Busy, Busy, Busy

Posted: October 17, 2009 in Blogging, CCW TV, Life


Hey guys and gals. Sorry about the lack of posts and reviews this week. I know for a fact that Elliott had interviews and such taking up his free time all week while I actually had to work some extra hours at the store. The third part to Last Rants should hopefully be making it’s way on to you tube tonight and we will be taping new segments tomorrow. Any suggestions on what you would like to hear us to talk about? Leave them here in the comments and if we have some extra time during our tapings hopefully we can get to a few of them.

We should be back to full posting power next week so stay tuned.


  1. camnick says:

    hey guys, i was just wondering if either of you knew when agents of atlas would be in the herc book. i heard you mention it before but cant remember if you gave a book number.

  2. dukealoops1993 says:

    Think of a character you wish had his or her own ongoing series currently

  3. saar17 says:

    Detective comics’ latest issue.
    The Siege’s Preview that came out tonight (and Adi granov’s Astonishing Cover for SIEGE: EMBEDDED #1 XDD)

    Thelatest issue of GLC, if you could.And what you thought about Web of Spider-Man #1.
    For last rants: Why the Fu** Bendis put Noh-Kurr (Marvel Boy)in the Dark Avengers? And why he Think we would care when he died in issue 12.

  4. Ironmuskrat says:

    How about…

    Comic Culture Karma

    Say three positive things about people or things that you have ripped on in the past.


    Say three positive things about-
    Brian Michael Bendis
    Jeph Loeb
    Mark Millar
    Old Man Logan
    Garfield(Wait, that something I ripped on in the past).

    Of course you and Elliott can agree or disagree on said positive comments.

    Or how about..

    Comic Culture Rehab

    Pick a character in comics that was once great, but now has fallen on hard times through overexposure, bad writing, or is not being used to their full potential. How would you rehab that character and return them to their former glory.


    Ignition City, good or bad.. it looks interesting to me, but I am not sure.


    Why Ironmuskrat shouldn’t write comments when he obviously in need of sleep and seems to be rambling on about nothing.


  5. generaldark says:

    can you do a review of Issues 4 and 5 of batman and robin? i know you guys dont like the art but if you have read it i would like your thoughts on it.

    ALSO who do you think is this generations next stan lee? or is there anyone out there who even has that potential?

  6. Matthew Guy says:

    Walking Dead (its close to Halloween & another arc ended), more Monster manga (I am hooked on this series), The End of Winick’s arc on Batman,Uncle Scrooge #384 (moving from Gemstone to Boom!),& Peter & Max Fables Novel. As time gets closer to Thanksgiving more favorite tpbs & at end of the year, another 8 part Best of 2009 focusing on Dark Horse, Image, DC, Marvel & Last Rants w/ best collections of the year to spend post-Christmas money on.


  7. Deemar says:

    I’d like an episode on Pulp heroes like Green Hornet, the Shadow and Doc Samson they all seem to be making a resurgance it would be nice to get a refresher course if nothing else for the new guys to CCW and comics in general.

    Call it a “precurser” episode

  8. camnick says:

    how about once a week you guys highlight an artist that really stood out that week, or one that you guys liked from the past.

  9. Brandonpwns1244 says:

    I’d be really curious if you guys have read books like Y the last man or Ex machina and if so, see what your guys’ thoughts on them are

  10. phil says:

    status of the virtual chat room


  11. PILKK90 says:

    spawn and haunt review, and how about an explanation on how image was so big in the ninties but seemed to fade away

  12. Pobra says:

    I was hoping you guys could do a review of Daredevil #501.

  13. Matthew Guy says:

    What happened to the last video “the last winnick issue of Batman review”? I heard audio but no video did Two Face aka Tony Daniel corrupt your video of that segment on Youtube.


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