets like Secret Invasion or Dark Reign

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