Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: October 19, 2009 in Dark Horse, DC Comics, Image, Marvel

I Vill Crush You

Let’s get right down to it, shall we? Here’s my list:

Beasts of Burden #2
Chew #5
Invincible #67
Invincible Iron Man #19
Power Girl #6
Thunderbolts #137
Underground #2

3 Image books, 2 Marvel, 1 DC and 1 Dark Horse. Last week I didn’t buy any Marvel comics and this week I am buying more independent books than I am of Marvel and DC combined. That’s yet another first for me I believe. I am kinda on the fence about the new Brave and the Bold though so we will see if that holds up.

One book that I no longer on the fence about is Amazing Spider-Man. I am done with that book until Dan Slott comes back. That last Black Cat story was pretty bad but now I have to deal with repercussions of the Clone Saga? Uh uh, fuck that noise, I’m out. When I saw Kaine on the final page of the last issue I knew that I would no longer be buying Amazing for a while. That’s like putting a shit writer and artist on Batman and still expecting me to buy it. Yes, I am saying that Kaine = Tony Daniel. That’s how much I despise that character. I’ll even go so far to say that if Tony Daniel ever drew a Kaine comic that the entire world would be destroyed by the complete and utter sucktitude of said comic.

Anywho, what is everyone buying this week?


  1. Locusmortis says:

    Heavy on the DC and if it wasn’t for a Kirby reprint I’d be down to 1 marvel title.

    Blackest Night Superman #3
    Brave and the Bold #28
    Justice League of America #38 (gonna give the Robinson/Bagley team a shot for a few issues)
    Outsiders #23
    Power Girl #6
    Supergirl #46

    Mighty Avengers #30
    Thor Tales of Asgard By Stan Lee and Jack Kirby #6

    Beasts of Burden #2
    Invincible #67

  2. Dan Griffin says:

    Mighty Avengers #30
    X-Men Legacy #228
    Blackest Night (4 of 8)
    Blackest Night: Superman (3 of 3)

  3. Antonio says:

    Blackest Night Superman #3
    Power Girl #6
    Beasts of Burden #2
    Chew #5

    I’ll flip through Justice League of America #38 to see if it looks good. I wasted money on the first 33 issues. It’s gotta hook me from the get go this time.

  4. mbell028 says:

    Hey guys,
    This week I will be getting:
    Amazing Spider-Man 609
    Blackest Night 4
    Blackest Night Superman 3
    Invincible Iron Man 19

  5. Zcorp79 says:

    Invicible Iron Man #19
    Thunderbolts #137 ( Marvel book actually worth the 3.99 price tag)
    ASM #609

    I might pick up Outsiders #23 and Batman:Streets of Gotham #5

  6. Matthew Guy says:

    POWERS vol. 7 8 9 TPBS & SWEET TOOTH #1


    Blackest Night #4 according to DC’s website is coming out next week.


  7. Variant Girl says:

    What up guys and gals,

    So here is my list:
    Chew #5
    Invincible Iron Man #19
    Invincible #67
    ASM #609

    I would like to read Beasts OF Burden but my LCS didn’t have it, I’ll have to check again.

  8. Chris says:

    I think its a pretty decent week.
    Chew #5
    Ex Machina #46
    Underground #2

  9. Invincible Iron Man#19

    Power Girl#6

  10. generaldark says:

    definetly gonna have to check out iron man, power girl, BN superman, thunderbolts, justice league and supergirl.

  11. saar17 says:

    Finally the last part of World’s most wanted!

    Amazing Spider-Man #609 – amazing adi granov cover 🙂
    Invincible Iron Man #19
    Titanium Rain Special: Double-sized Relaunch #1 & #2
    Tsubasa Character Guide Vol. 2

    Thunderbolts #137
    Spider-Woman #2
    Skrull Kill Krew #5
    Mighty Avengers #30
    Invincible #67
    Incredible Hulk #603
    Dark Wolverine #79
    Dark Reign: The List – Hulk
    Dark Avengers #10
    Chew #5
    Blackest Night: Superman #3
    Batman: Streets of Gotham #5

  12. Venom829 says:

    If I could I would buy
    Thunderbolts !37
    Amazing Spider-Man 609
    Invincible Iron Man 19

  13. Linwood E. Knight says:

    This is a HUGE Non Big 2 Week

    Air #14
    Power Girl #6
    Chew #5
    Invincible #67
    Underground #2
    Invincible Iron Man #19
    Mighty Avengers #30
    Thunderbolts #137
    Archie #602
    Escape from Wonderland #2
    Grimm Fairy Tales #42

    11 Books overall

    1 DC Vertigo
    1 DC Universe
    3 Image
    3 Marvel Comics
    1 Archie Comics
    2 Zenescope

    6 Non Big 2 Vs. 5 Big 2 Comics (with one being part of the Vertigo brand)

  14. TheComicRant says:

    Supergirl #46

    Underground #2

  15. Pobra says:

    This week I’ll be getting:

    ASM #609
    BN: Superman #3
    Chew #5
    Invincible Iron Man #19 (oh yes)

  16. kurumais says:

    Dark avengers 10
    Dark wolverine
    Iron man 19
    streets of gotham
    Spider woman 2

  17. david says:

    I dont mind Kaine… Hes what Peter Parker IS when taken down that path. – i actually preferred it when Kaine looked black and blue vained though.

    also; i just dont like the way the book is made now – they just havent got the mix right – way too much un-funny crap.

    im kinda hanging around to see what “The Gauntlet” is gonna be like. but…. with the female Kraven, Kaine and JJ jameson and Peter team-up to take down Electro….. i dunnoo.

  18. Ironmuskrat says:

    Well, last week I didn’t find much from marvel that sparked my interest, I ended up getting Deadpool #900.

    Got a bunch of DC however.. I finally took the leap and got Blackest Night 1-3, also Rebels #9. The very helpful lady at my LCS was able to locate Rebels #8 and the Rebels annual for me and they should be waiting for me this week. My only disappointment was no independents last week. I hope to change that this week.

    So this week.

    Rebels #8 + Annual
    Iron Man #19

    Chew #5 and perhaps back issues if I like what I see.
    Beasts of Burden #2 if it is at my LCS, I don’t remember seeing it around, but I wasn’t looking for it either.

    That Ignition City comic that always jumps out at me from the rack and catches my eye every time I am there. Something about the art, I might buy it just so I will stop thinking about it.


  19. Antonio says:

    I forgot!!!

    Stuff of Legend #2 came out today.

    Definitely will be on the top of my stack this week

  20. camnick says:

    short week for me…

    asm 609
    invincible 67

  21. Locusmortis says:

    Huh, just heard today that the shop I get most of my comics from (fantasticrealm.co.uk) has ceased trading. That means I need to get a new mail order subscription service, can anyone recommend a good UK based one? If not does anyone use DCBS and whats your opinion of it.

    Also I’m going to miss at least a months worth of issues and get them as back issues, bollocks!

    • Wow. That fucking sucks. Fantastic Realm didn’t give you any advance warning?


      • Locusmortis says:

        Nope, not a word. I only learned today when I checked the fantastic realm youtube channel and Iyare said on a video they ceased trading. Fantastic Realm don’t even have anything on their website about it so people could still go on it and think they’re buying stuff without knowing.

        The guys i dealt with there were nice blokes but the company wasn’t very efficient or customer service oriented, their main selling point was low prices, all of which I’m guessing contributed to whats happened.

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