No. Effen. WAY!

Posted: October 19, 2009 in Marvel
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Hey folks, Elliott here…

According to Rich Johnston has started a mighty nasty rumor about the identity of Norman Osborne’s ‘secret weapon’ from ‘Dark Reign: The Cabal.’ A rumor, that if it’s true, will not only create a great cry of anguish among fanboys, but will also create one of the greatest redundancies in the Marvel Universe. Who is it rumored to be? Well, this is how Rich put it:

“So who is the super secret weapon that Norman Osborn is using to ensure his Cabal keep together, during the Marvel Dark Reign crossover event? The shadowy figure that everyone from Doctor Doom to Loki is intimidated by?

This weekend at the Big Apple Comic Con I saw evidence that pointed in one very specific direction indeed.

Evidence that indicates it’s not Mephisto as much rumoured. But that’s the correct initial letter. Twice.

Could it be… could it really be… the big MM?”

Yesiree, folks…


And here’s the kicker…


Now, I really don’t get this move at all.  First, shoehorning Marvelman into the Marvel U, after the WONDROUS run that Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman have given us means you’re pretty much discarding everything they’ve done.  Second, why would the Cabal give two shits about Mickey Moran when they’ve been able to deal with The Sentry without batting so much as an eye?

Adding Marvelman to the mix is just plain redundant…and frankly…stupid.

What do YOU folks think?

  1. We all know how Bendis loves to treat characters he doesn’t have a hard on for or had a hand in creating. The Sentry and Marvel Boy come quickly to mind. This really is the worst thing Marvel could do to this once respected character.

    Let the desecration begin.


  2. phil says:

    Redundant? Stupid? Discarding what Moore and Gaiman had done? C’mon E, we’re talkin’ ’bout Bendis here. U gotta give the man credit, if there’s anew way to F up Bendis will find it I personally can’t wait to see how he utilizes CaptainCanuck and WonderWarthog.

  3. generaldark says:

    eh i dont care at this point, let marvel just dive head first into the ground…

  4. Manaconda! says:

    the only thing better then a bendis marvelman?

    a bendis marvelman drawn by liefeld. fingers crossed!

  5. TheComicRant says:

    Once again Marvel is disrepecting an icon. They should give MM his own little world to live in.

  6. Locusmortis says:

    Bendis on Marvelman? Sure why not just go the whole fucking hog and put Loeb on it?

    • Deemar says:

      God it only get worse

      Although if Loeb got his on MM Alan Moore would put a curse upon him (Hope it’s the thinner curse it grusome.) that would be great. 🙂

  7. Ironmuskrat says:

    This would be stunningly bad if it happened. Marvel goes through all the trouble to buy the rights for Marvelman just to hand him over to Bendis. And Bendis’s big plan for Marvelman is to make him yet another flunky of Norman Osborn?

    Well, this makes my decision to stay as far away as I can from the Dark Reign a solid one. However if or when Marvelman does show up in Marvel U I will most likely check it out, in a sort of, car crash, can’t look away type of thing.


  8. thetum says:

    Thats it i’m done… im washing my hands with marvel for good. They have just gone to far and from this point on i will no longer read anything that is in any way connected or produced by the scourge of comics that is marvel, im not even reading there very few good books anymore. I’m not feeding any of my money to there machine. I just cant take this shit anymore.

    Comics just aren’t the same anymore…. *sigh*

  9. Pobra says:

    Another classy move by marvel. And who else but Bendis at the helm steering another character into the abyss, like only he can.

  10. kurumais says:

    im in denial about marvel buying him in first place i cant even think about it
    the last place this guy belongs is with either of the big 2

    • Deemar says:

      I disagree

      MM being at Marvel will keep the character going, Mick Anglo (Creator of MM) gets his due pay. Few of the old artists and writers of Anglo’s day got to benefit from their work.

      If it means one of the old guard get paid mad money they deserve fuck it, I’ll suffer through Bendis until a decent writer comes along for Marvel Man.

  11. Kirk Warren says:

    Was under the impression Rich was referring to Molecule Man, whom Bendis has expressed interest in recently and said we’d be seeing soon. He was also one of the prisoners on the Raft from New Avengers #1. Osborn already has Sentry, who is a Superman analogue. Having Marvelman, the Captain Marvel analogue, would not really do anything new and definitely wouldn’t scare Doom, Loki, etc.

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